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Case 7 Botulinum – One Heart, One Mind, Pierre Fontaine

This is an excerpt of Case #6 from:

One Heart,
One Mind
The Case for Healing Autism and Pandas
by Pierre Fontaine

Case 7 01 – 26 – 15

DOB: 12 – 09 – 02

Double vision. He sees the upper half clearly and sees the same image below
but not clearly. We have been told it is called autistic vision.

If he does not wear the glasses he slouches in the chair, twitches his body
sideways and looks out the side of his eyes. He climbs up on the table and
other furniture. His whole body goes over the whole paper when he paints,
leaning, almost laying down on it. All these symptoms are gone since he
started wearing his glasses.

He has low muscle tone and very weak abdominal muscles. His coordination
is poor; he is always clumsy.

He has apraxia as well as language development problem. He only started
reading and doing abstract thinking last year.

He also has severe milk, eggs and seasonal allergies, which have taxed his
immune system. We have been doing Bio-med. He does not have G.I tract
problems. Sleep is fine.

He gets sick from viruses very easily.

His sleep is very restless and disturbed.

He always looks happy. He developed physically quite fast. He is above
average in height and weight.

In school, he is a quite and obedient child. He stims walking back and forth
in hallway. Like a soldier he needs to hold himself for a certain amount of

He used to have tantrums and bad moods but they improved with bio med.
An argument can escalate into huge blow out. He will then go away and
cover himself from head to toe screaming and yelling at something. He says
“I am prince, Christian is go.” He used to go to church and not grasp the
purpose, now he has a better understanding of right and wrong. To him,
everything is about winning.

What is your sense of “Prince and Christian is gone?” what is he

He becomes extremely angry; he hits me hard and he can push his sister
without knowing it. Rage goes up and he is red. He is turned inside out; he is
very angry. He points his finger at me; I smack his hand and he roars like an
animal. That is when he goes to his room and covers himself under a
blanket. He makes a lot of noise, gets very angry and there are “tears of
anger.” Then he lays flat on his bed as if he were dead and after a while he
gets up and says “Christian is gone and I am a prince.” Christian has gone to
the magic bed. It is as if something breaks in him; the blanket puts the fire
out. Then he is extra nice to his sister and wants to make up for what he has
done. That is how I put it.

He is obsessed with the cat, totally over involved with it. He grabs her and
hugs her so much. He talks to her as if she were a person. It is not a normal
boy move; it is really a strange obsession. He shares into her crawl space in
a very nice sweet manner but I am afraid that we are going to lose her.

Do you know where “Prince” comes from?

He gets very emotional, cries a lot and is very remorseful. He wants all the
attention and love and be accepted for everything. It is a kind of, in spite of
everything I am, I will be good as long as I can. I need a friend, now. Treat
me like I am a two or three year old again. When he is over the rage, he is
absolutely convinced he is transformed. There are two different people in

Christian is in pain, bothered and torn apart. He is trying to set himself out of
that pain and discomfort. I have to become a prince. I put him away in that
magic bed and the good Christian comes out. He sees himself as straight and
around him things are pulling him apart. When he is prince everybody is
treated like royalty too.

Thank you. Continue describing what you sense from him.

He fights it all alone and does not ask for help. He has a very strong will. I
am right and I will never give up this position. He is not a compromising
child in any way and he has incredible self-control.

A child pushed him and he held the other kid at bay with his arms. He did
that with very limited speech. He was red and the teacher said he could have
hurt him. He has a very strong sense of justice as well as a strong sense of

I bring him to school and you can’t tell he is autistic. He speaks only when
he is able to, like a soldier doing his duty. At home he relaxes and lets it all

Please speak as if he were speaking.

When I am angry and yell at mom I feel better. When I go in the bed I feel
better. I fight that pain that is around me. I like dark; I can’t open my eyes. I
hate that I am crying. I don’t want to show anybody that I am crying. I feel
physical pain, which makes me move my fingers a lot. I feel needles. I hear
a lot of noises. I speak very loud to talk over the noise. I feel locked up like I
am in prison. The demons hurt me. When I am the prince I need to know
that I have silver plane.

Tell more about the physical pain you feel.

It is needles all over the fingers and skin. Somebody is pulling my body
apart. It is a dull achy pain and the head hurts a lot. They pull and the
needles start. After an anger episode he has horrible headaches, always in
the forehead.

Tell me more about pulling, please.

It is never ending and it is always the same. I get the feeling that the pain is
going to start soon. It is like somebody is attacking him. I am in a real battle.
I growl like an animal. I growl as if I am throwing somebody off of me. It
suffocates me and I scream like an animal.

Continue, please this is really good for our purpose.

Somebody is attacking my body and I want to scare it away but it catches
me. It attacks my whole body. I growl, yell and scream like a tiger for it to
leave me. It creates anger and rage.


I want to kill it but I can’t get my hands on it. I can’t grab it. I don’t see it. I
am hurt and I get very angry. I don’t know what is going on with me and
nobody understands me. I will never tell them what I am doing. It goes
through my fingers and I can’t get it. Sometimes it is really bad; it hurts a lot
and it always comes back.

My whole life, I have never been happy. It happened when I started to see
my little sister grow up. I don’t remember being like her. I am angry at all
that was stolen away from me. I see a lot of blood. I have blood? No blood.
Illness, booboo, bad illness; it is all blood. When I was a baby I was hurting
a lot. I look at pictures. I hurt here, here and there. I can’t see, I am blind.
I screamed a lot. I was very scared, I woke up in horrible pain and screamed,
raging scream. I was the same as a baby as I am now.

My legs hurt. It is a very sharp pain that even hurts my stomach. That is
what comes to mind first: sharp and stabbing pain. Something takes over my
whole body. My hands don’t work right. I can’t keep my fingers straight. I
can’t hold my hands. Like something is attacking me at night like a

Once, I even poured holy water on him. It was like somebody was attacking
him. He has these raging screams and fights my husband and I. It is as if he
doesn’t know who we are; without being able to recognize his mom or dad
and can calm down only after an hour or two.

I understand, stay with the first person and continue describing. You
are doing great.

Somebody attacks me, strangles and pulls at me. I scream to scare him off. I
become like an animal. I fight to get him off me. I scream to get it off me,
but it is inside me. It is a black cloud. It is trying to kill me; constantly trying
to kill me and I am fighting for my life. I am very scared. I can’t breathe
well. I am suffocating. It is strangling me. I run away from it, my parents try
to hug me and it makes it worse. I want all of this off of me. Don’t touch me
otherwise I can’t fight. All of a sudden it stops and I am very tired. After that
I want to get pampered.

It is trying to grab my soul and I don’t want to give it up. I see a black hand
out of the cloud. I cover my face and I push away. I am aware of it always
being there and it is watching me. If I lower my guard it attacks. I always
have to watch out. It is watching me. I can’t let go. I have to watch every
move I make. I look out in space but it is always waiting for its chance to
grab me. When I get tired, it is not a sudden attack. I lose concentration, lose
hearing, slowly it creeps into me and I start to act out. The moment it sees
the door open it starts to attack me.

It is a black cape with hands. It is talking and watching every thought I have.
It wants to rip my heart. She wants to take my heart and soul. It has an order
to kill me. It is pure hate to cause pain and torture like this. It feeds on me.

Yes, keep on a little more. Tell more about “it”.

It won’t stop until I am gone. It has an order to kill him. It is a demon. It
wants to take my soul. It wants to paralyze and feeds on pain. Pain is its
food. It is very angry.

Let it speak, please.

It has a need to destroy anything pure and innocent. It is a war. It wants to
break, corrupt, and hurt. It means to cause as much hurt as possible. It looks
for a weak point. He looks for a loophole. It goes under the fence and sneaks
up. I lay low until I see an opportunity to attack. I never go away, I will
always be waiting. It there is a wall the more elusive I’ll get. The less access
the worse I’ll attack. I have an order to kill him. I must get rid of him. He
should not survive. I am an angry woman. I will drive him into darkness. I
want him paralyzed. I want him to be in pain all the time and want to destroy
his life. I have to take him out of this world. I must stop him.


I want his body paralyzed. I want him in an institution in a dark room and
lonely. No movement. His legs and arms don’t move. If I can’t kill him I
want him locked up. I want to drive him completely mad. He has to sit and
stare. His mouth should not work, and he cannot move his hands or arms. I
never want him to get up. I’ll destroy the muscles and the heart. Poison him!
I don’t want him to talk. I hate the fact that he talks. I want him to be
confused. If I can’t take his heart I want him trapped and disoriented. I don’t
like his heart beating. Even if I paralyze him his heart is beating. I don’t want
that. He can’t move a pinky and the heart is still beating. It is an old witch. It
wants to drag him down to the center of the earth like in Greek mythology.
Fresh healthy flesh appears and it is going to attack that area to kill it again.
She wants to poison all of his organs with constant infection and poison.
It is sitting alone in the moonlight with a bright beating red heart in the
chest. She wants his heart but she can’t grab that heart. Even if he is gone
and can’t feel anymore, she can’t get to it, like a crazy hyena.

Can’t feel anymore

He is numb. His mind is paralyzed and mentally he is gone. His brain is all
foggy, he can’t think straight and can just stare. He can only see silhouette.
The paralysis is tingling, pins and needles and then goes numb. It is like a
Greek mythology story. That numbness is like an irritation, a sensory
overload. He is afraid of cuts on the body. He freaks out completely. He was
horrified of cuts as a baby. Horrified of shots and needles.

What is the Greek mythology story you are referring to?

Chained to the rock and bird pick at his intestines. It heals and the next day
the bird comes and feeds again. He never dies.
All this reminds me that he had acute arsenic poisoning when he was a kid.
The first word I think of for him is that he is poisoned.

This is an example of a mom being opened and allowing herself to share
the experience of her child. It was all about what ails him and the
experience of it. It sounds as if there are religious overtones but nothing
was said with that in mind. The homeopathic remedy that can match
this state has to be a poison much like in the second case. Botulin causes
lame paralysis, it relaxes the muscles, which is why it is used
cosmetically in medication form to get rid of wrinkles, frowns and other
involuntary muscles contractions. All fits the case quite well. It is the
only remedy I could think of and the Greek myth made me think of
rotting flesh. For those who are fans of isopathic remedies such as
Streptococcus and Lyme (Borellia) etc.… this is what a nosode case
should basically sound like. A “nosode” is a remedy made from tissue
and potentized until there is not a single molecule left of it. Only its
electro magnetic signature is left as discussed in Chapter Six. A nosode
case always comes down to an “it.” An organism that is unfriendly to us.
It is important to re-iterate that this mom was not speaking from what
she knows, i.e.; left-brain as described in the introduction of Part Two.
She went very deep within herself to surrogate for her child. Let’s see if
the remedy helped.

BOTULINUM 30 C (Obviously, it is not the poison itself but rather the
remedy, potentized past any possibilities of having any molecules of it. IT
is only is Electro magnetic piece of information.)


FOLLOW-UP I 03 – 30 – 15

The night I dosed him, I didn’t give him any supplements, but just the
remedy. That night he didn’t move at all during his sleep and ever since he
has been sleeping perfectly well.

He started loving music. He’d pretend to play violin then but he never
wanted to hear it. Now he loves it.

He volunteered at the dance show in school.

He is speaking in full sentences, saying up to twelve word sentences.
As far as the meltdowns are concerned as you know he would go under the
blankets or lay on his bed but now he tells me what bothers him. He stays
with us and does not close the door. He verbalizes his feeling. Before he was
like an animal with these meltdowns.

I can’t say enough. He plays with the family. He has asked about marriage!!!
He has never been interested in this.

He created amazing constructions out of material and paper he found.
He understands so much more. Even when I spell the words to my husband
he tells me, “I understand what you just said.”

Now, when he speaks he knows when he says something wrong and catches
himself and starts again.

He has great compassion. He was really hurt by seeing the earthquake in
Japan and wanted to do something about it. He said “I feel bad about Japan
because I take karate and I am OK.” Though his speech is choppy it is

He understands the concept of Tom and Jerry. He didn’t before.

This past full moon was the first time he was OK. We used to almost lock
him up, because he’d fall apart and this time he was fine. Nothing happened
even though I expected a storm.

He seems to be going through toddler milestones.

He had a very weak core, weak muscle tone and now he can do thirty
backflips, and stands on his head without falling over. He showed me how
he can jump and regroup in the air. His walk also changed.

He takes off his glasses more often now too. He used to be very attached to
them and now he takes them off. Without the glasses his vision was sloppy,
yet now I don’t see a difference.

He does not tell us how his brain feels. There is no need.

He talks about what happens in school rather than doing his self-soothing

He never hurts his sister but says “I love you” instead. He does the same
with me as well.

Everything is about win…

He still needs to be first; on a good day he says “I am a man and I don’t need
to be first.” He breaks that competing thing, and he catches himself at certain
moments. That is very new.

He is so much better with other kids. In school, he is in group projects. He
still has some control issues but he understands he needs to help his friends.
He is much less angry in general. Oh, I remember those horrible episodes he
used to have. The first breakthrough was going under his blanket and he
played peek-a-boo and he was laughing. If you smile at him he starts
laughing and he switches. Humor or a joke really cheers him on. I expect a
meltdown and they don’t happen. He says “I am still angry with you; please
leave my room”. He is in complete control of it.

What about “Alex is in pain”?

He does not exhibit that anymore. Occasionally I see it but it is much milder.
He was obsessive about the cat and never let go, but now it is not a problem.

He says he feels so much better and mellow about pain. He used to be on
Benadryl every day and now he only had it three times in the last two

I gave him the remedy three times. I also gave it when he had strep and it

Tell me a little more about strep.

He gets pale and weak. He also gets an upset stomach with sour stool or
diarrhea with a strawberry colored tongue. His behavior changes about a
week before full-blown symptoms.

The new moon and full moon phases are thought to be the time when
parasites affect the personality the most as they are more active in the
gut during that time. DAN doctors spend a fair amount of time dealing
with these “parasites” by prescribing anti parasitic medications. Here
the remedy, by addressing the mistunement of the vital force, returns
the whole body ecology back to order as a whole rather than dealing
with individual parts.

She briefly mentioned he was going through toddler’s milestones. This
is not uncommon. It is as if the recovering child has to live through
those steps to clear the way and be able to move on.




FOLLOW-UP II 05 – 25 – 11

He is doing really well. He does not have any meltdown; it is all gone.
He started singing and holding a tune. He never even hummed music before.
His interests went from toddler and six year old to now at times a pre teen.
He gets the whole rule thing.

He is starting to understand the concept of fairy tales. He never understood
that and now makes his own imaginary tale.

His eye contact is normal. It is difficult to explain. I thought he had good eye
contact before but now it is like he speaks with his eyes. He comes through
really well. At times, he still goes back to more autism state but it is very

His physical strength is great; when he runs he does not get winded. He used
to clap his hand like the monkey toys. Now he is clapping like a normal

He understands his environment. His receptiveness has improved
tremendously. At the playground he goes in the group and plays with the
other kids. He never did that before. His schoolteacher says he had a great
jump in social behavior and is speaking a lot more.

He can help himself, he asked me for earplugs once because there was too
much noise outside.

Winning has come back. First to get out of the car. Now it is combined with
siblings. He wants to give an order and if we break that order he gets upset.

If his team loses he cries.

His eyesight is fine. He says he does not need the glasses anymore.
When he had allergies, he used to go into melt down. I gave him
Antimonium crudum (left red ear, swollen) and for two days there wasn’t
anything wrong with him including allergies. After two days some autistic
traits that are remaining came back.

In the last six weeks he has become completely aware of his disability.

His brain reminds me of stroke victims but it is completely intact. He cried
yesterday, he has like a new level of awareness.

He likes when I teach him manners whereas he used to have a fit.

I have cut 90 % of the supplements except for MB12 vitamins every day.

His stool has almost no odor, it is perfect now.

In the winter he had strep three times, possibly PANDAS but the doctor is
not sure because he does not have any symptoms.

I see him as being much more comfortable. It really shows on his face. He is
much more relaxed, more present in his own skin. Before he was almost
literally pulled from it.

There is so much contrast between how he was and the way he is now.
“He now speaks with his eyes”, which is a very poignant sentence or “he
now understands fairy tales,” which is so grand and wonderful. This is
autism leaving in its most intimate ways.



FOLLOW-UP III 09 – 19 – 11

His perseveration is gone. He is almost completely on par with his peers.
We go to the playground and he mixes well other kids. He is doing great in
basketball. He asks for the ball and my husband bombards him with it and he
does really well.

In June, right after I saw you he had Strep again and started to have tics and
was diagnosed with PANDAS. I gave belladonna for it as you
recommended. He says I feel so much better. That is amazing. We have not
had any PANDAS symptoms since July.

He is developing a sense of humor.

When he has allergies he stays normal, they don’t make him crazy. There is
very good boundaries between his health and his emotional being. He is

He is putting the world together.

Don’t get me wrong, his language is still different. He sounds like he is from
another country. Other kids ask him where he is from but he is from
Brooklyn. He feels different inside that still pulls him a little but he talks. He
mingles with other kids in basketball and then withdraws after a while. He
also is playing with much bigger kids. He wants to be independent and does
not want to walk with me. Just watch me like in basketball. I can do this and

The OCD’s are almost gone.

His sleep is extra good after the remedy. He also sweats a lot.

I give the remedy once a week.


It was the first time she mentioned perseveration to me. I suspect Strep
got in the way of further improvements or even provoked some
backtracking. Regardless, we are still on the right track. Belladonna,
which is one of the go to remedies for PANDAS when there is a lack of
individualizing symptoms, seems to have handled PANDAS extremely



FOLLOW-UP IV 12 – 02 – 11

I started Botulinum 200C, since the 30C didn’t seem to be effective

Usually he has dry, dull looking coarse hair. Now his hair is shiny. I just
can’t believe it.

He had itchy skin for a couple of days and developed warts. He had itchy
legs with red, swollen upper lip, very pale with a right purple and swollen
ear. I gave Antimonium tartaricum as you recommended and all allergies
went away. He seemed to go through detox and then language got better. He
became very content and in harmony with himself.

On October 16th I had a teacher parent meeting. She said; “What happened
to Alex?” “What do you mean?” “They want to take him out of the special
ed.” I was not expecting this at all. Best case scenario, I thought it may
happen in the next five years. She said it is incredible and she does not even
grade him on a curve.

Socially he is very popular. She said he has lots of friends. A girl wrote a
letter about him after a school trip. What a difference! Last year he was
yelling in the middle of the class and getting up at any time etc. He didn’t
speak and he would not do circle time. He had the most autistic behaviors
you could imagine; now he protects another kid on the spectrum.

His language is flowing but he does not talk normally, he still sounds like a
foreign kid. Yet, every day he corrects himself and his articulation is getting

He also understands a lot more though he still has some difficulties when he
reads an article and has to answer questions about it.

Physically he is doing great. He used to be so clumsy, now he is playing
soccer, and even doing push ups. It is incredible.

All is going in the right direction. I can’t believe it. In the beginning of last
year he could not read properly. He is like a different child.

No OCD. Stimming is gone and vocal ticks are gone. Perseverating is gone
since the summer.

He gets over illnesses really fast. He still sweats a lot at night.


Again those on the isopathic bandwagon this case shows that a child
progresses perfectly well without the corresponding nosode, in this case
Strep. There is more to life! The symptoms talks and when we listen to
them and understand them, we then can take the right remedy and be


FOLLOW-UP V 05 – 28 – 14

I am coming back to you because he has issues with loss. His best friend
moved but he is still holding on. He tells people he is going to California to
visit him. “That was my best friend and he is gone.” Also his grandfathers
are no longer part of our lives.

He talks about places we used to live in before. The cat died, it is never
coming back but he still always includes the cat with members of the family.
He is not dealing with loss or change. He does not cry nor does he
acknowledge loss. All of this has affected him deeply. Perhaps he sees it as a
change he does not want to deal with. He does not want to talk about it. He
just wants to make every body happy.

Tell me more about loss and change.

At times, I think if we came to disappear I think he’d say OK and continue
doing what he is doing. He might be a little sad but that is it. He is
processing mathematically. He is not dealing with it. It hurts him; it is pain.


There is pounding, deep bruise in the chest, with terrible feeling of knots; a
Charlie horse twisting. It is pushed back, like a ball of pain in the heart
muscle. Twisting. Twisting like it is going to snap but it is not going to snap.

I gave a remedy for this state of mind that would not conventionally be
thought of much in such a situation of grief. I took the response feature
of grief being twisted as the central theme.


FOLLOW-UP VI 07 – 31 – 14

Ruta worked like a charm. All the weak muscle tone is gone; better than
ever. He is a happy kid.

He has a very mild speech issue which is only noticed if you really pay
attention to it. Otherwise you can’t pick him out of a crowd.

I look at him and he is a healthy kid. I let him be and he is fine. He is
definitely straightening out. He went through a growth spurt.

Recently his mom reported he is totally fine.

Case 6 Chara Intermedia – One Heart, One Mind, Pierre Fontaine

This is an excerpt of Case #6 from:

One Heart,
One Mind
The Case for Healing Autism and Pandas
by Pierre Fontaine

Case 6 07 – 16 – 13
DOB: 12/17/2009
MC: Apraxia – Aphrasia

Small spikes of brain activity indicating possible seizures.

I think he is a vaccine-injured kid.

He is not using proper speech. We put him in daycare but there was big
difference between him and the other kids so after six month we took him to
a speech pathologist. Then to a neurologist and they diagnosed him.

At two and a half he spoke only 16 words “go, here…” very simple words.

Now, he can only put two words together. “I see” “milk” every once in a
while he may say “I am hungry.”

Tell me about the pregnancy, please.

Everything was fine until the fifth month when my husband almost died. It
was extremely stressful. For the delivery, I was not dilating and they put me
on antibiotics to prevent infections. Beside that, it was a happy pregnancy.

Did you have any pain or discomfort during the pregnancy?

The only discomfort was nausea during the first 4 months. I didn’t have my
morning sickness in the morning; it was at 2 PM and lasted until 12AM. I
never vomited. I had difficulty breathing, and I’d go upstairs and listen to
some nice music or go to the gym.


I felt light headed and sick in the stomach. I could not eat or smell anything.
At night, I didn’t want to be around anyone. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I
felt pain; my stomach was turning inside out. I couldn’t smell anything.
Even the smell of food I usually love made me feel nauseated.

The smell was…

Fish or seafood and coffee made me feel nauseous really bad. I ate a lot of
apples during the first six to seven months. They made me feel good. I was
also craving a lot of fruits and veggies. I drank a lot of milk. He loves apples
and milk too, homemade pizza and pasta.

What was it about apples you liked so much?

Sweet and sour was what I liked the most. I had a strange feeling of
something telling me to go get an apple. It just felt good. Sweet pleasure and
sour with a little tickle in the mouth. It was happiness in the mouth.

Sweet and sour, please describe the experience in the mouth?

I could feel the satisfaction of it as soon as I put it in my mouth. I felt
energy, as if the brain regenerates. It was a craving first. In the muscles,
almost tickling, the body is shaking.

Tell more about tickling, please.

It was almost like a spasm of missing something that you need. In the case
of those apples it was the sweet and sour.

OK, it is a fact that apples are sweet and sour. Describe a little more of
what happened in the body when you ate an apple.

I think the muscles feel stronger; almost violent blood flow going around
your body. Almost like it is not even you. Your body is telling you what to

Great, tell a little more about the experience in the body.

The muscle goes for what it needs and within taking the first bite one gets
instant satisfaction. The muscles shiver, warm and cold at the same time.
The muscles are pumping for that craving.

Yes, keep going with shiver, warm and cold. Describe a little more the
tissue’s experience that makes you use the words warm and cold.

That feels funny. There is no muscle shiver. Rather, it is warm and cold at
the same time in certain places. Both could be unpleasant. It is a shocking
feeling to the skin. It is a strange feeling as if your heart stops pumping.

Warm gives you a pleasing feeling, again blood overflow.

Please describe what makes you say “blood overflow” because there
actually is no blood overflow.

It gives this pressure like a little bomb inside your body. I feel it in the heart.
Pressure feels like love. Pumping, there is that little shake right before the
body starts pumping.

Very wonderful, tell more about shake.

There is a cold flush going through body and then I get the shake. As if the
skin is dropped in ice cold water. There is a shock wave in the middle of the
body in a split second. That is why you feel that extreme warm.

Tell more about the shock wave.

It is extreme energy going through the body, ripping you apart. A cold shock
or a flush,

OK, great now please tell me about liking milk.

I don’t like milk, I drank soymilk. It was more from the sense of being a
good mom. Chris loved the regular milk. Neither one of us actually like
pasteurized milk.

I see. Let’s go back to discomfort.

He sat so very low. There was pressure. It was difficult to even put my shoes

Describe pressure please without using the word pressure.

Pushed down, almost like this baby wanted to get out. Bubbles. It felt
exactly like a bubble, pleasant he was moving and almost wanting to be out
in the world. There was ticklish feeling, pushing, kicking and pain in the

There was pain?

Yes, as if pulling two hands apart strongly. That push and pressure were the
only unpleasant feelings. It was as if there was too much water inside me. I
needed to go to bathroom every five minutes.

Ocean comes to my mind. Almost like not being in your own body and
thrown in water and pushing and bumping and almost talking to you in a
non-talkative way. Almost like being on a sailboat and can’t move much, it
is easier to stay in one position. It is exactly how it is, in a different body,
different world. It feels very pleasant. It feels like being on a boat in the
middle of the ocean. It was a peaceful feeling.

Different body and different world.

It is calm and peaceful in my mind. It is how much I love the sound of the
ocean and I live in the mountains. There is the pressure of the water around,
in the middle of the ocean rocking; like being rocked on a bed or being on a
swing. It is very calming. Having positive peaceful thoughts.


I regret I never felt how the baby actually felt. Releasing that pressure finally
feels relaxing.

Did you have any dreams?


How was the delivery?

It was very easy. The labor part was harder; the delivery was very easy and
almost relaxing.

At the beginning you mentioned extreme stress. Can you tell me more?

My husband was very sick. The doctors induced coma and they didn’t know
whether he’d live or die. The pressure caused this huge knot in my stomach
and body. The stress was emotionally unbearable. I cried a lot during that
whole month while he was in the coma.

Describe pressure without using the word pressure, please.

Like a very strong squeeze, almost painful. Fearful. Body shocks or body
waves, lightning in the body, shocks and vibes; it’s the shake, wave of the

Please tell more about shock, wave, again without using those words.

Lightning, orange yellow that shakes the whole body from top to bottom. A
huge thunder of yellow and orange. Bright yellow almost like a white and
golden orange. It is almost a jump of the body, a kick. A shock as if the heart
stops pumping, As if there is no blood flow. A sudden shock where your
blood just freezes. You can’t think for a second. The mouth can’t say the
first words of the thoughts. The whole body freezes; it is cold, there is no
blood flow, no movement.

This case takes us through several stages. First, there is the shock of
hearing about the husband nearly dying. Then we spent a little time on
the sensation from eating an apple. This is a blatant example of how fast
homeopathy – is over medicine. “At the first bite… instant
satisfaction…” she goes on describing the sensation. The beauty of the
homeopath is to be able to take this information and match it (almost
instantly) to a remedy.

She speaks of pressure, as most people, but it is a concept. There is no
knot or pressure. Her stomach is not in a knot nor is there anything on
her stomach to cause pressure. It is what it feels like rather than what it
is. It is a feeling and while feelings are real they are generally not true
but we use them to reach another level that is of physical experience.
Pressure and knots are words that represent what we know, a concept
but not the actual physical experience. The physical experience is
something entirely different. In this case, unlike the Scorpion case, it is
not related so I went to the level she related to the most during the
pregnancy which was being in the Ocean and shelved the shock of the
husband’s near death situation. In the final analysis, I simply settled
upon a remedy made from an algae. At the time, I also thought that
since so many children on the spectrum love to be in water, algae should
play a big role. Unfortunately, that idea which would have narrowed the
choice of remedy tremendously, did not work out so well confirming
that we must keep an open mind and focus on individualizing symptoms
rather than fits as many children in one category.



FOLLOW-UP I 09 – 17 – 13

I have been dosing every three days, he has been really calm.
He has been sleeping and eating well. The speech pathologist said he is
learning well.

After the eighth dose, he was in very good mood and talked a lot for three
days. Then I repeated because he started to not do so well and after three
days he reversed to the good side again.

I can say there has been huge improvement with speech. He is able to
consistently make three words sentences, which is huge for us. He is
organizing the words so they make sense. This is a skill that had been
difficult for him.

His vocabulary is wider; three words sentences is good for him now. He is
understood but when he makes longer sentences, up to five words then it is
difficult to understand him.

“I am hungry”, “I want my train”, “I want to go out”, “I want drink”. This
type of sentence is now common. It is not much but it is a lot more than
before. Last time I dosed him he was talking so much.

The behavior changed quite nicely. His level of frustration is much lower.
He does not cry or whine nearly as much. He has always been a kid who has
had a difficult time to stay still. He was like that throughout my pregnancy

Of course I am staying with the same remedy.



FOLLOW-UP II 10 – 24 – 13

He seems to be steadily improving, learning and picking up new words. He
is talking more and more.

He is very calm. His speech therapist left me a message yesterday to tell me
how well he is doing. He is doing a lot of things other kids don’t know.

It is difficult to get him to say beyond the three words sentence but he is
expanding beyond “I want” to say “Let’s go outside” for example. He also
thinks the other way around “I know don’t.” instead of “I don’t know” but
overall he has a much better understanding of words. That is a big
difference, but longer sentences are difficult.

Describe calm a little more, please.

I don’t see that quick frustration that used to be there. He asks calmly and is
polite which is really nice.

I am dosing 6 to 8 drops. When I dose he sleeps well too. Usually he moves
around and kicks a lot. With the dosing, he has this very quiet peaceful
sleep. When he wakes up I see a lot of improvement in the morning.



FOLLOW-UP III 11 – 27 – 13

He was sick and he has been talking more since. I dosed him with sub acute
dose and he recovered very fast, within four days. This time, he was really
sick. With this sub acute dosing, I felt he came out of his shell even though
he was sick. Since then he speaks in longer sentences.

I went back to drop dose twice after he was sick. Since last week he is
coming out, he has much more speech and coming out of his shell. Two days
after dosing his speech picks up and then stays steady.

On November 10th I gave him Chara 200C and I felt he got very cranky
afterward. Last week, it totally reversed and now he has been mostly happy
and talking non-stop with longer sentences. There is much less babbling and
he is making pretty nice sentences.

Can you please give me examples of longer sentences?

“I can’t see more cars” “daddy got time out” “I want going upstairs to play”
“I am going to get it” “I don’t want to build circle train track.” All the
therapists keep telling me that he is talking more and more.

He sleeps very well. There has not been any restless sleep yet.

He has a feisty personality coming out.

Socially he is fine.

Clearly there is nothing to change here but just stay the course and
enjoy the improvement. There is little doubt this child will not be able to
speak perfectly well very soon. The rapidity and the ease are what made
the difference here. Homeopathy is really about re-introducing
information in the body for it to operate better. It is really not much
more than that. This is the difference from the material approach,
which in the case of Apraxia is to do exercises to train the mouth
apparatus; for other conditions, the approach is with medication. This is
a long and difficult road. Homeopathy is experiential medicine that uses
one’s personal experience of the ailment replicated in a remedy to
cancel it out. Let us expand on this once again.

We can take her experience of eating an apple “I could feel the
satisfaction of it as soon as I put it in my mouth. I felt energy, as if the
brain regenerates. It was a craving first. In the muscles, almost tickling,
the body is shaking.” It we take the traditional approach we can say
that when she eats an apple the sugar goes into the gastro intestinal
tracks, with many steps there of breaking down the fructose into glucose
which eventually is processed in the mitochondria for ATD production,
which is cellular fuel. What she says though is that the sensation is “as
soon as I put it in my mouth”, so there is something else, more vital
happens and much faster happens as well. This is the level homeopathy
acts upon and it is the reason when an accurate remedy is picked the
results can be rapid. This is also reminiscent of the rapidity molecules
combine in the lock and key scheme mentioned in Chapter Seven.



FOLLOW-UP IV 01 – 20 – 14

For four to five days after a dose he is great with lots of patience. He is
doing things and talking a lot and then it reverses the other way and it’s just
not quite as nice so I dose.

The speech is doing well, especially after I dose him. He has this cute level
of conversation.

He is extremely over sensitive to sound. He freaks out when he hears my
voice, or the coffee machine. The over sensitivity is always there except
when I dose him. I need to dose every four to five days.

Socially he is doing very well. His teacher says he is very involved and

He is a great sleeper now though around the full mood he did not sleep well.
Cognitively he understands nicely at every level.

As far as apraxia is concerned, his two teachers say he is definitely delayed
but he is making huge progress and catching up fast. The improvements he
has made over the past few months take other kids two or three years to
achieve. In May he was not talking at all but when I compare him to other
kids he is still behind.

I have noticed that our moods really get affected by each other’s state of
mind. It is as we still have our umbilical cord. We both have the same

I think the mom spontaneously told me the name of the next remedy.
Did you spot it?
For now I am still staying with Chara but much like in the second case
where I gave Lycopodium, though the mom has dosed in the last few
months closer to back tracking time, I think I will need to change the
remedy. I am sending her what I think will come next.



FOLLOW-UP V 02 – 18 – 14

Chara is no longer helping. Last week, I switched to “U.M.” the other
remedy you sent me. Soon after I gave it to him, he looked like a baby that
came out of a shell; like a baby bird. There was this cute happiness on his
face and he talked a lot, “Mommy this and that” and chirping a lot. He
would not shut up; it was like he was reborn. I repeated after 5 days, since
then, for these past three weeks he has had no ups and down at all.

It is pretty amazing and it is very exciting to me. He is like reborn, like birdy
reborn and adding words to his vocabulary more than ever. He is adding to
his sentences with better pronunciation.

A couple of weeks ago a speech pathologist said some sounds and letters he
pronounces are at 5-year-old level. Cognitively he is doing great.

His sound sensitivity is so much better too.

He introduced me to his friend. He is doing so well I can’t get over it,

This is so beautiful. Absolutely great and easy. Again we see a total
blossoming of the child. Mom talks about the effect of the remedy in
such a eloquent way. What she says is absolutely right on; I still get
goose bumps from the Beauty of it all!

So Chara had resonance for some time but did not fully solve the case.
We had to move on and I am glad we did.



FOLLOW-UP VI 04 – 15 – 14

He was sick, so sip dosed him and that seemed to make him a lot better.

He likes it when we sip dose. Tried Chara 10M while he was sick; the
reaction was so so. He is still a little mucusy.

Overall he is doing very well. I don’t see a need to give him the U.M. Every
day he seems to be getting new words now. School reports are that he was
understood 20% and now he is evaluated at 100%. That was really great
news to me. They said they have no concern about his speech anymore and
in a year he should be prepared for kindergarten.

Also the number of words he is able to put together in a sentence is
consistent. It was one word and now he is evaluated as having 5 to 6 words
sentences. He is at a perfect level for a four year old possibly ahead of his
age in terms of writing. He speaks some Spanish as well. At home he makes
8 to 9 words sentences.

He is sleeping well. Not a problem there even during the full moon. “He told
me that last night he had a dream where a bug ate his finger and it hurts.
Socially he is doing excellent. He loves people and loves kids. He wants to
stay with his friends, he never wants to go home anymore.

He is not restless. He can focus and does not have any problem.
Umbilicus 1M seems to be the best. Chara used to help right away but now it
is within two days but it helps for a longer time.

Can you tell me about his congestion?

He does not have any fever. He has a cough with horrible mucus. He loves
pasta and bread and milk. He coughs during the day; it sounds like a wet tin
jar. It sounds deep and wet and sounds like a closed up tin jar. It has this tin
sound to it.

She did it again, of course totally unbeknown to her she gave me the
remedy for the cough. You caught it this time, didn’t you?
Tin, also known in homeopathy as Stannum metallicum is well known to
homeopaths for its “tinny” cough sound. Every single time, I have been
told “tiny cough”, Stannum has helped.



Stannum metallicum totally broke his cough and mucus. He is doing
great in all aspects.

I called her to inquire about him for this book. He has been doing
perfectly great.

Bravo Robert DeNiro! Bravo!!

Robert DeNiro appeared on the Today Show discussing the film which was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival, Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe. He nailed it… see for yourself…

Yes Rob, Let’s Find Out the Truth. However, I’m thinking we already know what it is. But it’s time everyone else did too. How many more kids need to be harmed? How many?

And one last thing – THANK YOU! Thank you for opening up more eyes – thank you on behalf of the children you’ve just saved from Autism – THANK YOU!

Case 5 Hydrogen – One Heart, One Mind, Pierre Fontaine

This is an excerpt of Case #5 from:

One Heart,
One Mind
The Case for Healing Autism and Pandas
by Pierre Fontaine

Case 5 11 – 21 – 13
DOB: 06/09/2009
Diagnoses: Autism

Tell me a little about her…

She is extremely hyper, she literally does flips around the house.
She gets very emotionally upset if she does not find a toy. She does not
share toys or food. If she wants something, she must have it right away. She
has terrible tantrums, she throws everything down and time out does not
work for her. We have to be extremely nice to her. On the other hand, she
also does not like to see people upset.

She gets very attached to things, she can’t go to sleep if she is missing a toy.

We had to take all the stuffed animals out of her room since she wanted to
hold them all and would cry for no reason if she could not.
She seems to block things out. I basically have to shout her name for her to
respond. She has some speech but she is far from being on the same level of
her peers. She confuses pronouns. “Toy, I want”. It seems to me it is an
effort for her to make a full sentence. I feel she has to think to do the proper

She seems to have a fear of the dark as she wants to sleep with the lights on.

She is terrified of thunder and has become terrified of street noise.

As soon as she was born they thought she had meningitis and they gave her
antibiotics, it turned out to be a cross contamination.

She had her first ear infection at six months and then she got them so often
she almost had tubes put in but last winter there was a complete turn around
and didn’t get sick. She only got a couple of viral stomach infection.

She became constipated. There was a period of time when it was difficult for
her to sit on the potty. She could only poop leaning forward.

At 15 months old, she had high fever and a very bad rash. Then she
developed pancreatitis. From the medication, she pooped green and had
another rash.

What lead to the diagnosis of autism?

The teacher told us she does not interact with her peers. She does not ask
where someone is going when they leave the room.

She also seems to have deficiency with fine motor skills, attention and a big
language deficit.

Tell me about the pregnancy, please.

I didn’t know I was pregnant and during that time I did some recreational
drugs. Once I found out I was pregnant I stopped.

During the first trimester, I vomited and felt dizzy a lot. Driving helped
avoid vomiting. During the ultra sound they saw a cyst and they said there
was only a small chance of a problem but for a week I was very upset.

I remember I was very stressed and I cried a lot around the 28th week.

I gained a lot of weight. I liked ice cream and peaches, I loved peaches so
much, I could not hold myself back. I could eat them right off the shelves. I
also loved very green sour apples and red apples too. I liked green grapes
and watermelon, most fruits really, but especially peaches. If I didn’t have
these fruits in the fridge I felt thirsty. I had to have them in the fridge. On the
other hand, strangely enough I could not eat any Chinese food.

I experienced a lot of headaches.

Physically, the end of the pregnancy became very difficult.

The delivery took a long time. I didn’t dilate, they induced labor but then her
shoulder was stuck. I feel like she was ripped away from me rather than a
delivered. It was a very stressful time. I started breastfeeding right away and
continued for thirteen months.

The first few months were OK. She slept mainly in the stroller, keeping her
asleep was difficult, she could only nap for forty minutes. She didn’t sleep
longer than two hours at a stretch. Now she sleeps with one of us.
We started her on solid food at the usual time; she preferred to chew. At two,
she ate all kinds of fruits and vegetables but not much meat. Every time I
feed her, I start with what she likes, then give her pasta and lastly the meat.
Cucumber is her favorite food.

You mentioned the end of the pregnancy was difficult.

Yes, getting up from bed was difficult. It was hard for me to go up the stairs.
I thought of obese people and how difficult it is for them. I also had to go to
the bathroom every fifteen minutes. At the end I felt as if something was
pushing down.

I felt very heavy, I wanted to give birth. I could not plan anything, I had to
put everything on hold. I wanted to give birth, I was not afraid at all of the
delivery. I felt like a hippo, bloated like a big Jell-O. Everything was
pushing me down. It was like trying to walk with a bag full of bricks and
stones. I breathed heavily and, I had heartburn. The whole body felt bad. I
had lower back pain, I felt bruised, like somebody took a hammer and beat

How about the headaches?

There were like a crushing feeling, like little pieces of glass going
everywhere. I had to put a cold towel for them to go away. There was
shooting from inside my head everywhere from inside to outside. It was
better if I didn’t move. If I leaned to the right the pounding would go to the
right, if I leaned to the left it would go to that side. The pain was pinching
with something sharp, a needle kind of pain. Not like, very sharp but more
like broken pieces of glass.

Great description, tell a little more.

Pieces of glass shooting but not shooting, it comes and stops like a wave. I
felt my head was hot, like a very sharp pinch. It hits you, you want to stop
and not move. It hits and it stays for some time, then it hits again, like pieces
of glass. You inhale and there is a sound.

Describe the sound, please.

Zap and it comes again. The zap stops the whole face, it stops any
expression on the face.

Let’s go back to peaches, please.

I didn’t care how dirty they were, I had to have them. I liked them soft, very
juicy and sweet. At the market I knew which ones were good without even
touching them. I ate fifteen to twenty a day.

Beautiful peaches, yellow and red, sweet juice dripping. I had a feeling of
euphoria when I ate them. The juice was the most appealing thing.

You liked the color too?

It was like something bright, a ball exploding like a flare of yellow like an
aura. Something round and yellow.

And the euphoria…

Nothing else existed me. Everything going around me. Everything spinning
around me, I could clearly distinguish myself from everything else. It felt
very natural, it was a feeling of sparkle. A short boom but worth it and then
it would go away. Something small that explodes and light goes everywhere
as little particles that explode forming lot of different branches and then it
gets light. Like Mother Surya.

Severe anger at hearing “no” is a major part of autism. It is rare to have
a child who does not get upset when he does not get what he wants.
Many people who don’t know autism pass the judgment that this is
mostly like due to being spoiled, or giving in to the child. This is not at
all so. One has to understand that it is one of the ways for the child to
alleviate pain. If one were to take a hard line towards the behavior one
of two things would happen. The crying can literally last days. I have
had cases where the child wakes up in the morning and starts crying
right away for being told “no” the day before, in fact in one case, the
anger, rather the rage, lasted three days. The second option is for the
child to totally stop all interaction however minimal that already is.
After a “breaking” experience it is unlikely that child will come back.
Force does not help or work though I recognize it is instinctual to want
to force our children to behave but an entirely different strategy is in
fact needed with these children.

In my experience of taking cases in the surrogate manner, a child on the
spectrum does not have that kind of behavior from being spoiled. The
stuff the kid on the spectrum wants literally prevents him from being in
excruciating pain generally by placing so much focus on an item that it
relives pain. This is the big difference between the child on the spectrum
and the neuro-typical kid.

This case is a pregnancy case rather than a surrogate case. The
information came from during the pregnancy rather than “One Heart,
One Mind.” However all roads lead to Rome. The true measure of a
skilled homeopath is to be able to switch from one method to another on
the spot. One needs to meet the case where it is rather than pull towards
a technique or a method. The most important is to find the path of least
resistance to the deepest information available.

I chose Hydrogen for this child. Mom speaks of light and spontaneously
links it up to Mother Surya, the Hindu Sun God. This was not said as a
parent’s gloating of her wonderful daughter but rather this is the state
the peaches she ate would put her in, literally as if she was Pure Light
herself. Hydrogen was the very first element after the Big Bang. The
theme is very much saintly, and as such it represents in our material
medica the light, the one closest to purity.



FOLLOW-UP I 12 – 12 – 13

What have you noticed this past month?

She is far less resistant and much more compliant. It is easier for her to go to
sleep, or brush her teeth. She just goes and does it. She sleeps better and
when she wakes up she does not scream anymore but she still screams in the

Everything is way easier than it used to be. Getting ready for school was a
daily torture, it is easy now. She sits with other kids now in school for lunch
whereas she didn’t want to sit with other kids before.

She is less attached to things. She is easier now if we take something away
from her.

Nothing she was doing is worse. Everything is better. Eye contact is better.

Her language is a little bit better too. There is still no interaction with other
kids but she engages more with eye contact.

Yes, tell me about the language, please.

I can have a little bit of a conversation with her. Language is a little bit
better; not a huge improvement but better.

Her fine motor skills are better. When she draws she does not go outside the
lines as much now. She used to want to use only one color but now she uses
more colors. She draws a picture and she brings it to me. Before she would
have just scribbled something. Here she is drawing with details.

She also has more creative play too. Before, there was only one and always
the same scenario. She has more interests now instead of just wanting to
play with trains.

Street noises don’t affect her at all.

Right after the first dose she started to want to eat. It was so difficult before.

When she comes home she does not have to take her clothes off.

I dosed five times all together.

This is unequivocal improvement. There is such an elegant beauty to the
process of healing. It lifts the million pound weight of suffering as if it
were a feather. Truly awe inspiring.



FOLLOW-UP II 01 – 22 – 14

She has better attention span with more ability to follow directions in school.
The school definitely sees progress.

She seems to be social, she wants to play with her cousins. She is so much
more interested whereas she was not interested before.

What does more interested mean?

It is totally different. She is playing doctor with them. She uses toys the way
they are supposed to be used. I still have to help her initiate the play but she
can get going.

She asks questions to her sister but she is too young to respond. She is trying
to communicate. Before she would only observe and not get in direct
conversation. Now she is actually trying to communicate with direct

She seems more aware of her surroundings. She asks questions “What is this
or that?” whereas before she was not interested at all. For example, we have
had the same car for years but now she asks a lot of questions about it, one
question leads to another.

Also, what is the microwave for? How does it cook? She is also asking what
it means to die or what expensive or cheap means. For every question and
answer she asks more questions. “What is it to be fair and unfair?” She asks
about the foods I buy “what is this?” “what is that?”

She has been doing really well in ABA. The teacher tells me, she talks to
other kids with a little prompting to get it started.

In October, she could not stay within the line when drawing but now it is all
fine. She is also writing her name.

I can cut her hair. She does not mind noises much at all. She does not want
to change when she comes home. She is fine with the clothes she has on, she
does not need to get naked.

During holidays in Florida she was fine.

What about the tantrums?

No more. She does not throw anything around either.

(The father says she is doing great.) She is a different kind of kid. She is
more understanding of things around her. She does not seem to be in the fog.
She was echolalia but 99% is gone. We can have a normal conversation with
her now for her age.

When we went to the mall, I had to put her in the shopping cart or she would
run away. It was so dangerous, we don’t have that problem anymore, she
stays with us.

She becomes calm and agreeable after the remedy so I know when to repeat.
I have been dosing every three days.



FOLLOW-UP III 03 – 18 – 14

Eye contact and language are coming along. She is more affectionate. She
needed so much prompting for her to hug me and now she does it
spontaneously. Lately she is calling me “mom”, she is definitely more aware
of things and people around her. She even laid down next to my mother a
few days ago. It is really great to see that.

Language is coming along. She is using more and more words, she is
conversational, picking language up from people instead of just “Bye” or

She is more social, she talks to other kids. She didn’t talk to other kids

Everything is fine except for some behavior. She got sick twice and her
behavior worsened after that. Stool parasites. She lost track of things when
she got sick, she also was not compliant.

These last few lines are the dread for me and they point to the
complexity of autism and its deep involvement of the bacterial symbiosis
I spoke about in Chapter Eight. The child can be doing great and then a
common cold or stomach virus can throw all the improvements apart.
These acute episodes need to be tended to with utmost care. Ideally the
constitutional remedy helps and all return to order swiftly but more
often than not it doesn’t and then a remedy is needed to specifically
address the acute episode itself. This is a piece of the puzzle I missed
until fairly recently. Now my office has reversed cases just by handling
the acute episodes really well thereby restoring a better symbiosis of the
bacterial, viral and fungal colonies. This situation is very particular to
autism. I remember some years ago I was so overwhelmed in the middle
of January I called the homeopathic pharmacy I get most of my
remedies from and I asked them to send me the top three common cold
remedies though this is contrary to individualization. Their answer was
stupefying. They said, don’t worry about colds, they are self-limited. My
answer was that my population can truly suffer major setbacks and if
not taken care of properly those set backs will stay for a very very long
time. It is as if the Vital Force cannot overcome even the minor
disruption of a cold. If the child tanks, at times even before cold
symptoms appear, then the acute episode needs its own specific remedy.
On the other hand, in an autism case, a common cold can be a God
send. When I receive an email or phone call telling me the child is sick I
now ask right away if he is backtracking emotionally and behaviorally.
If not then the acute will most commonly have an overall healing value.
If there is fever, it is the greatest ally to restore symbiosis. Control the
fever naturally, without chemicals and great gains in the chronic
condition can happen. Some children completely lose their autistic
characteristic while they are sick with a fever. To me, this points to the
dysbiosis theory of Chapter Eight at least in some cases.


FOLLOW-UP IV 04 – 18 – 14

She is doing very well. She has more pretend game. She likes to draw and
paint. She uses different colors and doing display on the wall.

She shows more affection. Without a prompt she says “I love you” several
times a day and hugs at the same time.

She has a friend in school. She is engaging appropriately with her sister,
teacher and students. She is being quite social at the park. She is very aware
of her surroundings.

She communicates with us very well and asks appropriate questions. She
talks to us a lot. We take a three hours ride to our vacation house, she talks
to us all the time very appropriately. It is very good. It is really good and
always wants to be a part of us. Her personality is really coming through.

She had a little bit of a behavior when she got sick. Since then she had only
one meltdown.

The hyperactivity is so much better. She sits in class and pays attention. She
can sit for about an hour.

People at the grocery store say she is very well behaved. She is quite
independent. She can open the door of the car and sit herself in her car seat.
She can dress herself. We can’t distinguish her from any other kid.

She tries to be funny and tells what she wants to do when she grows up.

I usually dose twice a week.



FOLLOW-UP V 06 – 17 – 14

She gets restless when I don’t give the remedy often enough. We went back
to dosing every four days and we are back on track. She is sustaining normal

She tests average on everything. She still has some difficulties expressing
herself when it comes to the big picture or abstract thinking.

She talks to her sister. She’ll lay with me and play pretends game.

We are moving her slowly to the general education class. She learns
everything for her age without a problem.

Tantrums are still so much better. It is easy to control them when they
happen. She is also not hyperactive.

Socially, she talks to other kids. She sits with them totally playing together
with dolls etc. She plays with Barbie. Play is totally emerging.

Beautiful. It is not only the relief of pain but also the blossoming of the
child into her own being and personality that is so wonderful to see.



FOLLOW-UP VI 08 – 28 – 14

Tremendous progress, very responsive! She seems to be on par with her

I had a car fender bender, since then she has developed a little fear, she tells
me “don’t go too fast, Papa.”

She can be stubborn and upset if something does not go her way but normal
kids do the same thing. I find that I like that part of life but it aggravates my
wife’s life.

(Dad is not concerned about anything anymore, he now thinks she is going
to be fine. He just wonders if she is going to be OK in school. An IEP
coming in October.)

She is very nice with the other kids, playing with them perfectly fine as well
as with adults. When she is by herself at times I’ll catch her playing with her
fingers in front of her face.

She sleeps well.

Eye contact has not been an issue for a long time.

Hyperactivity is nothing I am worried about.

She expresses herself clearly. She speaks fast and sometimes cuts the words
a little bit. It is not a speech issue, but rather like a personality thing. She is
at level in every aspect.

Dosing every four to five days.

HYDROGEN 200C (continue every 4 to 5 days)


FOLLOW-UP VII 11 – 25 – 14

She is doing really well. She is learning in class and listens well. She is
going to dance class now, I don’t see anything strange, compared to where
she was a year ago. She plays with her sister fine. Pretend play and all.

She talks to kids and helps them. We have play dates.

Give the remedy every 4 days. When I stretched it she is fine but starts to
whine a little more and that is definitely the cue to repeat her remedy.

She has been sick for two days with a fever and has been coughing for a
couple of days. Dry cough, especially at night. I used the sub acute dose of
the remedy yesterday and it helped the cough and the fever.

The last time we followed up she was perfectly fine. She continues to be
a vibrant wonderful kid. There is no need to see me anymore.

HYDROGEN 200C (need to continue to dose sub acute to over come the

Case 4 Thlaspi – One Heart, One Mind, Pierre Fontaine

This is an excerpt of Case #4 from:

One Heart,
One Mind
The Case for Healing Autism and Pandas
by Pierre Fontaine

Case 4 05 – 28 – 10
DOB : 07 – 03 – 04
MC: Autism
EC: 5
SI: 3
SS: 3


His primary challenges are language and social skills. He is a little social
with the people he knows and social with his sister. She is a social butterfly.
He may have some capacity to socialize but he is clearly not confident. He is
introverted like my husband but clearly there is a problem and his speech is
far from being at level. He can be very serious, he seems to research or
observe everything rather than join in.

When he was twelve months old he became a very picky eater and
developed a lot of oral sensory issues. Now it is much easier but it is a
learned behavior. He mostly eats hot dog and peanut butter sandwich.

Please tell me about the oral sensory issue.

It all began when he was 10 months old. He started to push foods away, our
PD felt it was only a phase but it continued. He started to loose ground in
height and weight percentile. He ate anything crunchy. Looking back, we
should have known it was autism. Other than that he seemed to develop

At 18 months old he spoke six words instead of a hundred. The pediatrician
said “he is a boy, let’s see when he is two.” He also did not wave bye. My
mom, who had been in early development, made an appointment for us.

It turns out he was not just speech delayed but also socially delayed as well
as adaptive delay. In that moment, I saw his life before my eyes. I saw this
normal and wonderful life we have start to disintegrate. My husband insisted
he would be fine. I felt he was standing in the way but once he saw how
serious I was he backed down and became supportive.

OK. Tell me about his development, please.

His development is way behind. He does not sense that he is different. We
were in a playgroup, all the kids were running through the house and he was
spinning the wheels of a tractor. I actually don’t think he has any anguish
about the way he is at this moment though he has come a very long way
since then.

Tell me about the pregnancy, please.

From a physical point of view my pregnancy was so normal. I didn’t have
any concerns even during the delivery. I think had I not breastfed him for a
few months he would be in worse shape than he is now. He spit up a lot and
he was not a good sleeper from the get go. We had to swaddle him in a
blanket otherwise he’d cry. He cried a lot until he was 10 months old. I
didn’t think of that as a red flag. Now he sleeps like a dream and has done so
for a long time.

He cried terribly after his first round of vaccine. He started making screechy
noises with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. It was so strange. To
this day, every now and then he suddenly makes noises or screams.
Recently, I pulled him off supplements, I felt bad for him since he had to
drink this awful drink. I think they have been good for him but I wanted to
see what happens when I pull them off and after a week we saw some

He has a hard time focusing when there are two or three tasks in a row but
what I would love to see most of all is social development. When other kids
ask him a question he turns his back to them and gets ornery. “They are
asking you a question!” and he does not care. If his sister asked him a
question he does not turn his back on her.

He started turning his back on people when he was two years old. Even last
week when a boy greeted him with “Hi, John”, he crossed his arms and said
“DON’T SAY hi”. We have been trying to teach him to not be ornery for a
long time but no matter how much we try he does it.

We signed him up in a soccer team. He just stayed in one place on the field,
totally in lalaland.

Tell more about being ornery, please.

A boy squirted him and he got very defensive. He does not want to play or
say “hi.” Conversation is nearly impossible with another child of the same
age. He talks a little bit only for some purpose. I think he gets this way
because at times of insecurity he feels those around him in a very physical
way. He does not want to be touched, or if we say “good job”, he gets upset.
Sometimes, he chases kids at the playground. I saw a girl walk up to him and
say “can I play with one of your cars?” he said something to the effect
“pretty don’t play with car”. I think he was confused as to why a little girl
would want to play with a car.

On Mother’s day lunch he cried the entire time. I was so frustrated. Why is
my child the only child in the room who can’t enjoy this lunch? He is so
different. We can’t even do random things. We can’t go in his room when he
is there, he gets very upset if we do. With all his social awkwardness, he
does not come across as shy. He is very independent and not clingy at all;
perhaps too independent.

He does not have OCD or stimming outside of making some noises. When
he was little he turned the lights or the fan on and off. When he was two he
was lining up cars and turning the wheels.

He is not comfortable with leading, his sister leads the play and then his play
can be somewhat appropriate.

I wanted a typical boy in Kindergarten. I was so naive. I thought we’d be
there by now and we really are not, far from it. I guess I still worry how he
will be when he grows up. What if we freeze at fourteen? What if he were to
never progress? Life would be so difficult. I think I would be a mess. I want
him to want to do things. Chess and outdoors don’t come up in this equation,
as he does not have much of an original thought in his head.

Tell me more about feeling the insecurities “in a very physical way.” If
you could speak in the first person, as if you were him, it would help

I think he feels like he is in a bubble and I think the bubble is painful to the
point he’ll get tears in his eyes even when the situation is happy. At a
restaurant, he sits way over at the end of the booth as far away from physical
contact as possible. If any of us reaches out to him he screams, “Don’t
touch.” That behavior really aggravates his father.

“Don’t talk to me”. He crosses his arms across his chest. It is as if he is not
capable of being close to anyone. It is easier to not have friends. I want to
play but I am so unsure, it is easier to pretend I am not interested. In a group,
I am not capable to hold it together.

I feel trapped under something very heavy. I am always trying so hard to do
what is easy for others. I push rocks all the time and right now I don’t want
to push a rock. I am tired, it is easy for you to say it that way but it is not
easy for me. I am tired a lot, there are always obstacles.

Tell me more about obstacles, please.

Everything feels like an obstacle, and even worse, new rocks are always
being created. There is always another rock I have to push. I smile a lot but I
am done with pushing rocks.

When we are at a restaurant, I am in the corner of the booth and Dad comes
over, that is a rock. Inside my brain it is full of rocks. Big boulders, big
rocks that I try to push off. Rocks pulse through my brain. A rock is always
getting in the way in here. I stumble over them all the time. Speaking is by
far the biggest rock. I am not going to let someone pull the rock off because
at times, it can also be a protector.

When the girl came at the playground the rock was not there. I turned my
back on her and I created another rock. I love not having the rock. I love to
play. I love the attention when the rock is gone. I feel really free but it is
difficult to allow myself to be free. I wish I had the confidence of not having
the rock. I’d be a lot happier but the rock is all I’ve got. I don’t like the rocks
in my brain, they keep me from learning something new.
The rocks are like hurdles. I keep picturing the hurdlers. There are 15 of
them coming and I never get a break. Sometimes I trip over them. There
usually is not enough space in between them. I have to work really hard and
it is impossible to avoid them.

Work really hard?

It takes a lot of intense concentration, which is challenging for me. Intense
concentration is the only way for me to get to recognize all the different
numbers or to write my name. I can’t hear the end of the words. It takes so
much concentration and sometimes I just want quiet.

Tell more about intense concentration.

I think of working gears in my head, they all have to be moving. I need the
gear to always move, I have to work to make the gears move. If I am not
constantly telling these gears to move they’ll stop. It is a constant effort, a
hammer I have to constantly keep moving. Constantly having to be aware. It
is like a marathon that never ends. I am running a marathon and the finish
line never comes. I am picturing being in a flock of birds and I have to move
through them. They encircle me. It is very confusing. Metal, lead and steel
together. If I can push all of that out, my head will clear. Having to push all
these distractions out is very heavy. If I could get all of that out. Ooooofffff,
what a relief that would be!

Tell a little more about being in a flock of birds, please

It is busy and confusing with random sounds and noises, bouncing off of me.
It is chaotic. It is too much and too fast. I need the birds to be organized. I
need a constant viewing window. I think I could handle the birds if there
were a window. I can’t reach through the birds, so I am feeling stuck and

It is very common to have one parent, the husband or the wife be
reluctant or non-accepting of autism. Perhaps the reality of Rainman
seems so remote that just thinking about such a future is unbearable.
When we speak of regressive autism the schism between what is real
and the autism stereotype is too wide to reconcile. Unfortunately, this
happens at the very moment something must be done in the child’s life.
As much as the children need help I think it would be very efficient for
the parents to also be afforded help.

The main theme in this case is the perception of obstacles in many
different forms. Whatever the area concerned; social, language
receptive and expressive or performance, being touched or eating food,
the perception is of having to overcome obstacles. The perception is that
these obstacles are not only external but also internal and even at time
using or creating obstacles as a self-protecting mechanism. So this
theme must be central to the remedy. The inner state came very easily
to his mom, she jumped right in. I only had to ask to speak in the first
person once and she completely went in without ever looking back.

The potential argument here and in other cases as well is, this is HER
perception not his. Or, how does she know? By the same token, how can
we be sure that what she is saying is accurate? The short of it is, as I
discussed in Part One, she is only one degree removed from him. “One
heart, One mind” does not have division. We are all one, that is a fact. I
trust this information as accurate because over and over again it has
proven itself when the according remedy was given. All of these cases
speak to the idea of experience as I mentioned in Part One. What she is
experiencing may not be at the deepest level but it is all we have. The
remedy may help partially and we might have to change it later. As in
the previous case, it is best to move forward.



FOLLOW-UP I 07 – 01 – 10

All I can say is “wow.” The biggest improvement we noticed was his
behavior with other kids. Now he runs right into a group. It is incredible, he
is doing really well in that regard. It is a big improvement. I also know he
has been very involved with groups in school, that is a big change too. I
hear, at times he was even the leader in the group.

With one on one interaction I don’t see much of a change; he is still rude.

His language has become more complex but the improvement with it is not
as much as the social improvement. His sentences are longer; he can string
two or three sentences, which was not possible before. He is more
descriptive. He uses more feeling language. “I feel like a little boy.” He said
that shortly after the remedy, that was a first.

I have seen him do more boyish things, rough and tumble rather than being
too rigid or being well behaved yet sounding like a toddler. He is definitely
more animated and playful. We did not even have to encourage him. He
seems to jump into things more on his own rather than stand back and
decide. He participates at songs like throwing his hand in the air etc. He is
more animated.

He is willing to eat more things than before.

He had strep throat a couple of weeks ago. The strep turned into croup. Now
I started him back on antibiotics.

He is still very immature, more like a three or four year old rather than a six
year old. He always walks several paces behind us. Perhaps he gets
distracted with things that surround him. When we go out to eat he looks all
around. I don’t know if it is a disconnect or a distraction.

We have cut all supplements and he seems to be doing just fine. We would
have seen gains slow down by now so it can only be the remedy helping

He used to have chapped lips year round, warm or hot weather never made a
difference. It used to bleed but now he has normal soft lips. Every now and
then we notice a little distention but for the most part his tummy is pretty

He gets very excited when we say we’re going to the zoo whereas before he
would not have cared at all. At the water park, the old Wyeth would have
stood on the side for a long time but now he does not hesitate to participate
in the activities.

Right after we started to give your homeopathic remedy he gave his sister a
kiss without even being prompted. He used to give back a light hug but now
it is more like a full hug.

Tell me more about what you saw when you first gave the remedy.

The first couple of weeks were really big.

Staying on tasks was the first obvious change. Now, the special needs
teacher comes in the room and he needs minimal redirection just like the
other kids. He gets in line like the other kids. He is not even making noises
anymore. Random noises are gone, they used to drive me crazy.

Then, his aversion to not wanting to be touched really got better. His ornery
reaction to “good job” has completely changed too. He hardly says “Don’t
talk to me.”

I think he still gets his wires crossed when several people speak all at once.

You had mentioned a bubble…

It was a bubble that kept him from interacting. He is breaking through a lot
of that now.

How have you been dosing, please?

We see symptoms plateau around seven to ten days. We probably used the
drop dose four to five times. I gave the remedy after three days when he had
strep throat.

I would say his eye contact is a six now; his Spontaneous interaction and
speech are both a seven.

Comment: This is as good a reaction as one can imagine achieving. It
eliminates any doubts. The suffering of a child is gently and effortlessly
being lifted. I can’t think of a more noble thing to do.


FOLLOW-UP II 11 – 11 – 10

He was doing so well but perhaps we waited too long to dose. He started
getting ornery and making noises but we sip dosed him a week ago and this
week he has been so happy and full of energy, perhaps it totally turned him
around. This was the first time we had a step backward.

Creatively he is playing with toys, he is drawing pictures, drawing a bat
mobile. In the past we asked him to draw but he would not or could not do it.

He is talking about boys in school. Socially, the teachers have said he is
more social. One of his classmate said he is one of the funniest boys. He is
starting to tell stories about what happens in school, I can ask him an openended
question and he’ll answer though his language is still choppier than his
sister. His receptive skills are normal now, he has about the same vocabulary
as his sister but it does not flow as much.

He went on a play date and they did great together. He understands more
about people. We were at a Halloween party and he blended right in. He
seemed to be as social and participating as much as the other kids, he
definitely blends in more and he did great at Disney.

Distraction and language are still a challenge. He is pulled out of class to
work in a small group for language. His aid has to directly focus on him
otherwise he does not pay attention at all. He is OK when it is his turn, once
done he goes back to lalaland.

His stools look a lot better, much more normal looking than before.

Most of this backtracking was due to not dosing at the appropriate time.
We all tend to become complacent when all is going well. All in all, I
don’t have many concerns about him but I made a strong impression on
the mom to repeat the remedy when it is needed.



FOLLOW-UP III 12 – 19 – 10

He is not even the same child he was back in November.

Socially he is great.

He is in the advanced reading group. He understands everything; all
academics are on level. His speech therapist is releasing him. OT is hanging
onto him for one more year. He is doing creative writing. The principal said,
“I am having a hard time seeing what this child’s challenges are.” This is
miles from where we were.

Everybody agrees he is no longer (though perhaps for one more year) a
special needs child.

He is asking to play soccer. The last time we were there he was standing,
staring all over the place not understanding anything. Watching him play
soccer is going to be interesting. It will show us where he is.

He has friends now. He tells me about them like any other kid would. I can
ask him “how was your day?” and he answers me.

His food pickiness is no longer. May be he had some fears but they’re
gone. I see some bloating from time to time.

He seems more like a six year old. I now know, he will lose any special
labels he has, I don’t have any concerns anymore.

All in all, focus and distraction are a little bit of a problem still, this is why
they continue to take him out of his class.

We are dosing two to three weeks apart.



FOLLOW-UP IV 03 – 12 – 11

He is doing really well. He is completely mainstreamed. He is keeping up
really well, his aid does not have to do anything. His language is wonderful;
we have no complaints.

His social skills continue to blossom.

He has only slight difficulties formulating a sentence, which slows him
down doing certain things but all good considering.

His upper body strength is great. He started cub scouts, soccer was not for
him, I understood what he was supposed to do but he is not competitive and
team sport is not his thing, at least right now.

We discontinued all supplements.

He does not have any sensory issues left and those that were the symptoms
we used to repeat the remedy on. We are giving the remedy LM 2, moved on
to LM 3 every few weeks. The last time we repeated was a few days ago.

There is not much to say here. He has continued to do amazingly well.
He is completely mainstreamed. I changed the potency to the LM scale,
which seems to have had increasing positive effect. I rarely use this

Case 3 Androctonos Amurreuxi Hebraeus – One Heart, One Mind, Pierre Fontaine

This is an excerpt of Case #3 from:

One Heart,
One Mind
The Case for Healing Autism and Pandas
by Pierre Fontaine

Case 3 02 – 07 – 13
DOB: 03 – 15 – 00
MC: He was first diagnosed as PDD – NOS then the diagnosis changed to autism.
Severe anxiety, OCD and tics.

“He is very mean and disrespectful, it is what I would call bad content.

Note: Although I don’t need to see the child, the mom came with him.

Please, talk about “horror.”

It is like the devil. He is 100% inappropriate. Horrible content.

He has a right eye spasm.

It is as if his brain is giving him a hard time.

He says, “Yes, Yeah, Yay. Yippee, Hooray” all the time.

He does not like the sound of chanting, applause or cheering. It seems
disturbing, disgusting or stupid to him. Kind of like, it hurts my ear so badly,
it gives me a red rash. I just want to get upset.

(The mom tells me I have to remember to say “Of course” because he hates
to hear the word “yes”. Sure enough, at some point I inadvertently said
“yes”. Instantly, he seemed to have spasms and his face turned deep red as
soon as he heard the word. Not to be messed with, I thought. Is this the
Horror? Probably!

Let’s continue…

Sounds hurt his ears. One of his aunt speaks in a squeaky voice and he used
to scream when she came to the house. It gives him a headache and he wants
to run.

It is like somebody is squeezing his head, it is like pressure. Like somebody
is banging iron on his head or drilling holes in his head, it is the most painful
thing he feels. He feels it can happen at any minute. I want to go somewhere
where I don’t hear it. He tries to control his world because he does not want
to hear these sounds.

He is uncomfortable in his own body. He is not at peace with himself. It is
not a happy place for him.

Tell me what you mean by “uncomfortable”.

It is pain. It is pure pain, stomach pain, and body pain everywhere. His body
is in pain everywhere.

Please talk about pain in more details.

It is as if he is cut with a knife, or pocked by needles. He does not like tears
to come out. (The mother redirects herself to speak as if she were the child)
When the tears touch my face it hurts. The tears are burning fire in my eyes,
real fire like in hell. They itch and you can’t stop that itch. It is like hot oil or
water on the body like a toothache. (Back to herself) He feels it in his organ,
blood, and kidney and brain. The pain confuses him, it cannot make him
think straight. Food hurts, chewing and swallowing hurts. At times, he can’t
feel his own body. He is disconnected, he wants to go somewhere because it
is too much to handle for him. It is like the slaughter of a lamb.

Pressure, pinching and very, very cold and then very, very hot, both at the
same time. Dizzy.

What does pressure mean?

He cannot hear or think properly. It is itching. You can’t stop him from
itching. I feel like he has itching in the stomach and he can’t stop it.
Everything is chaos and uncomfortable in his own body. I want to throw up
and take everything out, separate everything and rub it out. I want to pull it
all off and out of me. I need water to calm it.

The pressure is in the head, in the middle part of the head. The pressure is
around the eyes too, it feels very tight. I want to run. I have body ache and
headache with very heavy pressure on the shoulders. I feel sluggish and
tired. It is pushing down. I cannot sit still, I need to wiggle and I need to
move to try to lift it. It is pushing down all the time. It feels like heavy
pressure, pain and it feels completely out of control.

Like I am carrying a big heavy load, like carrying an elephant and I feel
sweaty from pushing. Everything is hurting. It feels like a poison.

Continue with heavy load, please…

(She is totally in character now) It is a heavy burden, trapped in a cage, I
need to be free, like in jail, trapped. Scratching, nails, pins and needles.
Biting. Burning, Skin peeling, it is very painful. Blood, hot water, really hot
oil. Teeth biting on my neck and hands, butchering, trying to take the blood,
cutting in, piercing, pinching and pulling hair.

The nails are scratching and the teeth are biting. The skin is peeling off,
blood is sucked. The flesh is being torn apart. There is a lot of heat, fire
charcoal, mud and ash. I see the snake too. Lot of insects, the ash is helping
to calm it. They are all over the place. Slimy, dirty, feeling wiggly, it feels
very, very hot in the body. Like being under fire or cooked.

I can’t sleep, I am rested but I feel very tired, confused and everything is
very loud. Everybody is talking, it hurts everywhere, hair, finger,
everywhere even the nails are hurting. I feel like I am in somebody’s mouth,
as if swallowed by something. Maybe a dragon. You feel hot and you feel
the saliva on the body and you want to get out. You feel the tongue licking
and you feel the throat, you are wiggling and feeling wet. You want to sleep
but you can’t sleep, it is too loud, there is no peace and you can hear
anything. It is too loud and dark. The saliva is uncomfortable and your body
is hot and wet as if eaten alive with lot of mucus.


Everything is sticking to the body. It is very thick and sticky, smelly, like a
dead mouse or dog’s wet hair. The mucus is hot, bloody and sticky. Very
very hot, sticking to everything, Sticky like glue, smelly with blood in it. It
is almost like boiling water and I see incense smoking. Charcoal is burning
cooking the mucus and roasting the mucus, changing colors black and
purple, it is burning. It is still slimy. Mucus is really thick like opening an
animal. That slimy thing is really thick. It is smelly and sticky all over your
skin and I want to take it off but it is always there.

Slimy sticky thing…

Dogs, mice, snakes, SCORPION! It is hurting with a needle in your neck.
Bitten by a scorpion. It is poison and it is unclean.

Bitten by a scorpion…

It feels very hot, I am sweaty, and I can’t talk. I am really thirsty, my nose is
hurting. There is a lot of pus in the stomach, a lot of blisters in my stomach
and colon, it is very painful. It is bleeding and swollen inside, it feels very
acidic. My body is shaking. My head is not resting and there is constant

This is very much “Surrogacy”, going into the child, It is in some way
quite meditative, we just need to let the process happen.
From the very beginning the stage is set. We know the remedy will be
something that can only be describe with harsh, tough words. Unless the
direction changes dramatically from “Horror” it is very unlikely the
remedy will be a delicate windflower for example.
A lot of parents would hesitate to speak using such honest words about
their child. We have a tendency to sugarcoat it but she expressed it
unbridled by prejudice. The honesty is admirable. Much like in the first
case, it is the candid quality pushed by the years of deep struggle that
makes it so clear. The key was to keep her speaking in the first person
and opened to the child at a very deep level.
The bite of a scorpion will cause either burning as in this case or
numbness. Interestingly she mentions charcoal, which is considered by
some to be a natural way of healing a scorpion bite. Much like the
headache case in the introduction of Part Two she plugged into
Universal consciousness so charcoal came to her. The initial intake of
Case Two speaks a lot of stickiness as well but in depth it is completely
different. Case Two does not have the “horror” behavior; it is mainly
about pushing which is completely absent in this case.



07 – 09 – 13

He is so much better. He stopped pointing to his head and say his brain

He is back to playing the piano.

He has much less body tics. He is much more present, he engages more and
socially he has improved a lot. He is talking and what he talks about makes
sense now and not only about his interests. The improvement is for the better
in every aspect except that he is still affected by the full moon. His tics get
worse and he is more agitated for four to five days.

The last bad episode he had was when we told him we were moving. His tics
came back and he was saying “my brain is bothering me.” He still does not
like changes. So I gave him the remedy and it helped him right away.
This week is better and overall he has improved a lot. We went to a
gathering, everyone noticed and mentioned how much better he seems.

Since the last time we met, I gave the remedy once a week unless he was
calm. At the end of June, he stayed with his father (he had not seen him for
10 months). He always tries to change his behavior even though he sees him
a couple of days a year. He was stressed when he came back.

Sleep is great, right now.

Right eye is perfect.

Sound sensitivity is still there but he does not complain of his ears hurting.

His presence is perfect. He is here with us, he is no longer in his world.

The fear of dogs remains.

Tensing his muscles has also been much better.

His mean and disrespectful qualities have gone.

Stomach pain is completely gone.

He also does not have a problem when I hold his hand. He is really
affectionate. He asks when can he have a girlfriend and what to do with her?

Some days have been really great.

He has been doing great in school. It is still too much stimulation when he is
in a group,

On a scale of 100, now he is 70%. In February 20%



10 – 28 – 13

He is calmer than ever before. We moved and it was stressful for him. He is
OK now but he still says he does not want to move. When that issue is out of
his mind he is fine.

He is 90 % good. He can carry a conversation. A friend who had not seen
him for a year said the change is huge.

This last full moon was not bad at all, he was less stressed. The obsession
and stims came back a bit whereas he is usually off for several days.

I rarely hear him say his brain bothers him.

We started neuro-feedback.

When he is stressed my family says to give him the remedy. He can go
without it for two weeks.

He is doing fine in school. The teachers are saying he could be
mainstreamed as his schoolwork is much better than last year.

Sleep continues to be fine.

Tensing and all jerking are gone.

I don’t see any anxiety or sound sensitivity. I remember when he wanted us
to whisper, now it is not there at all.
Stomach is fine.

He is totally engaged with other kids. He wants to be engaged though still
has difficulties with how he does it. His disposition is really good. Not a
problem there.

I can carry a back and forth conversation with him. He is fine. He asks me
about my brother or my mom. How come she is not here?

These last two follow-ups show a beautiful progression of solid gains.
The sound sensitivity that was still there recently is not there anymore.
The stomach pain remains better. Just wonderful, if only all cases could
be like this.



03 – 17 – 14

Last month, his teacher said he is expressing himself properly, participating
in class projects and talking to girls appropriately. The progress in school
has been amazing and I could not believe she was talking about him. Even
his handwriting is great.

He cracks jokes all the time. “Mom, I am thinking about girls all the time.”
In the past, when I had guests, he would hide. Now he stays and interacts.

My family has noticed tremendous improvement.

We did not see any stimming over the winter. He is a calm child. Something
has lifted.

He has been a little off since last Friday. I don’t want Spring to come
because I don’t want him to see feet. People are going to wear sandals and
that is a problem for him though his biggest problem now is his fear of dogs.

Last dose of the remedy given was in January.

Spring came and went. He didn’t have any problem with the feet or
anything else for that matter. The fear of dog remains a bit but is not
incapacitating and certainly does not mean he is on the spectrum at all.
This has been nothing but a wonderful development.

Summer is coming! What you need to know about Chlorine & Autism!

Worth reposting this from the past since summer is coming….

Case 2 Lycopodium – One Heart, One Mind by Pierre Fontaine

This is an excerpt of Case #2 from:

One Heart,
One Mind
The Case for Healing Autism and Pandas
by Pierre Fontaine

Case # 2 06 – 19 – 13
DOB:06 – 03 – 07
MC:No formal diagnosis of ASD. We don’t want to put him in a box.

Please tell me what you see and what you know.

He has severe allergies now. He was a perfectly healthy baby. Everything
was good and a week before his three week checkup he started to get
eczema. Unbeknown to me, I was eating eggs, milk, etc., everything they
say we should not eat.

At six months he received a flu shot after which he developed such severe
wheezing he was in pulmonary distress. We tried a few medications but they
made him wheeze even more. Eventually, his wheezing settled down on its

Around that time we also realized he was reacting to solid foods with rashes.
One of the symptoms was projectile vomiting. The pediatrician said he
would outgrow it and to not be concerned. He had clear reaction to peas,
egg, carrots and a few other foods. We started pre-biotics and we got his
eczema down.

At 10 months, we noticed he was not pointing and he was spinning the
wheels of his toys. A few months later he was no longer responding to his
name. He was also becoming increasingly hyperactive and no longer had
pain sensitivity or fears.

We started pestering our pediatrician and asked for early intervention
evaluation. At eighteen months, he was already six months behind.
He said words very clearly but could not join them together.

We started NAET and after that he started to put a few words together. He
also became much less hyperactive. Right now speech is developing. “I
drawing.” When we ask him, “Who did the drawing?” he cannot answer; he
gets confused. His receptive and expressive language is not good, he says a
lot of senseless things.

He does not have much understanding; even the understanding of his name
is limited. He mixes up pronouns. He is far from his peers. He does not
understand the concept of addition or subtraction.

Tell me about the pregnancy, please.

It was not a planned pregnancy. I was applying for the green card, it was a
very stressful first trimester. I had no appetite, not even for water and I lost
12 pounds.

My husband had just changed jobs and we didn’t have health insurance.
After the first trimester things started to settle down and the rest of the
pregnancy was good.

My lower back hurt a lot and when he was due the labor lasted 22 hours in
total. I received three epidural injections but the pelvis never became numb.
They also gave me antibiotics during delivery. I pushed for two hours and
had an episiotomy. Afterward, I could not walk for two weeks, which they
said it was because of the repeated epidurals.

Right away, he had latching issues. The lactating consultant said the epidural
is not good for latching. Eventually he got used to it and I breastfed every
hour-and-a-half during the first months.

Tell me about the first trimester of pregnancy, please.

I started to throw up at night from 11PM to 2AM. Then from two to four, I
had heart burn, felt exhausted and spent most of the day sleeping. I became
very sensitive to smell. I didn’t think I had to go to the doctor. By January I
started to feel better.

What kind of food did you want to eat?

I used to crave very spicy chicken biryani. I ate that morning, lunch and
dinner. I bought it from a particular store. The spiciness was good. It was hot
with sourness and after eating it I felt very satisfied, everything was good.
The hot and sourness was perfect.

Tell me more about hot and sour.

It was the taste of chicken with the masala (a mix of Indian spices) and the
rice. The whole combination was really nice, chunky sauce and the tomato
gave it sourness, I enjoyed the stretchy feeling of it. It made me feel happy.

Stretchy feeling?

I didn’t like the sound of crunchy but I enjoyed the stretchy sound. Cheetos
melts in the mouth. I didn’t like that but with the chicken I didn’t have to
make effort. It used to make my mouth a little numb. MSG can make your
mouth feel numb but it was not that way.

It put me in a state of calm and I didn’t even realize what was going on
inside my mouth. There was no stress and nothing going on in my head, I
could just be. I didn’t have any inclination to talk or do anything; I was just
calm. Everything seemed smooth inside me. Food was going down and there
was no activity, no burning and the stomach was settled. It was not
numbness but the absence of anything happening. It was gooood.

Please describe gooood.

I was very still, and felt blood activity all the way in my toes. It was like
bubbles of blood and goose bumps. I have a habit of tracking where my food
is but while I was pregnant I knew where everything was in my body.

And you didn’t like crunchy?

During the pregnancy any consistent sounds, clocks or wristwatch, water in
pipes and crunchy was all the same. I did not enjoy it. It made me want to
nag and it would stress my system out.

It gave me a knot in my stomach and the sound would become very loud in
my head. My entire thinking was blurred. I’d become irritated and
unfocused. It made me very angry and closed my whole system down. I
didn’t want to be bothered and had thoughts, “get out of this place” or “let
me go to sleep” and I’d actually go to sleep.

I had this cloud in my stomach and in my head I felt everything contracting.
I could not process anything and I would just stare at things.

Describe cloud please.

Cloudy, like this air pressure built up in my stomach. More and more
pressure with a lot of forces coming from all sides and my pathway is
blocked. I used to feel jammed, clogged, constricted. I was not able to get
enough air and something was sticking inside of me. There was a layer of
something sticky, actually black. A grease like shoe polish of cloggedness. I
was unable to do anything with the increasing feeling of more and more
suffocation and dirt. I felt constricted, stuck as if something was pressing
down and I was not able to release it, there was no way out for it.
It was uncomfortable with heaviness, discomfort and numbness. All the
organs were clumping, air was caught up because of the greasiness, my body
was struggling. It was clumpy and sticky in the stomach etc. There was a lot
of pushing.

Tell me more about this greasiness in the stomach, please.

It is gooey and it catches onto everything. It is not letting things flow out.
Sticky and slimy. Like something is attached to it, even if I drink a lot of
water it doesn’t go away.

It is not something you want but it is stuck there. It is heavy, tiring, the
tissues get exhausted just to get it out. Something is going to come up,
something sour inside and the body wants it thrown out. There is heat in my
system, an irritating burning feeling. There is a rise in temperature and it
stays there. It feels like I am sweating from inside. It is again like my tissues
are getting burned and shriveling up. There is little space inside. It can’t take
anything new, there is no more space for food or water and the result is that
it has to go out. It is crowded with pressure from all sides there is no space
around, coming closer and closer, closing down and blocking, not allowing
anything to go through. Pressure, lot of forces are clamping up together
constricting each other, like dead.

Tell me more about his eczema, please speak in the first person using
present tense, as if you were him.

He used to scratch… excuse me, I have to scratch. There is this strong
impulse inside of me I can’t control. He was very strong about it, He would
rip the sock off. There is a very strong urge.

Gently, speak in the first person, please.

It is a part of my brain that has this sensation, which I feel goes away when I
put my thumb in my mouth. The sensation is inside the brain and it is the
same on the skin. It is a tingling like ants are walking. It is very
uncomfortable. I feel very unstill, shaky.

It is the same as when I run around. I think it will go away. Like a current in
the body.

Tell me more about the sensation in the brain.

It is a buzz, like water rushing through. There is a sound, water going
through pipe. “bzbzbzbzbz”. The ear is pushing and there is pressure. I feel
the pain in the ear; the pressure goes from inside out. It’s like a balloon,
stretching, pulled away, as if it is going to break. A cloth being torn off in
the middle. Like the cover on a drum. Skin color, thick leather.

Black leather…

A cow. Black and white cow and pasture. Plump cow eating grass.

Tell me any image that crosses in front of your eyes

Black dot ? moon, small crescent moon ? Rabbit ? Ground is green.
Green stuff. Velvety green stuff ? moss and ferns around. Cool to touch
and good to touch. Prickly, like a thorn or cactus or chestnut.

The tingling sensation in the brain goes away when I scratch.


Steady march of the ants, I can feel itching. There is pulling under the skin.
Like a small pinching sensation. Lots of pinching as if there were lots of
needles. A pointed object, poking, it is getting red from inside. It is yucky
skin, red skin that has been discolored like an eczema skin. Something from
inside that is pulling. Stretching the skin. I can feel it and it is
uncomfortable, there is a little bit of pain, tingling pain. Pointed object,
several threads, as if pulling on hair. It does not hurt. It is the same as poked.


NAET stands for Nanbudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. It is a
very intelligent repackaging of older healing methods such as
kinesiology and trigger point therapy. It can be effective and definitely
palliative and often affords some relief from food allergies.
The food desires and aversions during pregnancy have been more
important to me recently. At times, the very food desired can be the
remedy. In other words, in some cases the food in a homeopathic form is
the healing agent. The ‘quick case’ Vaccinum macrocarpon is a case in
point. Many cases have done great following this idea. If only all cases
could be that easy, but this is where art enters science.
Do notice the same sensation in the brain, on the skin and when running
as we saw in the headache case in the introduction of Part Two. The
same sensation comes back in different complaints.
I understood this case as being constricted or, on the other hand,
pressured on all planes, in the brain, the emotions and physical.
Everything being glued up or clamped up or pushing out. I decided to
recommend a remedy I perceive as having these features. I gave
Lycopodium which is made from a fern that used to be very tall but is
now restricted, as a moss, to a couple of inches. This gives us the image
of a plant that pushed itself out to great height and now is constricted to
two inches.



Follow-Up I

We gave the remedy three times.

Overall we saw a lot of improvements in communication.

He is asking, “Mommy where are we going?” this is incredible but then he
develops a conversation around it. He is also asking questions and relating
emotions to it. He says he is angry or excited whereas before he would just
act it out.

He is also making comments about me, “I like the dress you are wearing.”
These are the words he uses. He would never have made comments like that
before. He can even initiate a conversation since taking the remedy. He can
speak on the phone but not have a conversation.

In terms of behavior and his obsessiveness about some topic, he still has the
obsession of fire trucks. He still speaks about them out of context even in his

He likes to spin and, in fact, it has increased in the last month but if I call
him on it, he responds and stops. Before I would call him and he would not

His motor skills have also improved.

Socially, he says “Hi” or “Hello” and shakes hands. He has improved a lot in
this regard and makes great eye contact. He says, “Hello, I like your car.” He
also understands the concept of sharing. He understands it very well now
whereas before he did not.

Anger and frustration have lessened. Going to the grocery store is a different
experience as he can now patiently wait. He tells me, “Mommy you are
taking a long time,” or, “Is it time to go?” Before he was very difficult to
handle in a store and he would start running all over the place. He can also
show appreciation when I give him something.

He seems to be understanding time. My sister is coming from India and he
understands the days. Before, it was as if everything happened now.
We stopped the supplements now and just give the remedy.

Hyperactivity has also come down. He sits down and builds things with
Legos. He is not hyperactive anymore.

This is so ideal it should not be seen as a rule. Though it is possible to
reach this level of reversal quickly, it is good to keep in mind that
autism remains the most difficult ailment I can think of to tackle.
Needless to say, I continued with this remedy.



08 – 19 – 13

A couple of weeks ago he had a bad reaction to food, I gave the remedy and
he settled down.

Hyperactivity is still good. He can sit down and do things. We can also take
him outside and he does not run away. We used to be so scared outside. We
can’t complain about his behavior.

He seems to have a sense of self.

He does not need so much sleep.

He understands, and receptively he has been really good. He is asking,
“What is this?” or, “What is Groupon?” He is focusing on words in

He started to do math. He is not blank about it.

He is initiating conversation with other kids. He can also participate in minor
conversations without it being awkward.



10 – 01 – 13

He is becoming more stable with transitions. He is better able to focus on
tasks, activities and even conversation.

There have been times when he regresses completely but most of the time he
has been focused and his attention span is increasing.
Language has not developed further but he seems to have taken an interest in
explaining what he needs. He is also picking up our native language. We put
him in a small school to speak Marathi. He does not do much with it but he
seems to be enjoying it.

He still likes math, which is coming to him pretty easily.

This last week he had a huge wheezing attack. It could be allergies, we
installed a new carpet in the lobby of our building, perhaps it has something
to do with it. I only used the sub acute dosing and it went away quickly.
Today his best friend left for India and he cried really badly. I never knew he
understood what it means. It is far more advanced than I thought he
understood. They gave him some toys and he said he does not want toys. He
wants his friend.

Tell me about his expressive language, please.

He can say, I did this or that in school but he still jumbles it. The order of
words is not there but he started to self-correct. He can ask how and who
questions. “Where” questions, he is very strong with now whereas “why”
questions he has a difficulty answering them. The therapist says he can
narrate stories and pick ready-made sentences like “Oh, My God.”

He is between 4 and 4.5 grade level. There is a gap of 1.5 year with his
peers. He is making an effort to self-correct and catch up. He can illustrate
with pictures and tries to write captions.

When we first visited “he did not have much understanding even of his name
was limited.” Now he has a strong sense of identity. When someone does not
say his name right he corrects him or her. He also does not say “Joe wants
this or that.” He says, “I want this.”

In the past, his work was never on the board. Now it is, he is doing what
needs to be done.

He is extremely creative though he still has a little bit of a problem with
finding facts in a story. He narrates correctly. He does extremely well with
45 minutes to one-hour period in school.

Socially is where he had the least problems. He misses his friend and the
other kids in the neighborhood are younger. Neuro-typical (NT) kids are
following him. He wants to go to soccer class. I told the coach he has a
problem understanding but he told me he is the only kid who is doing what
he (the coach) is saying.

Dosing only when we think he is backtracking, like getting irritated and
spinning. Dosed three times in the last six weeks.

It is not uncommon for a child to regress a lot and then get better again
very quickly. This is one of the most amazing features of autism. In this
case, it means that the constitution is still fragile. Anything can still
happen and we need to manage this really well. When a child is moving
well it is also not uncommon for parents to feel like they should skip on
follow-up appointments. This is a mistake, I can understand wanting to
put this behind and move forward but it is not wise.



11 – 13 – 13

We continue to see improvement in language, understanding of things, and
clarity of speech but now he seems to get hyper after dosing. I don’t
understand why this is happening.

“Mommy, I know your tummy hurts but can you give me a hug and how
come you have an allergy? What did you eat?” He has good conversation
with us. Now, I get the sense that he wants to communicate and is forming
sentences as best he can. The therapist says he is completing multiple
instructions that are difficult to follow.

Storytelling is going well. He had such huge difficulties with that in the past.

He is asking questions, “How do I spell this?” “What happened in the
coatroom today?” “Did Mrs. Campana call you?” “Is she disappointed with
me?” Also using drama types of sentences “I can’t believe this!” “as we lose
our inhibition…” He tries to bargain with us “Maybe I can try it?”

He is singing songs clearly. He is also spontaneously using Marathi words as
well and he likes it.

He seems to have caught on with Math.

He understands his allergies too. What happens is that he can’t breathe, but
there is no standard reaction. We dose his remedy when that happens and he
gets better.

He plays soccer and tennis. He does well and understands what is going on,
on the field. He dribbles and kicks the ball back.
He is extremely good with illustrations. He draws characters very quickly.
He is a good visual learner. His handwriting is also very good.

He has a soft corner in his heart for the younger kids in the class. “Does he
need help?” ‘Is he OK?” “Is he in trouble?” No problem mingling with other
kids his age either. He goes and does all those things. “My name is Joe and
this is my friend John.”

He is interacting with his aunt but he still confuses “he” for “she” at times.
Obsessiveness is better but he is still obsessed about spinning. I can ask him,
“Can you spin later after your homework?” “OK not a problem.” It is there
but easy to get him out of it. The times when he goes into himself don’t
happen frequently anymore.

He is still calmer and less hyperactive. He is almost as calm as we are. He
does not run around unnecessarily. All these things have reduced quite a bit.



01 – 07 – 13

There is more improvement. He is asking “why” and “how.” The sentence
formation is developing, conversation continues to increase.
His speech is very clear. I still wonder if he has an auditory processing
problem. He can sing with good clarity but it takes a while for him to

All the people around us have seen a big change in him. He can have a good
conversation back and forth with complete strangers.

His hyperactivity still increases after we dose him. He becomes hyperactive
and very emotional and then after a day becomes like a normal kid. He can
sit through a whole show now. He can do his homework even without me
monitoring. Focus is still an issue with things he does not like.

He eats oats and can digest it whereas he was not able to do so before. He
finishes his food. We have not tried eggs at all. We give him almonds
otherwise he is off all nuts. As far as soy, peas and carrots we are not overly
concerned if he has them. It was quite shocking to me when he told people
he is allergic. “Does this cake have eggs or peanuts?”

Socialization has always been good. He keeps calling me stinky. I asked him
does someone tell you. “No, nobody does,” but I am stinky. I do not take
things personally. I asked him if he calls people stinky. He said, “No, I
would not do that and hurt someone’s feelings.” He is pretty good with
things like this.

He talks about his dreams. “I made a gingerbread cookie and I gave it to
Jenny.” He tells people he misses our old neighbors. He asks people, “Did
you miss me?”

Two days ago, he said “I am a big boy now, I’ll go to sleep in my own room,
in my own bed.”

He wants a baby and says he wants to take care of the baby. We see he has
the maternal side of him.

I see some aspects of healing slowing down so I changed the potency
from 30C to 1M. A potency is like an octave. It traditionally goes from
30C to 200C and 1M as far as the most used potencies, then we have
10M, 50M and even CM which is 100M. Sometimes the potency can be
60C, 100C or 300C but this is extremely rare. Changing the potency has
the effect of changing a facet of the remedy. Though we generally go
upward in number, from 30C to200C, this is not a must. We can also
start with a 200C and go to 30C when the potency no longer acts
constructively as I did in the first case. Not only the remedy needs to
match the case but so does the potency as well as the dose. When all
three of these are in unison with the body great results can occur.



03 – 06 – 14

His focus in school has been good, he is able to handle more difficult
material. His speech teacher says he is able to absorb material quickly and
retain the information as well as be able to correct himself when he does
something wrong.

He is able to understand right from wrong, remembers and corrects himself
there as well. The sense of maturity is so much better but still he is a bit
immature next to the other kids. The speech is also not quite at the level of
other kids.

Clarity of speech is good but some aspects are still pretty behind. He still
expresses cause and effect in reverse.

Socially, he is extremely good; his manners are great. After a while
interaction becomes difficult and he wants to chase.

He says he feels happy. He is not hyperactive any more. He is active but not

We can’t call the spinning obsessive any more as there is not much of it.

Eye contact has improved a lot. He is able to talk and look at you but there is
still a tendency to look away after a while.

He likes to read a lot. He asks questions about the story and reads other
books rather than always the same one all the time.

He highlights what is prominent in his drawing. He used to use pencils but
now he wants to use colors. When I compare his drawings they are
consistently getting better.

His allergies overall are the same. Last month he was scratching his thigh
and his shin. He is able to handle foods he was not able to handle before but
we don’t give him much.

He had a couple of wheezing attacks in the last two months but we dosed
and he was better within the day dosing him sub acute.

He is passing gas a lot.

Dosing once a week to ten days.



04 – 02 – 14

His focus has not increased or decreased.

Allergies: He had a couple of episodes of wheezing and one episode of
nosebleed. He is a little irritated. It is not throughout the day. He is still
scratching a lot on the shin, only when he sleeps or when he is not busy.

Gas has increased. Now he is kind of staying away from vegetables. He tells
me kids laugh at him because he passes gas. Bowel movements are regular.

His eye contact is still getting better, longer and more consistent.

Conversationally, the literal aspect of language is good. The inferred
meaning or abstract is still a challenge. “What will you be when you grow
up?” He answers, “I’ll be eighteen.” Even with this he is still better than ever
before and improving with abstract but he is not where he should be; though
improving with the why and how questions. He understands what he reads
really well. He can answer the questions but mainly about cause and effect:
“What have we learned from the story?” types of questions.

Socially he is doing well. He is very gregarious. When it comes to
interacting he does well. With boys he does really well but with girls it is
completely different. he conversation breaks down after a few exchanges.

He is spinning a little prop all the time.

The state’s test was given orally for him. We were concerned but the
teachers were very happy with him. At times, he can’t tell why he chooses
the answers to a question but he gets it right every time.

Skin; ITCHING; sleep; during (21) : agn., am-c., ant-c., ars., bamb-a., Barc.,
carb-v., caust., con., dulc., lap-be-e., Lyc., mag-m., morph., Phos., pitua.,
ros-d., sars., sulph., tama., zinc.

Note: Above is an example of a symptom rubric from the repertory.
“Skin, itching during sleep. There are 21 abbreviated and alphabetically
listed remedies. The bold denote that for the remedy Lyc (Lycopodium)
the symptom is often found. The remedies underlined show that this
itching skin symptom is not as frequently found in those remedy such as
Zincum. All the other remedies are considered grade one, the symptoms
have occasionally been found to be a symptom of that remedy.

Lycopodium is the remedy I am giving and this is a strong symptom for
it. There are two solutions. The child could be proving the remedy,
meaning developing symptoms of it, which is not a big issue because the
remedy can be antidoted very easily or stopped and the itching will go
away as describe in Chapter Six. What tells me all is well here is the
1: He has been improving since he started taking this remedy.
2: His itching is a recent development that is very superficial, distal and
is not causing any cognitive backtracking whatsoever.
Because of this we can conclude that since he is continuing to improve
this is at best a gentle detox. This is a very big difference with people
who claim “detox” with backtracking cognitive symptoms. This is
known as the wrong direction of healing.



05 – 30 – 14

We are using sub acute 10M, and we still see his speech increasing.

As usual, he is social but now he is interested in different kids. He is finding
out about “best friend.”

He is very excited about birthdays. He finds it very intriguing that other kids
are getting older. “My birthday month is coming up.” We spoke with him
about it and he is making choices. He also said that the birthday place we
were choosing may be too noisy and then after a few hours he said it is OK.

He understands social and practical complexities much more.
“I am in the school play and I am the prince.” He voluntarily gives a lot of

Hyperactivity is not there any more. He also thought that when I give him 25
cents it will take a long time to get to $10. He says he figured out the

The class had to write an essay, Why is my mother important to me? He
wrote, “She wants me to be the best I can be. She is proud of me.” He came
up with these ideas on his own. Other kids said, “Because she makes noodles
for me.” So I thought what he was saying was quite kind and more astute.

The only issue is spinning. Also thumb sucking at night. He is a bit stubborn
about it. He is also scratching a lot.

He also goes out of his comfort zone to do various different things.
Independence is increasing.

He is enjoying soccer. He is an easy child, so much easier than he ever was.
His teachers say he is doing extremely well in school.


Another remedy to think about is Epipremnum. I think Lycopodium
will soon need to be changed. The improvements are getting less clear
from one month to another.


09 – 22 – 14

We continue to see a very marked change in language and understanding. He
explains a lot of what he sees and explains what he is doing in school.

He is correlating things to things and people to people.

He is able to hold a conversation now. Emotionally more mature. “Oh,
mommy you look sad.” “Yes, I am” “Don’t worry, Daddy will come back.”
We thought about adjustment issues for him but the teachers have said he is
doing well.

One teacher says he uses a lot of big words in context. He often asks “How
do I say this?” He is motivated to use the right language.

He is sucking his thumb and spinning at home but not in school. He is aware
of it. Before he was almost shameless. He is very aware and tries to

It is very difficult to tell him apart from NT children.

He wants to be in second grade. We never thought he would be aware of his
grade. In the last month he has been a different person. We never thought he
would do so well. There is no drama in the morning to go to school.

Hyperactivity is gone now.

A couple of times he developed some allergies because of dust in the new
house. We dosed and he was all fine.

I changed the remedy because to me Lycopodium was coming to an end.
Quite frankly few would change the remedy because it is continuing to
act but I could hear in the parent’s voices that though they are thrilled
the trailing symptoms were simply not being affected. In my mind,
Lycopodium was not going to do it all. The good thing is if I am wrong it
will not be harmful. The next follow-up will tell if I should have waited



11 – 17 – 14

He is doing so great. His speech and understanding have gone very high.

His social skills are really good right now. He talks properly.

His teacher says he is a pleasure to be in the class. He is a leader and is
always helping his friends. He would do anything for his group.

He is at level with math but it is difficult. Additions are difficult for him as
he does not have a sense of quantity yet.

He has become a perfectionist and doing things by the book. “Sometimes the
kids tease me.” Now he understands that other kids laughed at him because
he is a little bit different.

The train obsession is still there to a certain extent. He refuses to go to Tai
Kwon Do. He does not want to learn piano. The only reason he hates going
there, is because he wants to be home.

He is not hyperactive, he does not run around for no reason. He is the most
normal now.

In the last two months we dosed every two weeks.


This looked like it was the right call. He continues to do well. He is very
well integrated in school at all levels. Terrific kid. The parents are

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