For you, Nicholas

I dedicate this blog to my son, Nicholas, who is on his way to recovery.  He is the light of my life who keeps me going; who reminds me of all of the reasons why I research the way I do without even saying a word.   Why this blog?  Why share his story at all?  Here’s why…

  • Organization:  as I am sure you know, details can get overwhelming at times – so I need this outlet for thoughts, tidbits of information I find, therapies & supplements that are working and not working, just anything I really need to have recorded somewhere.
  • Case Study:  In the past several months since we have started biomedical intervention with our son, he has made substantial improvements.  Life gets busy and I forget to record things, but I would like to have daily breakthroughs, videos, whatever.. recorded so that what we’ve done, what we’ve learned can be useful to someone else out there.
  • Sharing of Knowledge:  Knowledge is the power to make a difference.  Thank God for the internet which has given us this power.  I shudder to think where my son might be without it.  Without the generosity of others who have healed their children and still keep answering questions in newsgroups for other struggling parents, updating web pages and fighting the good fight – I would not have stumbled onto the world of biomedical intervention.  I am grateful for these “strangers” who have helped an innocent child more than they’ll ever know.   So, here I am, sharing whatever knowledge I pick up with you.  I hope it helps shed some light on your situation and bring you hope.
  • For Nicholas:  One day he might want to know where he was and how he got to be where he is.  One day, he might be a politician, a lawyer, a pharmaceutical CEO (gasp) – and he’ll need to know what happened to him and how he healed.  You never know, he could be one who has the power to change things, (which by the way, I hope are long changed by the time he’s that age.)  One day he might have children of his own – and might want to know what his mom and dad were thinking going through all of this and why we’ve made the decisions we’ve made.
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