Today has been the day from hell.

So, Nicholas got up this morning destined to not drink his juice with his morning supplements.  Nothing I tried worked.  Three hours of, “Nicholas drink your juice”, “Come on Nicholas, drink your juice already”  etc etc.  I had to take him to school, which I was not going to do because he really needs to get back on track with his vitamins, but I did because I was losing it.  Surprisingly enough, he got out of the car, said goodbye to grandpa and walked into school and to his classroom.  When he got there, I let him in and he turned around and said, “bye bye mommy”  He had a great day at school.  I brought him home, fed him lunch and tried again to get him to drink his juice to no success.  Wes came and Nicholas just wanted to watch his train video.  I finally coerced him downstairs to play with his trains and he just would not let me sneak away at all.  This is strange for him because he just loves Wes, like they’re old friends from 20 years ago.  After Wes left, we’ve tried and tried to get his supplements into him and still no success.  This is absolutely killing me.  He’s so tired, he fell and bonked his head on the table, then slept in my arms on the couch for almost 2 hours.  It’s 8:30 and he has half his morning juice yet to drink and his evening juice.  He has his evening juice now, I’m praying he’s drinking it.

Another thing I noticed with this regression – he now needs naps again in the afternoon where he had stopped napping ages ago.

I’m tired.  I need sleep and all I can think about is how late we’re going to stay up to get these into him.

*could not get theanine into him today yet — that’s doubtful that I’ll be able to get it into him before bed.

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