What am I working on now?

I have so much floating around in my head this past week, I need a place to keep my thoughts straight – here it is.  If you have something to contribute – by all means – email me at momatrecoveringnicholas.com, replace “at” with the @.

Here’s my laundry list:

I have Nicholas’s current microbiology results back.  Two kinds of strep, a staph, and two other bacteria’s I am looking up.  I am not finding much information on what these strains of bacteria actually are – but I haven’t given up quite yet.  The strep I had a feeling about – this probably points to PANDAS (pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections) –  he has a bit of OCD lately with certain things – once he gets an idea in his head – there is literally no standing in his way or you will have a non-re-directable temper-tantruming child on your hands.  Glad I know this, now I can work to get rid of it. 

I also have Nicholas’s IgG and IgE Food Antibody Assessments back so I can remove the offending foods from his diet and not just replace them with other offending foods.  My head is spinning with this, so I’m leaving this alone for a bit.  I’ll be back. — IgG’s can trigger an allergic response 3 days later.

I have to check the amount of folinic he is getting – I want to make sure I am not giving him too much.

Ever since we stopped his yeast-protocol for the microbiology test, his stomach blew up – most likely filled with yeast.  I’ve gotten it down over an inch (we measured him, his belly was 25 inches!) – but his belly isn’t going down any more – and his poop has been consistently yeasty – so what is going on here?  Perhaps I need Nystatin and really knock it out.

I put biotin on hold for a bit – I know it’s supposed to fight yeast, but I am wondering if it’s causing it here.

I’m looking into getting the Glutathione cream.  GSH is the main anti-oxidant which prevents free radical=inducded cellular damage from oxidative stress and maintains mitochondrial integrity.  (I’d get the caps, but I hear that they can cause irritability or hyper – yeah, no thanks, we’ve got enough of that here)

I’m looking into P5P – pyridoxyl-5-phosphate (B6)

B-1 – Thiamine – supplementing this is a useful adjunct to chelating agents in removal of lead and other metals — keeping this one on the back burner until we’re ready to chelate.

K – protects cell membranes from oxidative stress damage, prevents cell death associated with glutamate toxicity and glutathione depletion in neurons, decreases inflammation, also for oxalates

I’ve gotten the impression that I should not be giving Nicholas a calcium supplement – need to do more research on this one.

I need to check on selenium – as his selenium status wil need to be monitored because of potential toxicity at high levels.  (Upper limit on this supplement is 400-450mcg per day for an adult)

N-Acetyl cysteine replensihes GSH stores and is shown to chelate mercury, cadmium, boron, arsenic

oxytocin nasal spray helps to improve socialization and decrease fearful responses – have to do more research here.

I have to check into pecanbread site for the raw milk yogurt which will remove the casein.

Broccoli sprouts were mentioned at the recent DAN! conference – need to look into that more.

Look into VSL3 probiotics

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