I love you Mommy!

Nicholas came home today all smiles as he got off the school bus. Handed me his backpack as we walked across the lawn and into the house. Right to the kitchen, to the freezer for his chicken nuggets. 🙂 So cute.
As he is eating them, he runs out of ketchup – “more ketchie please mommy”
“you have ketchup on your plate nicholas – use that first”
“I love you mommy” “more ketchie please”
Not only was that the 2nd time I heard I love you in 2 days (and only the 3rd time ever) – but he was using it to get what he wanted. Brilliant!

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3 Responses to “I love you Mommy!”

  1. Mimoza says:

    That’s so great! He is already getting the benefits of smart talking.
    By the way what kind of nuggets do you use, that he loves them so much? My son is so picky and I am having very hard times feeding him. Thanks,

  2. Mom says:

    I just love it – just love it!

    At the moment, Nicholas is not on a special diet, I’m waiting for some ingredients to arrive so I can make some SCD nuggets, but the one’s he just loves are Dino Nuggets which I buy at Costco.
    Hope this helps!

  3. Mimoza says:

    Thanks. We will give it a try, even though my son is in GFCF diet. If he will like them, then we will take off the G part from his diet. Thanks again,

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