Jett Travolta, son of John Travolta & Kelly Preston, dies at 16

It’s often been rumoured that John Travolta’s son, Jett, had autism. The family has always denied this stating their son had Kawasaki syndrome. Today, he had a seizure while in the bathtub which caused him to fall and fatally hit his head. My heart goes out to this family, I just cannot even bear to put myself in their position. I am so sorry for thier loss.

John Travolta’s 16-Year-Old Son Dies

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3 Responses to “Jett Travolta, son of John Travolta & Kelly Preston, dies at 16”

  1. debinIL says:

    seizures. my half-sister has unexplained seizures and colitis. my niece had OCD after PANDAS 20+ years ago. my 2 nephews have ADD or ADHD. it’s all related. other familiar issues: diabetes, colon cancer, candidas. all related.

    my heart goes out, too.

  2. Mom says:

    It’s amazing how clearly we can see how this all fits together now, isn’t it?

  3. debinIL says:

    cnn reports this morning- john told larry king 14 years ago of how Jett reacted to chemicals, they always had to have a clean space for him (when he was two) and they detoxed him back to health. interesting. of course, this will make him sound nutty to those who aren’t affected.

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