Started L-Carnosine

I started Nicholas on L-Carnosine today. I made sure I gave zinc and Vitamin E along with it. We’ll see if we see any good come from this one…..

This is the one I bought:
Now Brand L-Carnosine 500mg Vcaps
(Love – if you’ve never ordered from them before, TUM744 gives you $5 off your first order.)

Added October 23, 2009 – saw a nice boost in language with L-Carnosine. We’re going to keep it on board and see if the gains continue.

Update January 27, 2010 – this really did provide us with a nice boost in language. One that did not fade after we stopped giving it. I eliminated it from his daily regiment and waited a while, added it back and got an additional boost. I removed it a couple of weeks ago, once again with no loss in language. Perhaps we’ll revisit it again in the future.

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  1. Summer says:

    I started Ethan on L-Carnosine too, but haven’t seen the immediate effects that some have. What are you seeing? After reading about potential hyperactivity, I started low at 200mg 2x per day. Maybe I should go ahead and bump up to the “study” dose of 400 mg 2x per day.

  2. Mom says:

    I’m not seeing anything major that makes me go wow in the language department. We’re doing 500mg 2x a day. Have to look into how long I should give this a try before dropping it if nothing happens, any idea?? I cannot remember for the life of me!

  3. Summer says:

    The study lasted 8 weeks, so maybe it’s worth giving it that long? I read on that several saw immediate improvements, within the first couple of days. I’m going to double the dose to the study amount and see if that helps, since we’re not having any hyperactivity at our current dose. Thanks!

  4. Summer says:

    Well, we are now seeing some language gains, even his pre-K teacher mentioned it yesterday! More spontaneous, more complex, more responsive. He’s been on the L-Carnosine (200mg 2x per day) for almost a week now. In addition, a few days ago I added an extra 50 mg of P-5-P which puts him to 75 mg daily. He really needed an energy boost, he drags quite a bit. So, is the language change due to the L-Carnosine or the P-5-P? Guess I’ll never know, but not willing to drop either one just yet!!

  5. alicia says:

    We also started carosine and noticed improvement in language right away. I’m wondering if that means he is having unnoticed seizures. Have your guys been checked for seizures? Also, have you noticed it depleting zinc at all? On Dana’s list from autismweb she said it depleted her son’s zinc. So I’m concerened about that.

    Also, Summer you said your son is dragging a bit. Do you think it’s from the carosine? I’m doing many similar supplements as you and Michelle, and I’m trying to figure out why my son is dragging so much lately. Thanks.

  6. Summer says:

    Alicia, sorry I’m just now getting back here and seeing that you asked me a question! We have never checked Ethan for absence seizures. Are you saying that L-Carnosine can stave those off, and that’s what’s giving the language a boost? I hadn’t heard that. He was dragging before I added the L-Carnosine — had just started back to pre-K, so I think he was just exhausted 😉 I’m still giving the extra B-6, but may start backing off to see if he can hold his own without it, now that he’s been back on his school schedule for awhile. Still loving the language gains from L-Carnosine! Now I’m searching (again) for a multivitamin/mineral in hopes of saving some money (currently on Brainchild). Our prescriptions go thru Medco, and I don’t think they cover anything that’s a dietary supplement, even if it’s prescribed (i.e. Lee Silsby ASD), and without that coverage, Lee Silsby is as expensive as Brainchild. VitaSpectrum is inexpensive, but I haven’t run across a sample size being available to order. We’ve been on Brainchild for about 2.5 years now — believe it or not, he drinks it straight with all other supps mixed in!

  7. Mom says:

    I dont think L-Carnosine is depleting zinc at all. I took Nicholas off all the extra zinc he was getting and have not noticed any adverse effects. I never heard of carnosine being associated with seizures. We have noticed a nice language boost from it, so we’re keeping it on board.

  8. Mom says:

    Summer – if you have ordered from Klaire in the past, I do believe they will send you a sample if you ask. If not, let me know – I have some here I can send you.
    What do you do if you have to have something right away and can’t wait for medco to ship it to you?

  9. Summer says:

    Sorry, I didn’t say that quite right — I just mean that Medco pays our prescriptions, but they aren’t shipping any of them. I emailed the NDC# for Lee Silsby’s formula, but as Medco didn’t cover Enhansa, I’d be shocked if they cover the multi. Is Nicholas still on Klaire’s formula or did you switch to Lee Silsby? I have never ordered from Klaire before. Would love a sample, if you don’t mind!! Is it very different from Lee Silsby’s as far as dose size, powder texture, etc…? Need to finish our SSIII before switching (about 1/2 bottle left), so no rush 🙂 It really would feel strange to be on anything other than Brainchild… it’s all we’ve known!! DAN is practically begging us to try MB-12 injections again, not looking forward to that (at all).

  10. Mom says:

    Ahhh gotcha. I knew medco did mail order, never realized they did the other either. Nicholas is on Lee Silsby’s Ultra Pure ASD formula. Going from the cost of brainchild to a $15 copay made me do a happy dance. Sure, I can send some over – I am sure I have some here still. Remind me and I’ll check the package on dose size. I remember I got it to dissolve in juice with no problem.
    mb12 has always been good here. although I’d like to do the COMT test to see if it should be hydroxy instead of methyl.

  11. Summer says:

    We tried the shots for several weeks when he was about 3.5 years old — started off OK, but midway thru he started freaking out about it. Tried during the night, but he’d feel me pulling down the PJ’s and freak out before I could even give it. Nightmare. But, it’s tough to ignore just about every test we run stresses the need for additional B12, and he says the nasal & oral don’t even show up on the radar in comparison to the injections. Told him I’d try again, but waiting until the Brainchild runs out since it has the TMG in it. How is the COMT test run? Blood? Urine?

  12. Summer says:

    Wow, Medco just responded back via e-mail that based on the NDC# I provided (which is all I provided), they do cover Lee Silsby’s ASD formula!! I’m going to call them on Monday to verify again. Can’t believe I just got good news on the insurance front… haven’t had much of that lately!!

  13. Mom says:

    We couldn’t do the night thing with the shots either. The first couple of nights was fine, then he would be on “butt guard” – so I started cutting a panel into his diapers (at the time) and he knew there was a hole there. He could be in a dead sleep – if he heard a sound in his room, his hand would swing around automatically to cover his butt.
    So, I started doing it on the sneak – he was a climber way back when, so if he was up on something, I gave it to him. I still have to do it via sneak attack, but most of the time, I can end up winning – but EVERY single time I have a shot in my hands, this child knows!
    COMT is blood. Catechol O-methyltransferace
    That is awesome about medco!!

  14. lizsalas1975 says:

    Hi, I just bought the L Carnosine 500 mg Vcaps on but while I was purchasing them it said they contained a toxic chemical known to cause cancer. For how long did you give it your son? And did you mix the powder in juice?

    Thank You!

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