Update on Nicholas… The Introduction of Classical Homeopathy

Parents: I just wanted to add this note to my update as it has come to my attention that there are homeopaths out there using Nicholas’s progress to either bring in business for themselves and/or discredit the biomedical interventions that have recovered/are recovering many children from autism. First, biomedical intervention has recovered MANY children from autism. Nicholas’s progress was consistent and every day, we were seeing more and more of our son emerge. Second, proper nutrition and supplementation is important for EVERYONE. There are many homeopaths that do not believe in these things and would have you discontinue these before starting with them. We were not required to discontinue anything – it was only after seeing positive results did we start removing supplements. Third, homeopathy is only as good as the homeopath. Choosing a “nice” homeopath is all well and good, but nice isn’t the trait needed to recover your child. Pulling out the phone book to pick a homeopath to find someone near you is unnecessary. Many work via skype (ours included) so you never have to leave your home. I would suggest finding a homeopath who has actually recovered children from autism – and then talk to those parents. In speaking with friends (yes, REAL friends), the homeopath that I have been consulting with recovered their children from autism and their stories were so compelling, I made an appointment to consult with him. Here’s what happened since….

Over the past couple of months, we have taken a break from chelating to give classical homeopathy a try. The progress we have seen in this short time span has been like nothing I would have ever expected. I had hopes, of course, but like all things we’ve done I tend to try to keep my expectations to a minimum as it is so much easier to recover from disappointment that way. Anyway, Nicholas is doing very well and we could not be happier with his progress and the decision to try classical homeopathy.

Nicholas’s remedy was picked specifically for him by our classical homeopath. This is not like biomed, not at all. Homeopathic remedies are tiny little round sugar pellets which dissolve in water leaving the energy of a particular substance behind. With classical homeopathy, our homeopath interviewed me and during the process was able to pinpoint Nicholas’s constitutional remedy. The constitutional remedy (in contrast to the acute remedies you would buy to treat a particular symptom) has the ability to take care of all of the symptoms and bring the person back to their healthiest state. (Classical is very different from sequential homeopathy) Both Nicholas and I are using one constitutional remedy – and both of us have seen tremendous progress.

The very first thing we noticed was his (non-prompted) attempts at trying new foods. Several times during the first week, he ate foods he either did not like prior or would have never touched with a 10 foot pole. If anything had even a touch of chocolate, he would spit it out and tell me it was disgusting. One night while I was eating a little oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, he grabbed one to eat. I was fully expecting him to spit it out – but he ate several. He usually does not like anything chocolate – and I don’t have any recollection of him ever liking oatmeal cookies. On another occasion, instead of picking his usual – vanilla ice cream, he asked for Mommy’s chocolate ice cream and he enjoyed every single spoonful. And on another occasion, some family brought over knockwurst to make for lunch. There was just enough for everyone except Nicholas as this is something he would never eat anyway. Well, he left two of us without a lunch. He ate two of the fat knockwursts much to our shock. And if there had been more, he would have had a third. He has recently done the same with other foods as well, so I’m quite happy about this.

Now, that I’ve mentioned the food, let’s talk about the poop. To keep Nicholas going, it would involve Magnesium, Epsom Salt Baths, Occasional Oxypowder and George’s Always Active Aloe Juice. Well, I have had to eliminate ALL of it – and he is still pooping. It’s like his system is cleaning itself out. We have NEVER seen so much poop come out of this child at one time – it is unbelievable. His stomach has decreased dramatically as a result.
Let’s talk yeast. It’s GONE. Nicholas has been on diflucan for two years. Anytime I would stop it, I would lose him to the yeast. In addition to the diflucan, he was on several capsules of culturelle, 2 – 4 capsules of klaire’s probiotics, 3 gelcaps of coconut oil, 4 capsules of candidase, 4 capsules of interfase, etc. 120 mg of Diflucan – eliminated. Klaire’s detox probiotics – eliminated. This is what I give him now…. 1 gelpcap of coconut oil, 1 culturelle, 2 interfase and 2 candidase. (Next to be eliminated is interfase)

Let’s talk allergies. Seasonal allergies. They were brutal this year. Claritin quit. Quercetin didn’t help. Zyrtec didn’t work, etc etc. Nicholas’s eyes were awful. The white part of his eyeball was so swollen that it protruded past the color parts of his eyes. It looked like the white was a fluffy cloud – very distorted. This has happened in the past and benedryl would save the day. Benedryl worked. Then it stopped working and we were back to the crazy distorted eye. I contacted our homeopath and was told to try an acute remedy, Euphrasia for his eyes. In less than an hour, his eye was back to normal. (I don’t know how long it actually took, because my husband took him to karate and by the time he got back, he was back to normal.) He also suggested alium cepa for his allergies. Both given in combination have helped get him through when his allergies were at it’s worst. In a matter of time, he was his old, happy, chipper self again. Clear headed, amazing speech, amazing clarity.

Let’s talk about his supplements – this, perhaps, may be the most impressive. Nicholas’s supplement list is also greatly reduced. He is on a fraction of the dosages of many supplements that he was on. I have discontinued his Armour Thyroid. Digestive enzymes have also been dropped. Many have been completely discontinued with no change in his level of functioning or speech – which is huge!

His physical abilities continue to amaze us! He now LOVES to jump on his trampoline and does not need to be prompted to do so. He’s jumping higher and farther than he ever has. He loves to run around in circles in it and then fall down. He actually asks for friends to come over specifically to go in the trampoline and they take turns jumping over each other. He has asked to have friends over in the past – but this was specifically to do something with him – and that was different. Also, when the friend came over, Nicholas was annoyed that he was not playing “with” him. He’s having a blast jumping on his trampoline which is just wonderful – last year, it was like pulling teeth to get him on it. Between the karate, the PT at school and the homeopathy, he now can move much better than ever before.
He can now squat and jump like a frog and also do a backwards crab-like walk. He can kick over an object 2 feet high which is above his waist! All moves he could not do not long ago.

His gym teacher has commented about how far he has come since September. He immediately joins the class and watches the teacher and other kids and follows along well. He loves to participate and is not lazy at all.

His PT said that he was someone she dreaded working with and now he is her favorite!

School has reported that his social skills are coming along nicely. He wants to be a part of his class and join in with what they are doing. When he sees classmates sitting alone, he moves his chair to join them. When a classmate gets in trouble, he almost always intervenes to soothe the classmate and to help the situation. His drawing skills are improving nicely. He is now working on beginning subtraction in school and has received positive reports on his subtraction skills. He is anxious to answer questions and can often answer questions his classmates cannot. The number of words he can read has just about doubled. He is now sitting for longer periods of time with no prompting. He’s engaged to what’s going on in his classroom and what’s going on around him.
His speech – it’s like another explosion!! The length of his sentences has jumped tremendously. When we used to hear things like, “I’m Sorry” – now we hear, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. It was an accident/mistake”

When he asks to “go somewhere” now – it’s more than “I want to go somewhere” – it’s “I want to go to the park with the lake and bridge.” Or “I want to go to that restaurant with the….” And he describes the restaurant. He now asks if friends (by name) can come with us.
The questions…. OMG the detailed questions. I thought this day would never come. “Mommy, what’s that?” – “It’s a grill” – “What does it do?” “It cooks food” “but how?” “You put charcoal in there, light it on fire. Put the food on top and cook it?” “But what are the holes on the bottom for?” The line of questioning that goes on blows my mind. And if you quiz him on something you said later on, he knows and answers correctly.
He and I have had several deep bonding moments where we just laughed and laughed – on a much different level than ever before. He gets when things are funny like never before.

He’s been referencing days of the week and knows what day it is. He got it when I told him we were going somewhere on Thursday and Friday and that he had to wait a few days more since it was Sunday.

He is moving out of his special needs karate class and has blended quite well into the new class.

While getting his last hair cut, he allowed the girl to use the buzzer and did not flinch or anything (he HATED that.) He wore the cape. (also HATED that) and he sat the whole time and never got up once.

He points out any bad words that he hears. (Yeah, this has gotten old – quick!)

He gets mad at playdates if the kids go off and do their own thing. Aren’t they here to play “WITH ME”?

The eye contact from him is phenomenal. When I think it can’t possibly get any better, it does. It’s like now – there is a deeper connection and he is looking into our eyes to actually see us.

When he has gotten mad at his father, I hear him exclaim, “I’m going to get my mommy” and he comes running for me to back him up.

Shortly after starting homeopathy, we were at Nicholas’s grandparents’ house. Nicholas had just earned a new train by completing a sticker chart for getting himself fully dressed. On that box, he saw another train he wanted. Well, we’re at their house and he tells his grandmother that he wants her to come home with us so he can show her something on the computer. She takes him to her computer and has him show her there. He wanted to show her on HIS computer, so she came back home with us. He lured her to our house to show her the picture of the train that was on the box that was on the desk next to his computer. Clever. He came up with a plan and executed it beautifully under the guise of something else.

I know I am forgetting things, I hope they hit me because I would like to record them. But the past couple of months of doing homeopathy have been nothing short of a miracle. At this time, we are holding off with chelation. I am not saying we are completely finished doing so, but for right now, we’ve put it on the shelf and will revisit it at another time if need be. Chelation brought our son so far and I cannot advocate enough for trying it to see if it makes a difference in a child who is heavy metal toxic, like my son. However, we never saw gains like this so quickly with any protocol or supplement we have ever tried.

I have also been using homeopathy and have been seeing amazing results. – I am in a bit of shock over how I have started to feel. I feel like I no longer have a blockage in my mind which has been keeping me from finishing projects and doing things I want to do for me. I suddenly have my motivation to do things back. I am no longer procrastinating like I was – and boy did I ever procrastinate! I have not had a stress-type meltdown over an issue that would have easily pushed me over the edge a month ago. I don’t feel as stressed about anything – I feel like I am getting the go-with-the-flow type of attitude I used to have back – whereas, I’m not as rigid as I had become. I’m laughing a lot more than I was and not getting offended at people making fun of me. I realized this past weekend that my sense of humor was actually coming back. I suddenly feel motivated to exercise and drop this autism weight I’ve gained from all of the stress-eating I’ve done. All characteristics of the person I “used” to be, the good-hearted, fun to be with person that I used to be and thought was truly gone forever.
Also – and this is HUGE – After Nicholas was born, I had my gallbladder removed. After this time, I started experiencing stomach aches with a lot of different foods which would send me to the bathroom with a stomach ache, either during or right after the meal – which was always quickly relieved once I went to the bathroom. This is no longer happening.

Thank you, Pierre Fontaine!
Phone: 212.334.7360

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5 Responses to “Update on Nicholas… The Introduction of Classical Homeopathy”

  1. pmgeorgic says:

    It is nice to see this site up. I am glad that others are attempting homeopathy and see the extensive benefit from its application.

    I to am a homeopath who uses 6th Edition Organon and more… I cured my own son of autism years ago. He is now a husband and father and owning his own home and doing well at his manager position at an organic and local outlet for wholesome, healthy foods.

    I am certainly wish the best for Nicholas and his family. May I encourage Nicholas’ parents to persue homeopathy completely to be able to change their lives wholely and fully to extract the allopathic from their lives and learn highly extensive means that homepathy can do for all of your lives.

    Congratulations, Pierre, for you fine work with Nicholas and the gracious gift of homeopathy that you are sharing with you clients.

    My best to you always,

    Phyllis Georgic, C.Hom

  2. Gemmanerys says:

    Just curious as to what Remedy you are using. I tried Classical Homeopathy with my two boys late last year for about two months and didn’t see much in the way of results, or so I thought at the time. I do think we saw more than I realized at the time. I’ve still got the remedies in the cabinet and you’ve inspired me to get them back out again.

    I’ve also spoken with several DAN docs who have seen great results with classical homeopathy, but only after their patients had undergone a year or so of supplements. One Dr. theorized that you have to get the systems and body chemistry back to some sort of “normalcy” before the body has a chance of healing itself.

    I’m curious to see what you think. Glad to hear you are all doing so well. Blessings.

  3. Mom says:

    Thanks for your message!!

    I’m sorry, I can’t post what remedy we are using because it is Nicholas’s constitutional remedy which is unique to him. It is not a remedy based on symptoms, so the odds of it helping another asd child are slim to none. I answered a few parents on this question and they bought it immediately – as you know, it’s not a supplement, and many don’t understand this and think that if one remedy works for my son, it will work for their child.

    I would totally pull them out and try them again and see if anything happens – what do you have to lose?

    I don’t agree with the DANs. Homeopathy doesn’t work based on “preparation” done to the body first. I think many classical homeopaths would laugh at such a statement. If I had listened to the “you must heal the gut before chelating” line they try to get you to believe, my son would not be where he is today either.

    Good Luck giving homeopathy another shot! I hope you see great things!!

  4. Nix says:

    Thank you for your website.
    While I don’t know you, your research-ethic mirrors my own and appears very well-vetted and smart. Thanks to your due-diligence, I feel like I travel light years on your page, gathering up more info than I could possibly acquire in the same amount of time. I was moved by an older article you posted with the green and blue supplement containers for Nicolas’ multiple daily supplement regimen. That image and description just filled me with the sense of LOVE you have for your son. The dedication and devotion you have shown toward his recovery is AMAZING. I am so happy for the success you and your family are finally able to enjoy now with the incorporation of homeopathy. I can identify with the freeing, light-hearted sense of relief you express at this progress. The weight that has been lifted is palpable!

    And again, today, you just blew my mind in your opposing position above regarding “you must heal the gut before…”! This week, I had honestly just determined from my endless vetting and research that the answers for my own personal wellness were all about gut health, probiotics, cfu’s, absorption, digestive enzymes, dgl, etc.! Meanwhile, I also decided to try my hand at some homeopathic remedies and cell salts this week and have been having one of the best “weeks,” feeling more like myself, in possibly years.
    Sooo interesting…I was prompted to comment! And I am off to seriously immerse myself in the homeopathy that I have been so curious about, but intimidated by, and dabbled with, but really need to pursue that curiosity and see what’s in store. Thank you for all the great quests you’ve sent me on! 🙂
    And please continue the dialogue!
    It has been so helpful!

  5. Mom says:

    Thank you Nix! I am so touched by your message!!
    It’s true, if I had believed that line, he wouldn’t be where he is.
    Definitely research homeopathy – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!!
    I wish nothing but the best for you and your child!!

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