Homeopathy Recovery Story: Autism & PANDAS

Thank you, Mary, for detailing this amazing story of recovery. This child is completely recovered from autism. He no longer requires any diet nor any supplements. This was one of the stories which led me to Pierre Fontaine. Mary, there is no way I could ever thank you enough.

I told the story of my son’s dramatic “awakening” with a special diet at this year’s World Autism Awareness Day in NY City Hall.
(see: http://www.ageofautism.com/2010/04/on-autism-and-hope-nine-days-into-the-special-diet-i-heard-a-voice-behind-me-say-.html )
In the 5 minutes allotted to me I was not able to elaborate on how classical homeopathy brought rapid and incredible healing to my son far beyond what we saw from the diet. At age 9 he was in an autism program, and although he was verbal, his behaviors were growing worse and worse. We were seeing such tremendous aggression and wild running, hitting escapades that we could no longer take my son anywhere in public. We lived in fear that he would be taken away or institutionalized. A fear that was based in daily reality. I was constantly putting out fires. Everyone was telling me that at this age, as the hormones kick in, they have to be medicated or it will only get worse. I had tried so much with biomed that I felt I didn’t have too many other options.

I had tried classical homeopathy after reading Amy Lansky’s book, “The Impossible Cure” when Luis was 4. The homeopath I went to was not familiar with working with autism. She berated me for doing biomed and for putting my child on a special diet. She gave me remedies that did nothing. I left feeling that I had been “had.”

I put homeopathy on the back burner and pursued various forms of detoxification, supplements, etc. We saw positive results from many, but we also saw terrible regressions. And the expense was incredible.

I saw a post on a yahoo group in which Erica McPhee
(see: http://www.recoveredfromautism.com/ )
talked about how she recovered her son from autism through classical homeopathy, and it once again caught my interest. If I could only find the right homeopath who understands how to deal with autism, I thought. I, once again, looked for classical homeopaths in the NY area. This time, I found a recommendation on Amy Lansky’s site: www.impossiblecure.com
for Pierre Fontaine. He interviewed me for 2 and 1/2 hours and seemed to only want to focus on my pregnancy. He did not seem interested in all the work I had done with biomed. I didn’t expect much. He prescribed a remedy. With the first dose I saw nothing. I thought I had been “had” once more.

With the second dose, my son, who had begun wetting the bed EVERY night 3 mos. before and waking up EVERY morning screaming and kicking the wall over his bed and requiring 1/2 hour to calm him down… my son who came home from school in the afternoon and threw himself on the floor and kicked and screamed for 1/2 hour to 45 mins. every day… woke up with a dry bed, smiling, telling me “Good morning!” Every day for the next 6 mos. and beyond was one amazing shock after another. His speech teacher said he went from a minimum of 30 prompts per 1/2 hour to none needed between January and April. I was moving and looked for other schools for autism like the one he was in. By July, I knew he no longer fit in an autism program. I agreed to have him placed in a learning disabled class. By September he was so improved he did not fit there. I had him placed in a CTT class for the 4th grade (grade level, co-taught by special ed and gen ed teachers, with mixed gen ed and sp ed students). It seemed like a good way to transition into general ed.

He was like the boy who dropped from another planet. Imagine a child who has not been participating in competitive sports, regular gym classes, cafeteria lunch room, regular academic demands suddenly being thrust into that environment. It was all so new. Every day was a huge learning curve. The first time in gym, “Mom, those boys were all so mean in gym class. Every time I got the ball, they all would try to take it away from me.”

It brought me to tears the day I went in to see the Science Fair, and a little boy whose project I was looking at (who ended up winning the prize) asked me if I was Luis’s mom. He then told me that Luis was his best friend and why–because Luis is such a buddy who was always there for him. (All his previous “friends” were Mommy-arranged scenarios that did not involve much child interaction or engagement.)

In two years Luis went from needing PT and requiring a teen aide to guide him to first base at non-competitive Challenger Little League, to being on his school’s competitive basketball team and on the all-too competitive real Little League. He amazes me every day.

We have seen NO autistic regression since starting his constitutional remedy. We did have some bouts with PANDAS (which he had since he was 5), but those resolved with an acute remedy prescribed by Pierre. Again, amazing.

I am still so amazed at my son’s progress, that I want to share through this group and learn homeopathy myself.

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4 Responses to “Homeopathy Recovery Story: Autism & PANDAS”

  1. dmuiter says:

    Hi 🙂 I am reading your blog with so much interest- thank you for sharing. I would love your opinion on whether or not you feel doing some AC chelation for a child who meets counting rules would be helpful either prior or during homeopathy. We r 2 yrs into biomed for high functioning PDD son & was about to start AC chelation when I started hearing about P Fontaine & classical homeopathy. Ive made an appt for Jan 2011, but could start AC chelation while waiting for appt. WHat is your opinion? thank you! denise

  2. Mom says:

    HI Denise!
    I would go for it since you have some time. Once you do start the remedy, I would take a break so you can be absolutely sure what is working.

  3. BeMoreOfYourself says:

    I find this very interesting that Pierre seemed to only want to focus on the pregancy. I have always thought in my case, it somehow stemmed from my severe emotional state of mind at the time of the pregancy with my child.(most people, i would mention it to, would just say ‘Oh, dont be so hard on yourself).Anyhow, I have an appointment with him in a few short months via skype.
    Thanks for sharing your experience!!

  4. Mom says:

    Karen – everyone’s consult is different. Definitely mention this to him though. Hope you have great success with homeopathy!!

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