Recovery Story in the making: Pierre Fontaine & Cutler Chelation

I’ve had some requests to give an update on our recovery efforts with AC chelation and homeopathy with Pierre Fontaine. Here’s our story so far.

My almost 7 year old is DX’d with autism although he is more Asperger’s like. My 5 year old is almost NT. I have bad bad chronic fatigue.

Let’s talk AC chelation first. We started in May. We, all three, were very toxic. My two boys weigh 65 & 60 pounds respectively. I started them on 6mg ALA and DMSA. Even with this small dosage it was very very rough. Horrible regressions. Both were asked to leave summer day camp and my almost NT was also asked to leave his summer preschool enrichment program. Their behavior was wild, feral. Uncontrollable. It was also hard on me too. The fatigue and brain fog were debilitating. Thank God I have a couch in my kitchen. I get up. Make breakfast. Lay down. Refill their coconut milk. Lay down. You get the idea. We had a tough summer.

I stuck with the chelation, though, because I knew that their horrible behavior and my fatigue and brain fog meant that we were in great need of detoxification. It also validated what I already knew via our hair tests….that we were mercury and lead toxic.

At some point during this difficult time I read RecoveringNicholas’ story about her experience with Pierre. Just for grins I made an appointment and bought the Lansky book and Pierre’s book too. I thought it was all kind of nutty but harmless…and I was willing to try it. I was (and still am to some degree) of the typical logical biomed mindset. Biomed (and AC Chelation) makes sense to me. It is easy to understand. It is logical. So homeopathy in itself was a big stretch for me to grasp hold of and get on board with…. logically. I made the mistake of reading Pierre’s book first. Although now I think I get most of what he tries to communicate about homeopathy in his book……now after using homeopathy for 3 months….however, when I was reading it I was thinking….man this guy is really cuckoo. Then I read Lansky’s book. It helped a little. By that I mean it helps tie a logical thought pattern to the underlying ‘science’ behind homeopathy. But since I am not the kind of person that believes everything she reads….I was still skeptical. Nevertheless I had the appt with Pierre scheduled and so I was committed mentally to give it a try.

My first consult with Pierre was in mid July. I did the consult for my 7 year old autistic son. Pierre thankfully discovered that my son’s remedy would also be my remedy. It didn’t take more than a week before I was a homeopathy believer. The first thing I noticed was that the regression he was going through since starting AC chelation was gone. Overnight. And he no longer has side effects. We have been able to ramp him up quickly from the 6mg that was previously debilitating to him….to 25mg….all without any side effects whatsoever.

With homeopathy my son was instantly more aware of everything around him. Noticing things that had always been around…but he had never ‘seen’. Asking questions about things that weren’t his preferred topic. Attending to tasks much much better…he can actually sit down and do his homework. (Did I mention he is ADD too?) Less anger, arguing, irritability. Irrational fears gone. He is actually pretend playing with his brother. He took his backpack to the car without me asking him to (I had never ever asked him to do it before…so he was anticipating the need of it being done all by himself). Improved eye contact. He deals better with frustration….specifically his pesky little brother. He will now occasionally ask, “mom, what did you do today while I was at school.” Wow. We haven’t completely given up on ‘the diet’ yet…but when he eats gluten or casein….really nothing happens anymore. We still have a ways to go….but the progress is nothing short of amazing.

Don’t’ get me wrong. Homeopathy is not all smooth sailing. I have the privilege of talking to a few dozen other moms who are using homeopathy with Pierre to recover their children. There is a definite healing pattern…OK it’s more like a roller coaster ride that lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks in the beginning. The body is detoxing. It is going to happen. I have very informally concluded that those children who have gone through some sort of detoxification before going to homeopathy (IE Chelation or other)….that these children have a somewhat easier time during the rollercoaster ride. But it is still not smooth sailing. And there are exceptions to this rule, of course. For us the roller coaster ride was increased hyperactivity, irrationality, tantrums (our boy never tantrumed much before this), loud, excessive talking. Other moms have reported fevers, night wakings, diarehea, vomiting, etc. It is all part of the healing process. (See link…specifically the article “Understanding The Healing Crisis” by ?Ginger Chalford, Ph.D … lingcrisis)

But even during the rollercoaster ride…there was definitely more awareness and other subtle improvements. I’ve seen people ask “what are your big wow’s with homeopathy”. Well I don’t have any big wows. I just have a TON of small subtle changes that all add up to a big wow. We are not done, recovered yet. But there are days now where he is so “on” that I can see that someday he will get there.

I want to share my own experience with AC chelation and homeopathy. As I said earlier chelation was hard on my brain and body. Intense, intense brain fog and fatigue…while on very little doses of DMSA. (I followed the 3 month rule b/c I had an amalgam filling removed) The first few days after I took the remedy were tough for me. I was having my own healing crisis…and for me it was really bad irritability for 4 days. Then for 8 days after that I had the most intense brain fog ever. On the eighth day…the brain fog was impossibly intense…I remember sitting in church and I looked up at my husband and said something like “I don’t understand a word he’s saying (the preacher) and I couldn’t pay attention right now if you paid me a million dollars”. It was like I could ‘feel’ the brain matter (in 3D) within my skull. I was something I have never experienced before and have not since. I went to sleep that night and in the morning it was gone. No more brain fog. Haven’t had brain fog since. None. Zilch. Nada. I think I was taking 15mg DMSA at the time. I’ve since added ALA and have increased the dosages on both to 100 mg. (yes, every 3 hours). I have NO SIDE EFFECTS. You AC chelation people (those who are well-read on AC chelation) know what that means. YES I believe the mercury is GONE from my brain. I think it is also almost all gone from my other organs too. I have halved my thyroid meds since beginning homeopathy. (Actually in the first two weeks) I have reduced my cortisol supplementation by two-thirds since beginning homeopathy. (this took a bit longer to do.) I am by no means ‘healed’…but I am getting there. I have much more energy. There are actually days where I don’t lay down at all until bedtime. Anyone with bad CFS knows that is significant.

I’m glad I didn’t wait until I understood homeopathy before I tried it. I’m glad I didn’t wait for it to make sense to me. I’ve read the Lansky book…and I still don’t completely understand how it heals and YES removes metals. I really just DON’T CARE how it works. I just know that it is SAFE and I KNOW IT IS WORKING. Thank God I didn’t wait…or I’d still be laying down on my couch in the kitchen between servings of mashed potatoes.

And it’s not just working for my family. Like I said I have the privilege of talking to many other moms whose kids are less functional than my own. Other moms are saying that their kids only had one or two words…then within weeks have a dozen or more. It is not just the high functioning kids that benefit from it. It is not just those kids who have been doing chelation for years that see improvements. Kids of all backgrounds, ages, all levels of functioning are getting better. Homeopathy is not a magic pill. It doesn’t cure overnight. There are difficult times….but the improvements are totally worth it. And the improvements last….unlike so many biomed WOWs we experienced that faded away.

We are still doing AC chelation…but I am becoming more and more convinced that it is not necessary. I am planning on doing hair tests in March or April of next year. I believe that will tell me an interesting story.

For anyone who is still reading and is interested in my almost NT son. He is NT in almost every way. However, I’ve done enough research to know that he has gut issues. He is excessively strong willed, intensely uncooperative and has ADD. At the same time he is also incredibly charming and sweet. He has been on his own remedy for a month so he is still in the ‘roller coaster’ phase. In general he tolerates the chelation much better now. No more side effects. And I mean none. During his ‘up’ days on the roller coaster ride the remedy is helping him be more cooperative and less likely to antagonize his brother. His teacher has told me that he is finally sitting and doing the ‘work’ in his Montessori preschool class…and actually wanting to learn. Up until this point he had been resistant to doing really anything that was not ‘his idea’. On his good days he is peaceful and compliant. It is nothing short of amazing.

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4 Responses to “Recovery Story in the making: Pierre Fontaine & Cutler Chelation”

  1. ashima23 says:

    Hello Michelle,
    I have an appointment with Pierre in Jan ,2011.(since he is so highly booked)
    I was also considering AC Chelation protocol.Since you have experience with both.I wanted your suggestion.Should I wait until Jan,and start homeopathy first or can I start AC protocol now,before starting homeo.and Can I do both together.


  2. Mom says:

    Hi Ashi,
    I think since you have 3 months, that you should give it a shot and see how you do. If it doesn’t work out for you, then at least you tried. I would, however, take a break from chelating once you start your remedy so you know beyond a doubt what it is that is working for your child.
    Email me after your appt with Pierre – I have a support group you can join with others who are also using Pierre. It’s been a godsend for everyone.

  3. smom says:

    I am starting my son(4 year,10 month old) on ac chelation this week.He has already started receiving his vitamins/minerals in divided doses as suggested.He has always been on liposomal glutathione(for past 11 months) and in fact was foggy brained when i once ran out if it.As I have started this week with divided doses of vitmains(as cutler suggests to do it a few days before actual chelation),I already notice my son pooping a lot(well formed mostly),along with a bit of hyper behavior which makes me believe that his body is already chelating.I think this is due to glutathione and dont know if this supplementation with glutathione should continue.Please advice.
    Very grateful,

  4. Mom says:

    Hi smom,
    I chelated my son for two years following Andy Cutler’s protocol. It may have contributed to his recovery, but it wasn’t what ultimately recovered him as I initially thought it would. After stopping chelation, my son was still very much autistic. He had improved, but he was still very autistic and quite delayed. I could not continue to have my life consumed by the countless supplements, getting up every 4 hours all weekend long, etc. –something had to give. I decided to see a homeopath and it was a life changing decision that I am very happy I made. My son is recovered, is no longer on the amount of supplements (besides a multi vitamin, some fish oil and some vitamin c), and is not on a restricted diet or any kind. He is mainstreamed and doing very well. He has friends, plays sports and is a little social butterfly.
    I cannot tell you what to do, but in my experience, some of the supplements did more harm than good. Many will tell you to just push through, to deal with it, because good things will happen, however, know that this is not always the case. Go with your gut – if you see good happening along with the hyper, then it may be doing some good. But if all you are seeing is negatives, I would be inclined to move on to something else – pushing through does not always end up with good results. Go with your gut – mine never steered me wrong when I truly listened to it.

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