Here is the next Chapter in Pierre Fontaine’s new book, One Heart, One Mind:

One Heart,
One Mind

Pierre Fontaine CCH

The Case for Healing Autism

Chapter 4

Going through the mother’s state during pregnancy as a mirror of the child’s
inner state elicited more in depth information. But in order to overcome the
challenges of the ASD child and to widen our options, I began to toy around
with a different approach. Surrogacy is a concept I have come to
characterize as “going into, through and beyond” the child by an empathic
other. My goal was to create the possibility, with proper guidance, for the
mother and/or father, biological or not, to gain access into the child for the
purpose of finding a deeply resonating homeopathic remedy for the child.

To take the case of the ASD child, the speech and language barrier need to
be circumvented in order to access the unspoken state. We have seen that
observing and documenting the child’s behaviors is not enough because it
cannot yield individual experience. At first sight, behavior can’t be
understood beyond stereotypical, but these same behaviors can create
doorways or more explicitly, access into the child when working with a
surrogate to get to the core or deepest level. Going with a surrogate for the
child, most often the mom, is often the only option in these cases. The goal
is to bring out the experience to perfectly reflect the state of the child.

At the time, I strongly felt a universal principle at play so my premise
became that theoretically anyone can give the case. It shouldn’t matter who
it is; anyone can reach into the state of disorder of the child. At the level of
what I call “universal mind” we are all connected in the quantum field.
“Like everything else in the universe we are connected to a sea of
information in a dimension beyond physical space and time. We don’t need
to be touching or even be in close proximity to any physical elements in the
quantum field to affect or be affected by them. Most of the time we are not
aware of it because it is not the focus of our attention. The physical body is
made of organized patterns of energy and information, which is unified with
everything else in the quantum field.” (Joe Dispenza) Homeopathy works
within this connection at the quantum level through resonance.

This principle applies to everyone but the further away from the child the
surrogate is, the more potentially difficult the process. The idea of the
separate self is ego and ego is only an artificial barrier. Parents are the best
surrogate candidates because these artificial barriers are lowered. The
dropping of artificial barriers often creates the feeling of a deep connection,
unconditional love and empathy. Ideally, when our child feels pain we could
experience it. This empathic love is the conductor through which the child’s
experience can be accessed. Love acts as the conductor when parents vibrate
in similar harmony with their children.

This idea of the universal consciousness has been around for ages. As much
as I thought I was spanning uncharted territory of what I called “one mind”
and the indivisible divided (or vice versa), the reality is that from ancient
Indian texts via Jung to physics and quantum physics, it is all a fact. We are
indivisible; we are ‘one mind’ and the barriers we perceive are artificial
constructs of our minds but in the sphere of case taking it is a new concept, a
natural next step that gives one more opening to find an effective remedy.

Alice Walker said, “Anything we love can be saved.” The perception of
oneself has to dissolve to reach another. Love removes artificial barriers and
parenthood is the natural experience of this love without barriers.
Love is the conductor that helps reach the core. Love helps create the
connection. Love is lack of prejudice and preconceived ideas. Love is
emotional understanding of another’s experience, which can create the
“sensing” of someone else’s experience.

Case taking using surrogacy is the art of lifting these artificial barriers
between humans to access healing. To be successful, the gate of the ego
must be gently pushed aside. The artificial barriers of what we think of
ourselves as individual ought to be willingly set aside for a little while to
access the child’s state; it is a re-connection almost to the greater whole.

To do this, the individual ego of the surrogate is gently put on the back
burner; the surrogate is informed, “The only person who exists in the world
at this moment is your child.” Mom does not exist, Dad does not exist: no
one exists but the child. Complete focus is key. The best results circumvent
the surrogate’s individual identity of the conscious mind. Understanding the
pain of “other” occurs here.

My journey into surrogacy happened spontaneously while interviewing
another particularly eloquent mother about her pregnancy. She began to
become sidetracked and was speaking about her child’s difficult behaviors.
At the time, I normally would gently redirect the mother back to the
experience of her pregnancy. This time around, I let her continue and
realized she was presenting me with what I now call “doorways” or the paths
of least resistance into child. In essence, I realized she was having a deeply
empathic experience to the behavior she was describing. In my mind I saw
this as a doorway that needed the right question to open and behind it would
be an experience not of her own but of her child. Though she was simply
describing the outward symptom of her child “tapping on everything with
his thumb,” she was on the very edge of literally going into the child. This
was the moment I sensed what I previously described as “strongly feeling a
universal principle.” Here it was! These behaviors or habits known as stims,
short for stimulation, are meaningful; there is substance behind them if we
can access them thought the surrogate.

At that moment it became clear there was no need to cut the flow and
redirect her back to the pregnancy, but instead to listen and wait for these
doorways to spontaneously present themselves and ask the right question.
This was really marvelous. Deeply insightful and meaningful answers could
be had; much more penetrating questions could be asked.

That day, I came to realize that by walking through these “child-specific
doorways,” we go into the child. This access to information often takes us
beyond the conscious mind. Each doorway can reach the canvas; most
incredibly, all doorways lead to the same spot on canvas. Every disease
begins from this one individual spot, this seed on the canvas of health and
disease. This enables us access to the child’s experience or sensation that
causes or contributes to symptoms and behaviors. This is autism speaking
through the surrogate.

The obvious risk of eliciting the experience through this method is that of
the information tainted by the surrogate, but that problem resolves itself
once “into the child.” The surrogate’s individual mind is a little bit in
suspension, no longer used and the parent, unbeknownst to her, becomes the
child. The process is only a dance between questions and answers with the
purpose of circumventing the rationale of ego. When in this state of oneness
with a focus on being the child, the child comes through. It is meditative in
the sense that the mind connects with the greater whole. Universal oneness
then simply is.

Some people are so deeply anchored into themselves they have an
impossible time letting go of that artificial barrier that seemingly separates
us all. In such a case I can use the pregnancy or other homeopathically
relevant way of finding information.

Parents don’t have to believe in this. Belief has never been part of
homeopathy. Parents must simply be willing to open themselves up to the
process for a couple of hours. The only goal is to find an accurate remedy
for the child. Withholding the ego is not an easy task. The art of surrogate
case taking lies in the ability to dance with the parent between left brain and
right brain realms.

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