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Toxic Baby Bottles…. when does the madness end?

I’ve been angry about this for months… months.  Seriously.  But, I had to add it to the blog in hopes that someone will learn something they didn’t know and buy baby bottles which will bring no harm to their child. Nicholas used to use the Dr. Browns bottles.  and I loved them.  No gas.  Despite […]

Balsamic & Red Wine Vinegar contain LEAD

Did you know it has lead in it? Yikes! Check out the sign on the shelf in a grocery store in California warning people about the lead.  Don’t you just love that here in NJ, or any other state, no one tells you about these things?  Sick. Balsamic Vinegar has lead… Proposition 65 – Lead […]

What ingredients make up your favorite shampoo? makeup? perfume?

Not only do we need to worry about what we eat, but we need to worry about what ingredients are used in the products we use to bathe, shampoo our hair, etc. breaks down tons of products, so you know exactly what you’re using.  This is a fantastic resource and a true eye-opener.

Have you ever given any thought into what Food Coloring is actually made of?

If not, you should.  I bet you didn’t know that Arsenic, Lead & Mercury are in food coloring.  It’s sickening, isn’t it? This is a fantastic article that you should really take a look at regarding this.  Also, be sure to check out the charts they have linked – it will open your eyes for […]

So tired of all the chemicals… in everything. I give up – I’m going green!

Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating. Do you know what ingredients are in the products you use???  I mean, really know what they are??  Let me tell you, ignorance is bliss.  My head spins with these details.  It’s overwhelming.  Here’s what I’ve already done to make our house a more green environment…. and I’ll be doing more, I […]

Could an epidural have contributed to my son’s autism?

This is something that has me thinking quite a bit lately.  Mainly because it’s odd, and remembering the look that the anesthesiologist gave me when I said this……….  it was somewhere in the middle of the night, 2am, 4am – not sure, but late.   I was in labor, hubby was sleep in the chair – […]

Something got me thinking today….

I read a post on a newsgroup as I often do, about a mom who was thinking that if she gave one vaccine at a time then she’d know which one was the one that caused the problem for her child. Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  Lady, that’s information I wish I didn’t know.  Information I wish […]

Where can I find Vaccine Information?

Updated: June 11, 2008  Where can I find Vaccine Information?    – You can find vaccine information by starting at the FDA’s website and looking through the packet inserts.  – FDA Website: Why does everyone keep saying that Mercury/Thimerosal has been removed from vaccines?  Is that true?  – No, it is not true.  There are […]

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