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Homeopathic Remedies for Swimmer’s Ear

Homeopathic Remedies for Swimmer’s Ear Open ears ASAP whether water, wax or acute congestion need clearing. Three great single remedies, Hepar sulph, Pulsatilla and Silica, combine to make this the perfect remedy for relieving simple ear noises and pain caused by congestion, swimming or bathing. Whether the blocking agent is excess mucus, water, wax […]

The 7 Essential Factors in Forecasting the Length of Homeopathic Treatment of Chronic Diseases

The 7 Essential Factors in Forecasting the Length of Homeopathic Treatment of Chronic Diseases “How long will it take for me to get better?” This is one of the most frequent questions asked by new or prospective homeopathic patients. It is a sensible question that originates in our deep desire to foretell our life course […]

Memory of Water

Memory of Water Does water have memory? Is water special? Does the glassware matter? Is gas important? Does dilution happen as predicted? Solutions are more complex than expected Possible scenarios for the memory effect in homeopathic solutions

Homeopathy for Hay fever and Seasonal Allergies

Homeopathy for Hay fever and Seasonal Allergies Willa Keizer, CCH, Certified Classical Homeopath When the weather warms and plants start blooming in the spring, it’s usually good news– unless you have a problem with seasonal allergies or hay fever! Luckily homeopaths have been treating hay fever successfully for decades using safe and time tested […]

Definitions of Common Homeopathic Terms

Watch Pierre Fontaine at Autism One!

Pierre Fontaine & Angelica Lemke will be speaking at Autism One tomorrow morning at 11:15 am EST (10:15 Central) – you can watch them live from this link: You might have to click through the available broadcasts to find them since they have more than one channel going at a time.

New Homeopathy Community now online!

A new homeopathy community for the clients of Pierre Fontaine has recently been launched. If you are currently a client or are waiting for your appointment, you are welcome to join anytime. You will need to register for a yuku message board account if you have not already done so. Then click on the […]

8.5 year old, His first 6 weeks with Pierre Fontaine

Yesterday, my friend, OH, shared this message about her son who is seeing Pierre Fontaine. Thank you for sharing this with everyone! I am excited to hear about what the future holds for your son!! So, I had our 1st 6 week follow up with Pierre on March 30th. My son is 8.5, high functioning. […]

Dr. Oz on Homeopathy

Another Recovery in Progress

I received some amazing news from a friend today about her child’s progress with Pierre Fontaine. With her permission, I have posted her message. Thank you so much, V, for sharing you Over all good news!, we started our constitutional remedy on October 8th last year! wow more than 4 months!, and I can certainly […]

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