Updated: November 23, 2011 

Welcome to RecoveringNicholas.com.  I created this space on the web to keep an ongoing journal of Nicholas’s progress.  In the past, I included everything I could that I felt was relevant from birth to the present; his supplements, hyperbaric oxygen (hbot) therapy, other therapies, classical homeopathy, his highs and lows – anything I can think of to keep it all organized in one place so I can easily find things.   Included in these things have been rants, emotion, thought processes, vaccine news, etc – for the main reason being – I needed to clear my head – all of these details are just swimming around and I needed to get my clarity back.  🙂  

I also can’t stop thinking of what would happen to him if something happened to me.  No one would know what I know.  No one would know why he takes various supplements or even what they do for him.  No one would know what I was going to do next, what my thoughts are on everything.   Precious time would be lost in getting him recovered and I just couldn’t live with that thought.  So…. Nicholas’s Story consists of three sections; Allergies, Journal & Supplements.  Allergies contains information about his allergies to various foods. His journal contains his day to day progress and the Supplements section contains Nicholas’s past supplement recipe. (Since having major success with Classical Homeopathy, Nicholas is no longer on any supplements and has not been for quite some time. His diet is not restricted in any way either.)

Life has changed drastically in our house since we started with Classical Homeopathy, so I haven’t had as much time to keep this blog as updated as I had in the past, but I will post an update from time to time. Nicholas continues to do well. He is much healthier now than ever before. We have our lives back and we have Pierre Fontaine to thank for it.

Unfortunately, I am unable to respond to emails any longer, so please utilize the resources on this site to find the information you are looking for. Pubmed, newsgroups, naturopath sites and the books I’ve linked to were all valuable tools in helping me recover my son.

If you don’t think you can what you need to do to recover your child – you absolutely have what it takes to recover your child! We all started slow, one step at a time…. it’s a marathon – not a race.

Good Luck!!

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