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Thimerosal and Autism Timeline

This website is an excellent resource in showing the timeline of Thimerosal and Autism – tons of valuable information here: A Shot of Truth

NY Times: 2 Studies Question the Effectiveness of Flu Vaccines

September 21, 2005 2 Studies Question the Effectiveness of Flu Vaccines By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL Rome, Sept. 21 – Just as governments around the world are stockpiling millions of doses of flu vaccine and antiviral drugs in anticipation of a potential influenza pandemic, two new research papers published today have found that such treatments are far […]

A MUST HEAR: Interview with Desiree Jenning’s doctor, Dr. Buttar

This interview is a must-hear! Take the time out and listen to this interview with Dr. Buttar who has successfully treated Desiree Jennings with IV chelation, antioxidants, etc – and in 36 hours, this woman went from having dystonia to not having neurological impairment. PS – This is not an endorsement for Dr Buttar […]

Recovery is Possible and Happening before our very eyes….

In case you have not yet heard of Desiree Jennings, the cheerleader who now suffers from dystonia after receiving a FLU vaccine, you can see the original story here: Now, please go to her website: and check out how well she is talking now! She is most likely going through IV chelation to […]

Do NOT let your child get FLU vaccine – 9 reasons why This year it is more important that you protect your children and loved ones from the flu vaccines than influenza itself. In his article published on, Bill Sardi details 18 reasons why you should not vaccinate your children against the flu this season. Here are nine of them: The swine flu is simply […]

First Daughters Not Vaccinated Against H1N1 October 8, 2009 President Obama’s school age daughters have not been vaccinated against the H1N1 flu virus. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says the vaccine is not available to them based on their risk. The Centers for Disease Control recommend that children ages 6 months through 18 years of age receive a vaccination […]

Dr Oz’s Children Will NOT be Receiving H1N1 Vaccine!

Treating the FLU Naturally & Prevention of the Swine Flu

Written by Defeat Autism Now provider, Marcella Piper-Terry “Treating the flu without worrying about Mercury or Squalene from vaccinations: Priceless.” Another great post by Marcella, Sambucol Good for Prevention BUT NOT treatment of the H1N1 Flu:

Judge Halts FLU Vaccine Mandate for Health Workers

Judge Halts Flu Vaccine Mandate For Health Workers New York Health Care Employees Won’t Be Forced To Get H1N1 Vaccine…For Now Health care workers in New York will no longer be forced to get the H1N1 swine flu vaccine, CBS 2 has learned. A state Supreme Court judge issued a restraining order Friday against the […]

Washington Redskins Cheerleader Desiree Jennings permanently disabled after seasonal FLU vaccine

Additional information can be found on this Generation Rescue website: Age of Autism: Vaccine Injury Isn’t Just for Babies: The Desiree Jennings Flu Shot Story

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