Toxic Baby Bottles…. when does the madness end?

I’ve been angry about this for months… months.  Seriously.  But, I had to add it to the blog in hopes that someone will learn something they didn’t know and buy baby bottles which will bring no harm to their child.

Nicholas used to use the Dr. Browns bottles.  and I loved them.  No gas.  Despite all of the pieces, they were fantastic.  But, there’s one problem.  One very big problem.  They contain BPA.  What is BPA?  Bisphenol-A is a endocrine-disrupting hormone which can leach out of the bottle and into your baby’s milk, formula or breast milk.    It is a plastic softener used in the production of polycarbonate plastic — i.e. many brands of clear baby bottles including the Dr. Browns.   After hearing this, I threw all of them away.  Gone.  Forever.   I have ZERO trust in a company that says that these are “deemed safe by the US Food and Drug Administration” – that statement is utterly useless to me at this point.  They have BPA and BPA is not anything I want any child of mine ingesting, so we’ll look to other alternatives, thank you very much.  Right now, glass is the only alternative I’m interested in.   At least I know in 10 years, they won’t find something else that was leaching out of the glass.

They tell you not to microwave the bottles because it will create “hot spots” in the formula.  When I checked out the safety of microwaving the Dr. Browns, the plastic was approved for being microwaved.  Even if you didn’t microwave the bottle, you still may have put it into a boiling pot of hot water to sterilize it or even into your hot dishwasher which I did.   Either way, the bottles are still being heated, allowing the BPA to leach into the contents of the bottle.  Nice.  Way to go looking out for our kids.

Z Recommends has a great report on bottles and sippy cups and how each company holds up.  Check it out for more info.

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