I think I’ve figured it out… finally…..

I’ve been driving myself nuts trying to figure out what caused his continued regression even after we got his supplements back on track.  Then, I had a moment of clarity the other day and it hit me.  Dec 11th, we went from MB-12 every 3rd day to every 2nd day.  It has been mentioned that the TMG (betaine) in the Brainchild Vitamins will compete with the MB-12.  At a lower dose of MB-12, we did not have this issue – and I remember putting back the Brainchild (after I read that you can try adding back the brainchild after you have a baseline on the mb-12 to make sure there was no conflict) – so, at the lower mb-12 dose, there was no problem with the TMG interfering.  But, at the higher Mb-12 dose – what we saw was not pretty.  I just ordered the Sensitive Brainchild formula (does not contain TMG), so I am hoping that this gives me the results the other formula did.  Oh how I wish Brainchild would remove the TMG from the Spectrum II w/ Pak – we had such tremendous success with this supplement.   (Trying DRN didn’t work.  Nicholas absolutely refused to drink anything with that mixed in no matter how many times I tried.)

This is day 4 of not giving him the brainchild spectrum II w/ pak, while I am waiting for the sensitive formula to arrive tomorrow – and we can already see the differences – and believe me they’re not suttle differences.  The MB-12/TMG reaction was not a pretty one, nor one I would like to repeat.  At times, he seemed worse than he was when we started down this biomedical path — except now he talks!

Here’s what happened when MB-12 conflicted with the TMG:

  • Nicholas couldn’t even play by himself, which for him – was truly unbelievable.  He has always been able to play by himself – and all of a sudden he couldn’t – it was like he didn’t know what to do.  We actually had to sit with him and guide him through play.
  • Don’t get me started on the screaming.  All he did was yell, scream – and it was constant – our house became that loud chaos house.  He NEVER acted like this before – and to watch this unfold has been frightening.  At times, I found myself yelling at him to shut up, which I’m not happy about – but the screaming plays on your nerves something fierce.  Several times, I just had to close myself in my office or bathroom to get away from the noise.
  • If you looked at him the wrong way or said the wrong thing, temper tantrums followed.   Geez, talk about walking on eggshells.
  • It was taking us hours to get him to bed at night – hours.  (thank goodness we’re back to 10 minutes!)
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviors were starting to come out – and we had never really seen this before
  • I’ll add more as I think of them….

Keeping my fingers crossed that he gets back to where he was – fast!

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