This year, I am a one-issue voter…. the one issue is my son.

With only 15 days left until Election Day, I’m a pretty firm believer that when it comes to our ASD kids, John McCain is the way to go. Let’s face it, Obama isn’t the one bringing up the “A” word and has already said he does not believe in selective vaccination. (Source) I only speak for myself here – but I have a hard enough time fighting for my son’s right not to be further vaccinated (cough, I mean harmed) – I can’t in good conscience vote to elect Senator Obama.

Am I totally crazy about John McCain? No, I’m not totally crazy for Sarah Palin either. And, I don’t believe Sarah has any idea yet what she is in for with a special needs child since her child is still an infant, however she does have a nephew with autism, so right off the bat, that gives her more experience than most people who have none. No, she is not the autistic child’s mother – and I in no way are saying that being an aunt versus a mother of an autistic child are anywhere near equal – but let’s face it – today, not alot of people have experience with our kids unless it is their job or unless your family is open enough to accept your family with your child. How many of us can say we stayed away from extended family and avoided family functions like the plague because just because people are labeled family, it doesn’t make them caring or considerate. Sarah’s autistic nephew in addition to their welcoming a down syndrome child as a blessing shows how this family operates. With that, I have to feel confident that she does have some experience/knowledge with an autistic child on some level.

I’m not exactly fond of the fact that John McCain used Down Syndrome and Autism almost interchangably at the last presidential debate – because they are in fact two different things. But, I do see that John McCain is the one throwing the “A” word into discussions – and let’s not forget when he told that mother in the town meeting that the link between vaccines and autism needs to be looked at further. Whether or not he back-pedaled from that statement is irrelevant – he almost had to – of course he did. Campaigns cost money after all. I don’t believe that all of those involved in continuing to harm all of these children are all democrats. And let’s not forget about Cindy McCain who holds a masters in Special Education – her life’s work, her career – for our special needs children and their educations. That alone speaks volumes.

It’s what comes from the heart is what matters – and when he answered that mother that day, he answered from the heart without a team behind him reminding him how political and controversial the statement he was about to make would be.

The thing that I love about his campaign is that he can’t seem to stop talking about autism. Thank. God. Because, quite frankly, I can’t either.

Cindy went “On the Record” with Fox News – and also speaks about autism:

Just one autism mom’s views and who the best presidential candidate is for her son’s future.

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  1. meredith says:

    I have been undecided and still sort of am. My husband? Defnitely an Obama guy…But I too think Mccain is the one to help our kids, and reform the vaccine schedule and safety. As of this week, I can’t ignore that issue, even though I am not crazy about some of his other choices. He defintiely does have the guts to go against the grain, which is going to be essentail to bring this issue to light! Hope youre well Michelle!

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