Bottle of Thimerosal

I guess they missed the skull and crossbones on the bottle when they decided to use this in our child’s vaccines. Nice, huh?

Don’t worry, combined with the other vaccine ingredients, this is perfectly safe to inject into your perfectly healthy child. Really? Well, NO. Logic tells you that it’s not a good idea to inject a toxic substance directly into the bloodstream of anyone. So, why do people just openly accept the risk without doing tons of research first? Because we used to have faith in our doctors in that they would do no harm. But, the doctors have been lied to and we have been lied to. And the lying continues…

Look for the safety studies of giving multiple vaccines at the same time. Look for the studies of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. Look at the rates of Autism amongst the Amish who don’t vaccinate. Once you’ve looked at the poison label on this bottle, look for the research that should have been done, but never was.

Thimerosal Bottle

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