Started Enhansa today

We started Enhansa today – 75mg 2x per day every other day to start with.

Update: December 16, 2008: I was waiting to post a follow up on starting this supplement because I didn’t want to post half the story so to speak. We went through about a week of die-off. I believe the die-off was prolonged, because I had read somewhere that to start, the dose is every other day – this is not correct. The initial dose is 75mg 2x per day to start. By doing it every other day, I was just prolonging the agony.
Whatever it does, it does really well. Nicholas is doing really well on it (once we got past the die off) and I’m looking forward to increasing his dose, but I’m not doing that until after Christmas.
I did drop the GSE he was getting (24 drops per day) a few days into the Enhansa. We made it through the die-off and I’m not seeing losses since dropping the GSE, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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