Dr. Oz & Vaccines

Dear Dr. Oz,

I recently viewed the vaccines segment on your show, 4 Vaccines All Women Need, and I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am in you as a doctor and as a human being. To me, you seemed different. You seemed like you knew better. I have enjoyed watching you on Oprah and most recently on your own show. I have enjoyed your website and your books – but this has come to an end today. I. Am. Officially. Done. You now have ONE LESS fan and ONE LESS viewer.

I thought that it was quite assinine that you got the regular FLU shot on your show previously. Although, hearing that your wife and children would not be getting these vaccines was a relief. In this case, your wife who is not a doctor is much, much smarter than you. And then you did something even dumber – you got a H1N1 vaccine on your show “because your employment in NY depends on it” – but you failed to mention that this was dropped in NY, didn’t you? It seems that one-sided information is running rampant on your show these days, isn’t it?

But with the recent news of you holding 150,000 shares in a company that is related to the vaccine field, I am no longer surprised at your actions and the propaganda you have put forward on your show. Shame on you, Dr Oz, you charm the world with your enthusiasm for good health and then you sucker those who trust you into getting vaccines which could potentially do more harm than good.

And then, that company tries to deny it has any tie to the vaccine field. Of course it did. But that was a lie.
Facebook crowdsourced investigation exposes vaccine denials of SIGA Technologies

Congratulations on selling out the American Public. I hope you are proud of yourself.

One final note for you to ponder…. your children will want to have children one day – while I would never wish what I have gone through with Nicholas on anyone and I sincerely hope it never happens to your grandchildren. -BUT I cannot help but think that maybe, just maybe, you might just witness first hand what vaccines do to children. Then, and only then will you completely understand what you have done.

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