How to select the right homeopath

If you’re looking for a homeopath, Amy Lansky has a great list of practitioner referrals on her site.

The most important thing to look for in a homeopath is their homeopathic certification. (CCH, RSHom (NA), DNAHP, DHt, etc) When dealing with a practitioner for something that is chronic, such as Autism, ADHD, ADD, Pandas, LYME, Fibromyalgia, I highly suggest verifying the homeopath’s certifications before selecting a practitioner. Treating chronic illnesses is not the same as treating acute issues. There is a lot of information out there which can help you select the correct acute remedy for the issue you are having, however, when dealing with a chronic illness, you should opt for an experienced homeopath with many years of practice under their belt.

Additionally, if you would like to understand the difference between the various types of homeopathy which are practiced, you can reference Amy Lansky’s Impossible Cure in Chapter 6.

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3 Responses to “How to select the right homeopath”

  1. MariMag74 says:


    I am in the beginning stages of getting all the supplements for my child to begin Andy Cutler chelation and I was also interested in homeopathy. How many rounds of chelation should I wait before introducing my child to homepathy?

    Thank you..for all your information and time.

  2. mom23boys says:

    Your site has been such a blessing. I have been reading your blogs since my son was diagnosed in 2012. We have done and continue to do Biomedical Treatments on our son, from chelation to Virastop, methyfolate, Mb12, Bioidentical Thyroid hormone..well, the list goes on. I read the Impossible Cure because homeopathy was on of the avenues I had not explored and gave it some deep thought, yet continued trying to find other ways in the Biomedical field. Just recently, I decided to take a look at your blog for updates and read how homeopathy has worked for Nicholas! I am definitely going to try it out and schedule an appointment with Pierre. My question, after receiving homeopathic treatments, does Nicholas still have to take his thyroid med or Mb12 shots?

    Thank you for your blog!

  3. Mom says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words!! Nicholas currently takes nothing – absolutely nothing. 🙂 and no diet either!
    I wish you nothing but the best – Pierre has been a godsend, he truly saved our lives.

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