Case 2 Lycopodium – One Heart, One Mind by Pierre Fontaine

This is an excerpt of Case #2 from:

One Heart,
One Mind
The Case for Healing Autism and Pandas
by Pierre Fontaine

Case # 2 06 – 19 – 13
DOB:06 – 03 – 07
MC:No formal diagnosis of ASD. We don’t want to put him in a box.

Please tell me what you see and what you know.

He has severe allergies now. He was a perfectly healthy baby. Everything
was good and a week before his three week checkup he started to get
eczema. Unbeknown to me, I was eating eggs, milk, etc., everything they
say we should not eat.

At six months he received a flu shot after which he developed such severe
wheezing he was in pulmonary distress. We tried a few medications but they
made him wheeze even more. Eventually, his wheezing settled down on its

Around that time we also realized he was reacting to solid foods with rashes.
One of the symptoms was projectile vomiting. The pediatrician said he
would outgrow it and to not be concerned. He had clear reaction to peas,
egg, carrots and a few other foods. We started pre-biotics and we got his
eczema down.

At 10 months, we noticed he was not pointing and he was spinning the
wheels of his toys. A few months later he was no longer responding to his
name. He was also becoming increasingly hyperactive and no longer had
pain sensitivity or fears.

We started pestering our pediatrician and asked for early intervention
evaluation. At eighteen months, he was already six months behind.
He said words very clearly but could not join them together.

We started NAET and after that he started to put a few words together. He
also became much less hyperactive. Right now speech is developing. “I
drawing.” When we ask him, “Who did the drawing?” he cannot answer; he
gets confused. His receptive and expressive language is not good, he says a
lot of senseless things.

He does not have much understanding; even the understanding of his name
is limited. He mixes up pronouns. He is far from his peers. He does not
understand the concept of addition or subtraction.

Tell me about the pregnancy, please.

It was not a planned pregnancy. I was applying for the green card, it was a
very stressful first trimester. I had no appetite, not even for water and I lost
12 pounds.

My husband had just changed jobs and we didn’t have health insurance.
After the first trimester things started to settle down and the rest of the
pregnancy was good.

My lower back hurt a lot and when he was due the labor lasted 22 hours in
total. I received three epidural injections but the pelvis never became numb.
They also gave me antibiotics during delivery. I pushed for two hours and
had an episiotomy. Afterward, I could not walk for two weeks, which they
said it was because of the repeated epidurals.

Right away, he had latching issues. The lactating consultant said the epidural
is not good for latching. Eventually he got used to it and I breastfed every
hour-and-a-half during the first months.

Tell me about the first trimester of pregnancy, please.

I started to throw up at night from 11PM to 2AM. Then from two to four, I
had heart burn, felt exhausted and spent most of the day sleeping. I became
very sensitive to smell. I didn’t think I had to go to the doctor. By January I
started to feel better.

What kind of food did you want to eat?

I used to crave very spicy chicken biryani. I ate that morning, lunch and
dinner. I bought it from a particular store. The spiciness was good. It was hot
with sourness and after eating it I felt very satisfied, everything was good.
The hot and sourness was perfect.

Tell me more about hot and sour.

It was the taste of chicken with the masala (a mix of Indian spices) and the
rice. The whole combination was really nice, chunky sauce and the tomato
gave it sourness, I enjoyed the stretchy feeling of it. It made me feel happy.

Stretchy feeling?

I didn’t like the sound of crunchy but I enjoyed the stretchy sound. Cheetos
melts in the mouth. I didn’t like that but with the chicken I didn’t have to
make effort. It used to make my mouth a little numb. MSG can make your
mouth feel numb but it was not that way.

It put me in a state of calm and I didn’t even realize what was going on
inside my mouth. There was no stress and nothing going on in my head, I
could just be. I didn’t have any inclination to talk or do anything; I was just
calm. Everything seemed smooth inside me. Food was going down and there
was no activity, no burning and the stomach was settled. It was not
numbness but the absence of anything happening. It was gooood.

Please describe gooood.

I was very still, and felt blood activity all the way in my toes. It was like
bubbles of blood and goose bumps. I have a habit of tracking where my food
is but while I was pregnant I knew where everything was in my body.

And you didn’t like crunchy?

During the pregnancy any consistent sounds, clocks or wristwatch, water in
pipes and crunchy was all the same. I did not enjoy it. It made me want to
nag and it would stress my system out.

It gave me a knot in my stomach and the sound would become very loud in
my head. My entire thinking was blurred. I’d become irritated and
unfocused. It made me very angry and closed my whole system down. I
didn’t want to be bothered and had thoughts, “get out of this place” or “let
me go to sleep” and I’d actually go to sleep.

I had this cloud in my stomach and in my head I felt everything contracting.
I could not process anything and I would just stare at things.

Describe cloud please.

Cloudy, like this air pressure built up in my stomach. More and more
pressure with a lot of forces coming from all sides and my pathway is
blocked. I used to feel jammed, clogged, constricted. I was not able to get
enough air and something was sticking inside of me. There was a layer of
something sticky, actually black. A grease like shoe polish of cloggedness. I
was unable to do anything with the increasing feeling of more and more
suffocation and dirt. I felt constricted, stuck as if something was pressing
down and I was not able to release it, there was no way out for it.
It was uncomfortable with heaviness, discomfort and numbness. All the
organs were clumping, air was caught up because of the greasiness, my body
was struggling. It was clumpy and sticky in the stomach etc. There was a lot
of pushing.

Tell me more about this greasiness in the stomach, please.

It is gooey and it catches onto everything. It is not letting things flow out.
Sticky and slimy. Like something is attached to it, even if I drink a lot of
water it doesn’t go away.

It is not something you want but it is stuck there. It is heavy, tiring, the
tissues get exhausted just to get it out. Something is going to come up,
something sour inside and the body wants it thrown out. There is heat in my
system, an irritating burning feeling. There is a rise in temperature and it
stays there. It feels like I am sweating from inside. It is again like my tissues
are getting burned and shriveling up. There is little space inside. It can’t take
anything new, there is no more space for food or water and the result is that
it has to go out. It is crowded with pressure from all sides there is no space
around, coming closer and closer, closing down and blocking, not allowing
anything to go through. Pressure, lot of forces are clamping up together
constricting each other, like dead.

Tell me more about his eczema, please speak in the first person using
present tense, as if you were him.

He used to scratch… excuse me, I have to scratch. There is this strong
impulse inside of me I can’t control. He was very strong about it, He would
rip the sock off. There is a very strong urge.

Gently, speak in the first person, please.

It is a part of my brain that has this sensation, which I feel goes away when I
put my thumb in my mouth. The sensation is inside the brain and it is the
same on the skin. It is a tingling like ants are walking. It is very
uncomfortable. I feel very unstill, shaky.

It is the same as when I run around. I think it will go away. Like a current in
the body.

Tell me more about the sensation in the brain.

It is a buzz, like water rushing through. There is a sound, water going
through pipe. “bzbzbzbzbz”. The ear is pushing and there is pressure. I feel
the pain in the ear; the pressure goes from inside out. It’s like a balloon,
stretching, pulled away, as if it is going to break. A cloth being torn off in
the middle. Like the cover on a drum. Skin color, thick leather.

Black leather…

A cow. Black and white cow and pasture. Plump cow eating grass.

Tell me any image that crosses in front of your eyes

Black dot ? moon, small crescent moon ? Rabbit ? Ground is green.
Green stuff. Velvety green stuff ? moss and ferns around. Cool to touch
and good to touch. Prickly, like a thorn or cactus or chestnut.

The tingling sensation in the brain goes away when I scratch.


Steady march of the ants, I can feel itching. There is pulling under the skin.
Like a small pinching sensation. Lots of pinching as if there were lots of
needles. A pointed object, poking, it is getting red from inside. It is yucky
skin, red skin that has been discolored like an eczema skin. Something from
inside that is pulling. Stretching the skin. I can feel it and it is
uncomfortable, there is a little bit of pain, tingling pain. Pointed object,
several threads, as if pulling on hair. It does not hurt. It is the same as poked.


NAET stands for Nanbudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. It is a
very intelligent repackaging of older healing methods such as
kinesiology and trigger point therapy. It can be effective and definitely
palliative and often affords some relief from food allergies.
The food desires and aversions during pregnancy have been more
important to me recently. At times, the very food desired can be the
remedy. In other words, in some cases the food in a homeopathic form is
the healing agent. The ‘quick case’ Vaccinum macrocarpon is a case in
point. Many cases have done great following this idea. If only all cases
could be that easy, but this is where art enters science.
Do notice the same sensation in the brain, on the skin and when running
as we saw in the headache case in the introduction of Part Two. The
same sensation comes back in different complaints.
I understood this case as being constricted or, on the other hand,
pressured on all planes, in the brain, the emotions and physical.
Everything being glued up or clamped up or pushing out. I decided to
recommend a remedy I perceive as having these features. I gave
Lycopodium which is made from a fern that used to be very tall but is
now restricted, as a moss, to a couple of inches. This gives us the image
of a plant that pushed itself out to great height and now is constricted to
two inches.



Follow-Up I

We gave the remedy three times.

Overall we saw a lot of improvements in communication.

He is asking, “Mommy where are we going?” this is incredible but then he
develops a conversation around it. He is also asking questions and relating
emotions to it. He says he is angry or excited whereas before he would just
act it out.

He is also making comments about me, “I like the dress you are wearing.”
These are the words he uses. He would never have made comments like that
before. He can even initiate a conversation since taking the remedy. He can
speak on the phone but not have a conversation.

In terms of behavior and his obsessiveness about some topic, he still has the
obsession of fire trucks. He still speaks about them out of context even in his

He likes to spin and, in fact, it has increased in the last month but if I call
him on it, he responds and stops. Before I would call him and he would not

His motor skills have also improved.

Socially, he says “Hi” or “Hello” and shakes hands. He has improved a lot in
this regard and makes great eye contact. He says, “Hello, I like your car.” He
also understands the concept of sharing. He understands it very well now
whereas before he did not.

Anger and frustration have lessened. Going to the grocery store is a different
experience as he can now patiently wait. He tells me, “Mommy you are
taking a long time,” or, “Is it time to go?” Before he was very difficult to
handle in a store and he would start running all over the place. He can also
show appreciation when I give him something.

He seems to be understanding time. My sister is coming from India and he
understands the days. Before, it was as if everything happened now.
We stopped the supplements now and just give the remedy.

Hyperactivity has also come down. He sits down and builds things with
Legos. He is not hyperactive anymore.

This is so ideal it should not be seen as a rule. Though it is possible to
reach this level of reversal quickly, it is good to keep in mind that
autism remains the most difficult ailment I can think of to tackle.
Needless to say, I continued with this remedy.



08 – 19 – 13

A couple of weeks ago he had a bad reaction to food, I gave the remedy and
he settled down.

Hyperactivity is still good. He can sit down and do things. We can also take
him outside and he does not run away. We used to be so scared outside. We
can’t complain about his behavior.

He seems to have a sense of self.

He does not need so much sleep.

He understands, and receptively he has been really good. He is asking,
“What is this?” or, “What is Groupon?” He is focusing on words in

He started to do math. He is not blank about it.

He is initiating conversation with other kids. He can also participate in minor
conversations without it being awkward.



10 – 01 – 13

He is becoming more stable with transitions. He is better able to focus on
tasks, activities and even conversation.

There have been times when he regresses completely but most of the time he
has been focused and his attention span is increasing.
Language has not developed further but he seems to have taken an interest in
explaining what he needs. He is also picking up our native language. We put
him in a small school to speak Marathi. He does not do much with it but he
seems to be enjoying it.

He still likes math, which is coming to him pretty easily.

This last week he had a huge wheezing attack. It could be allergies, we
installed a new carpet in the lobby of our building, perhaps it has something
to do with it. I only used the sub acute dosing and it went away quickly.
Today his best friend left for India and he cried really badly. I never knew he
understood what it means. It is far more advanced than I thought he
understood. They gave him some toys and he said he does not want toys. He
wants his friend.

Tell me about his expressive language, please.

He can say, I did this or that in school but he still jumbles it. The order of
words is not there but he started to self-correct. He can ask how and who
questions. “Where” questions, he is very strong with now whereas “why”
questions he has a difficulty answering them. The therapist says he can
narrate stories and pick ready-made sentences like “Oh, My God.”

He is between 4 and 4.5 grade level. There is a gap of 1.5 year with his
peers. He is making an effort to self-correct and catch up. He can illustrate
with pictures and tries to write captions.

When we first visited “he did not have much understanding even of his name
was limited.” Now he has a strong sense of identity. When someone does not
say his name right he corrects him or her. He also does not say “Joe wants
this or that.” He says, “I want this.”

In the past, his work was never on the board. Now it is, he is doing what
needs to be done.

He is extremely creative though he still has a little bit of a problem with
finding facts in a story. He narrates correctly. He does extremely well with
45 minutes to one-hour period in school.

Socially is where he had the least problems. He misses his friend and the
other kids in the neighborhood are younger. Neuro-typical (NT) kids are
following him. He wants to go to soccer class. I told the coach he has a
problem understanding but he told me he is the only kid who is doing what
he (the coach) is saying.

Dosing only when we think he is backtracking, like getting irritated and
spinning. Dosed three times in the last six weeks.

It is not uncommon for a child to regress a lot and then get better again
very quickly. This is one of the most amazing features of autism. In this
case, it means that the constitution is still fragile. Anything can still
happen and we need to manage this really well. When a child is moving
well it is also not uncommon for parents to feel like they should skip on
follow-up appointments. This is a mistake, I can understand wanting to
put this behind and move forward but it is not wise.



11 – 13 – 13

We continue to see improvement in language, understanding of things, and
clarity of speech but now he seems to get hyper after dosing. I don’t
understand why this is happening.

“Mommy, I know your tummy hurts but can you give me a hug and how
come you have an allergy? What did you eat?” He has good conversation
with us. Now, I get the sense that he wants to communicate and is forming
sentences as best he can. The therapist says he is completing multiple
instructions that are difficult to follow.

Storytelling is going well. He had such huge difficulties with that in the past.

He is asking questions, “How do I spell this?” “What happened in the
coatroom today?” “Did Mrs. Campana call you?” “Is she disappointed with
me?” Also using drama types of sentences “I can’t believe this!” “as we lose
our inhibition…” He tries to bargain with us “Maybe I can try it?”

He is singing songs clearly. He is also spontaneously using Marathi words as
well and he likes it.

He seems to have caught on with Math.

He understands his allergies too. What happens is that he can’t breathe, but
there is no standard reaction. We dose his remedy when that happens and he
gets better.

He plays soccer and tennis. He does well and understands what is going on,
on the field. He dribbles and kicks the ball back.
He is extremely good with illustrations. He draws characters very quickly.
He is a good visual learner. His handwriting is also very good.

He has a soft corner in his heart for the younger kids in the class. “Does he
need help?” ‘Is he OK?” “Is he in trouble?” No problem mingling with other
kids his age either. He goes and does all those things. “My name is Joe and
this is my friend John.”

He is interacting with his aunt but he still confuses “he” for “she” at times.
Obsessiveness is better but he is still obsessed about spinning. I can ask him,
“Can you spin later after your homework?” “OK not a problem.” It is there
but easy to get him out of it. The times when he goes into himself don’t
happen frequently anymore.

He is still calmer and less hyperactive. He is almost as calm as we are. He
does not run around unnecessarily. All these things have reduced quite a bit.



01 – 07 – 13

There is more improvement. He is asking “why” and “how.” The sentence
formation is developing, conversation continues to increase.
His speech is very clear. I still wonder if he has an auditory processing
problem. He can sing with good clarity but it takes a while for him to

All the people around us have seen a big change in him. He can have a good
conversation back and forth with complete strangers.

His hyperactivity still increases after we dose him. He becomes hyperactive
and very emotional and then after a day becomes like a normal kid. He can
sit through a whole show now. He can do his homework even without me
monitoring. Focus is still an issue with things he does not like.

He eats oats and can digest it whereas he was not able to do so before. He
finishes his food. We have not tried eggs at all. We give him almonds
otherwise he is off all nuts. As far as soy, peas and carrots we are not overly
concerned if he has them. It was quite shocking to me when he told people
he is allergic. “Does this cake have eggs or peanuts?”

Socialization has always been good. He keeps calling me stinky. I asked him
does someone tell you. “No, nobody does,” but I am stinky. I do not take
things personally. I asked him if he calls people stinky. He said, “No, I
would not do that and hurt someone’s feelings.” He is pretty good with
things like this.

He talks about his dreams. “I made a gingerbread cookie and I gave it to
Jenny.” He tells people he misses our old neighbors. He asks people, “Did
you miss me?”

Two days ago, he said “I am a big boy now, I’ll go to sleep in my own room,
in my own bed.”

He wants a baby and says he wants to take care of the baby. We see he has
the maternal side of him.

I see some aspects of healing slowing down so I changed the potency
from 30C to 1M. A potency is like an octave. It traditionally goes from
30C to 200C and 1M as far as the most used potencies, then we have
10M, 50M and even CM which is 100M. Sometimes the potency can be
60C, 100C or 300C but this is extremely rare. Changing the potency has
the effect of changing a facet of the remedy. Though we generally go
upward in number, from 30C to200C, this is not a must. We can also
start with a 200C and go to 30C when the potency no longer acts
constructively as I did in the first case. Not only the remedy needs to
match the case but so does the potency as well as the dose. When all
three of these are in unison with the body great results can occur.



03 – 06 – 14

His focus in school has been good, he is able to handle more difficult
material. His speech teacher says he is able to absorb material quickly and
retain the information as well as be able to correct himself when he does
something wrong.

He is able to understand right from wrong, remembers and corrects himself
there as well. The sense of maturity is so much better but still he is a bit
immature next to the other kids. The speech is also not quite at the level of
other kids.

Clarity of speech is good but some aspects are still pretty behind. He still
expresses cause and effect in reverse.

Socially, he is extremely good; his manners are great. After a while
interaction becomes difficult and he wants to chase.

He says he feels happy. He is not hyperactive any more. He is active but not

We can’t call the spinning obsessive any more as there is not much of it.

Eye contact has improved a lot. He is able to talk and look at you but there is
still a tendency to look away after a while.

He likes to read a lot. He asks questions about the story and reads other
books rather than always the same one all the time.

He highlights what is prominent in his drawing. He used to use pencils but
now he wants to use colors. When I compare his drawings they are
consistently getting better.

His allergies overall are the same. Last month he was scratching his thigh
and his shin. He is able to handle foods he was not able to handle before but
we don’t give him much.

He had a couple of wheezing attacks in the last two months but we dosed
and he was better within the day dosing him sub acute.

He is passing gas a lot.

Dosing once a week to ten days.



04 – 02 – 14

His focus has not increased or decreased.

Allergies: He had a couple of episodes of wheezing and one episode of
nosebleed. He is a little irritated. It is not throughout the day. He is still
scratching a lot on the shin, only when he sleeps or when he is not busy.

Gas has increased. Now he is kind of staying away from vegetables. He tells
me kids laugh at him because he passes gas. Bowel movements are regular.

His eye contact is still getting better, longer and more consistent.

Conversationally, the literal aspect of language is good. The inferred
meaning or abstract is still a challenge. “What will you be when you grow
up?” He answers, “I’ll be eighteen.” Even with this he is still better than ever
before and improving with abstract but he is not where he should be; though
improving with the why and how questions. He understands what he reads
really well. He can answer the questions but mainly about cause and effect:
“What have we learned from the story?” types of questions.

Socially he is doing well. He is very gregarious. When it comes to
interacting he does well. With boys he does really well but with girls it is
completely different. he conversation breaks down after a few exchanges.

He is spinning a little prop all the time.

The state’s test was given orally for him. We were concerned but the
teachers were very happy with him. At times, he can’t tell why he chooses
the answers to a question but he gets it right every time.

Skin; ITCHING; sleep; during (21) : agn., am-c., ant-c., ars., bamb-a., Barc.,
carb-v., caust., con., dulc., lap-be-e., Lyc., mag-m., morph., Phos., pitua.,
ros-d., sars., sulph., tama., zinc.

Note: Above is an example of a symptom rubric from the repertory.
“Skin, itching during sleep. There are 21 abbreviated and alphabetically
listed remedies. The bold denote that for the remedy Lyc (Lycopodium)
the symptom is often found. The remedies underlined show that this
itching skin symptom is not as frequently found in those remedy such as
Zincum. All the other remedies are considered grade one, the symptoms
have occasionally been found to be a symptom of that remedy.

Lycopodium is the remedy I am giving and this is a strong symptom for
it. There are two solutions. The child could be proving the remedy,
meaning developing symptoms of it, which is not a big issue because the
remedy can be antidoted very easily or stopped and the itching will go
away as describe in Chapter Six. What tells me all is well here is the
1: He has been improving since he started taking this remedy.
2: His itching is a recent development that is very superficial, distal and
is not causing any cognitive backtracking whatsoever.
Because of this we can conclude that since he is continuing to improve
this is at best a gentle detox. This is a very big difference with people
who claim “detox” with backtracking cognitive symptoms. This is
known as the wrong direction of healing.



05 – 30 – 14

We are using sub acute 10M, and we still see his speech increasing.

As usual, he is social but now he is interested in different kids. He is finding
out about “best friend.”

He is very excited about birthdays. He finds it very intriguing that other kids
are getting older. “My birthday month is coming up.” We spoke with him
about it and he is making choices. He also said that the birthday place we
were choosing may be too noisy and then after a few hours he said it is OK.

He understands social and practical complexities much more.
“I am in the school play and I am the prince.” He voluntarily gives a lot of

Hyperactivity is not there any more. He also thought that when I give him 25
cents it will take a long time to get to $10. He says he figured out the

The class had to write an essay, Why is my mother important to me? He
wrote, “She wants me to be the best I can be. She is proud of me.” He came
up with these ideas on his own. Other kids said, “Because she makes noodles
for me.” So I thought what he was saying was quite kind and more astute.

The only issue is spinning. Also thumb sucking at night. He is a bit stubborn
about it. He is also scratching a lot.

He also goes out of his comfort zone to do various different things.
Independence is increasing.

He is enjoying soccer. He is an easy child, so much easier than he ever was.
His teachers say he is doing extremely well in school.


Another remedy to think about is Epipremnum. I think Lycopodium
will soon need to be changed. The improvements are getting less clear
from one month to another.


09 – 22 – 14

We continue to see a very marked change in language and understanding. He
explains a lot of what he sees and explains what he is doing in school.

He is correlating things to things and people to people.

He is able to hold a conversation now. Emotionally more mature. “Oh,
mommy you look sad.” “Yes, I am” “Don’t worry, Daddy will come back.”
We thought about adjustment issues for him but the teachers have said he is
doing well.

One teacher says he uses a lot of big words in context. He often asks “How
do I say this?” He is motivated to use the right language.

He is sucking his thumb and spinning at home but not in school. He is aware
of it. Before he was almost shameless. He is very aware and tries to

It is very difficult to tell him apart from NT children.

He wants to be in second grade. We never thought he would be aware of his
grade. In the last month he has been a different person. We never thought he
would do so well. There is no drama in the morning to go to school.

Hyperactivity is gone now.

A couple of times he developed some allergies because of dust in the new
house. We dosed and he was all fine.

I changed the remedy because to me Lycopodium was coming to an end.
Quite frankly few would change the remedy because it is continuing to
act but I could hear in the parent’s voices that though they are thrilled
the trailing symptoms were simply not being affected. In my mind,
Lycopodium was not going to do it all. The good thing is if I am wrong it
will not be harmful. The next follow-up will tell if I should have waited



11 – 17 – 14

He is doing so great. His speech and understanding have gone very high.

His social skills are really good right now. He talks properly.

His teacher says he is a pleasure to be in the class. He is a leader and is
always helping his friends. He would do anything for his group.

He is at level with math but it is difficult. Additions are difficult for him as
he does not have a sense of quantity yet.

He has become a perfectionist and doing things by the book. “Sometimes the
kids tease me.” Now he understands that other kids laughed at him because
he is a little bit different.

The train obsession is still there to a certain extent. He refuses to go to Tai
Kwon Do. He does not want to learn piano. The only reason he hates going
there, is because he wants to be home.

He is not hyperactive, he does not run around for no reason. He is the most
normal now.

In the last two months we dosed every two weeks.


This looked like it was the right call. He continues to do well. He is very
well integrated in school at all levels. Terrific kid. The parents are

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