Case 3 Androctonos Amurreuxi Hebraeus – One Heart, One Mind, Pierre Fontaine

This is an excerpt of Case #3 from:

One Heart,
One Mind
The Case for Healing Autism and Pandas
by Pierre Fontaine

Case 3 02 – 07 – 13
DOB: 03 – 15 – 00
MC: He was first diagnosed as PDD – NOS then the diagnosis changed to autism.
Severe anxiety, OCD and tics.

“He is very mean and disrespectful, it is what I would call bad content.

Note: Although I don’t need to see the child, the mom came with him.

Please, talk about “horror.”

It is like the devil. He is 100% inappropriate. Horrible content.

He has a right eye spasm.

It is as if his brain is giving him a hard time.

He says, “Yes, Yeah, Yay. Yippee, Hooray” all the time.

He does not like the sound of chanting, applause or cheering. It seems
disturbing, disgusting or stupid to him. Kind of like, it hurts my ear so badly,
it gives me a red rash. I just want to get upset.

(The mom tells me I have to remember to say “Of course” because he hates
to hear the word “yes”. Sure enough, at some point I inadvertently said
“yes”. Instantly, he seemed to have spasms and his face turned deep red as
soon as he heard the word. Not to be messed with, I thought. Is this the
Horror? Probably!

Let’s continue…

Sounds hurt his ears. One of his aunt speaks in a squeaky voice and he used
to scream when she came to the house. It gives him a headache and he wants
to run.

It is like somebody is squeezing his head, it is like pressure. Like somebody
is banging iron on his head or drilling holes in his head, it is the most painful
thing he feels. He feels it can happen at any minute. I want to go somewhere
where I don’t hear it. He tries to control his world because he does not want
to hear these sounds.

He is uncomfortable in his own body. He is not at peace with himself. It is
not a happy place for him.

Tell me what you mean by “uncomfortable”.

It is pain. It is pure pain, stomach pain, and body pain everywhere. His body
is in pain everywhere.

Please talk about pain in more details.

It is as if he is cut with a knife, or pocked by needles. He does not like tears
to come out. (The mother redirects herself to speak as if she were the child)
When the tears touch my face it hurts. The tears are burning fire in my eyes,
real fire like in hell. They itch and you can’t stop that itch. It is like hot oil or
water on the body like a toothache. (Back to herself) He feels it in his organ,
blood, and kidney and brain. The pain confuses him, it cannot make him
think straight. Food hurts, chewing and swallowing hurts. At times, he can’t
feel his own body. He is disconnected, he wants to go somewhere because it
is too much to handle for him. It is like the slaughter of a lamb.

Pressure, pinching and very, very cold and then very, very hot, both at the
same time. Dizzy.

What does pressure mean?

He cannot hear or think properly. It is itching. You can’t stop him from
itching. I feel like he has itching in the stomach and he can’t stop it.
Everything is chaos and uncomfortable in his own body. I want to throw up
and take everything out, separate everything and rub it out. I want to pull it
all off and out of me. I need water to calm it.

The pressure is in the head, in the middle part of the head. The pressure is
around the eyes too, it feels very tight. I want to run. I have body ache and
headache with very heavy pressure on the shoulders. I feel sluggish and
tired. It is pushing down. I cannot sit still, I need to wiggle and I need to
move to try to lift it. It is pushing down all the time. It feels like heavy
pressure, pain and it feels completely out of control.

Like I am carrying a big heavy load, like carrying an elephant and I feel
sweaty from pushing. Everything is hurting. It feels like a poison.

Continue with heavy load, please…

(She is totally in character now) It is a heavy burden, trapped in a cage, I
need to be free, like in jail, trapped. Scratching, nails, pins and needles.
Biting. Burning, Skin peeling, it is very painful. Blood, hot water, really hot
oil. Teeth biting on my neck and hands, butchering, trying to take the blood,
cutting in, piercing, pinching and pulling hair.

The nails are scratching and the teeth are biting. The skin is peeling off,
blood is sucked. The flesh is being torn apart. There is a lot of heat, fire
charcoal, mud and ash. I see the snake too. Lot of insects, the ash is helping
to calm it. They are all over the place. Slimy, dirty, feeling wiggly, it feels
very, very hot in the body. Like being under fire or cooked.

I can’t sleep, I am rested but I feel very tired, confused and everything is
very loud. Everybody is talking, it hurts everywhere, hair, finger,
everywhere even the nails are hurting. I feel like I am in somebody’s mouth,
as if swallowed by something. Maybe a dragon. You feel hot and you feel
the saliva on the body and you want to get out. You feel the tongue licking
and you feel the throat, you are wiggling and feeling wet. You want to sleep
but you can’t sleep, it is too loud, there is no peace and you can hear
anything. It is too loud and dark. The saliva is uncomfortable and your body
is hot and wet as if eaten alive with lot of mucus.


Everything is sticking to the body. It is very thick and sticky, smelly, like a
dead mouse or dog’s wet hair. The mucus is hot, bloody and sticky. Very
very hot, sticking to everything, Sticky like glue, smelly with blood in it. It
is almost like boiling water and I see incense smoking. Charcoal is burning
cooking the mucus and roasting the mucus, changing colors black and
purple, it is burning. It is still slimy. Mucus is really thick like opening an
animal. That slimy thing is really thick. It is smelly and sticky all over your
skin and I want to take it off but it is always there.

Slimy sticky thing…

Dogs, mice, snakes, SCORPION! It is hurting with a needle in your neck.
Bitten by a scorpion. It is poison and it is unclean.

Bitten by a scorpion…

It feels very hot, I am sweaty, and I can’t talk. I am really thirsty, my nose is
hurting. There is a lot of pus in the stomach, a lot of blisters in my stomach
and colon, it is very painful. It is bleeding and swollen inside, it feels very
acidic. My body is shaking. My head is not resting and there is constant

This is very much “Surrogacy”, going into the child, It is in some way
quite meditative, we just need to let the process happen.
From the very beginning the stage is set. We know the remedy will be
something that can only be describe with harsh, tough words. Unless the
direction changes dramatically from “Horror” it is very unlikely the
remedy will be a delicate windflower for example.
A lot of parents would hesitate to speak using such honest words about
their child. We have a tendency to sugarcoat it but she expressed it
unbridled by prejudice. The honesty is admirable. Much like in the first
case, it is the candid quality pushed by the years of deep struggle that
makes it so clear. The key was to keep her speaking in the first person
and opened to the child at a very deep level.
The bite of a scorpion will cause either burning as in this case or
numbness. Interestingly she mentions charcoal, which is considered by
some to be a natural way of healing a scorpion bite. Much like the
headache case in the introduction of Part Two she plugged into
Universal consciousness so charcoal came to her. The initial intake of
Case Two speaks a lot of stickiness as well but in depth it is completely
different. Case Two does not have the “horror” behavior; it is mainly
about pushing which is completely absent in this case.



07 – 09 – 13

He is so much better. He stopped pointing to his head and say his brain

He is back to playing the piano.

He has much less body tics. He is much more present, he engages more and
socially he has improved a lot. He is talking and what he talks about makes
sense now and not only about his interests. The improvement is for the better
in every aspect except that he is still affected by the full moon. His tics get
worse and he is more agitated for four to five days.

The last bad episode he had was when we told him we were moving. His tics
came back and he was saying “my brain is bothering me.” He still does not
like changes. So I gave him the remedy and it helped him right away.
This week is better and overall he has improved a lot. We went to a
gathering, everyone noticed and mentioned how much better he seems.

Since the last time we met, I gave the remedy once a week unless he was
calm. At the end of June, he stayed with his father (he had not seen him for
10 months). He always tries to change his behavior even though he sees him
a couple of days a year. He was stressed when he came back.

Sleep is great, right now.

Right eye is perfect.

Sound sensitivity is still there but he does not complain of his ears hurting.

His presence is perfect. He is here with us, he is no longer in his world.

The fear of dogs remains.

Tensing his muscles has also been much better.

His mean and disrespectful qualities have gone.

Stomach pain is completely gone.

He also does not have a problem when I hold his hand. He is really
affectionate. He asks when can he have a girlfriend and what to do with her?

Some days have been really great.

He has been doing great in school. It is still too much stimulation when he is
in a group,

On a scale of 100, now he is 70%. In February 20%



10 – 28 – 13

He is calmer than ever before. We moved and it was stressful for him. He is
OK now but he still says he does not want to move. When that issue is out of
his mind he is fine.

He is 90 % good. He can carry a conversation. A friend who had not seen
him for a year said the change is huge.

This last full moon was not bad at all, he was less stressed. The obsession
and stims came back a bit whereas he is usually off for several days.

I rarely hear him say his brain bothers him.

We started neuro-feedback.

When he is stressed my family says to give him the remedy. He can go
without it for two weeks.

He is doing fine in school. The teachers are saying he could be
mainstreamed as his schoolwork is much better than last year.

Sleep continues to be fine.

Tensing and all jerking are gone.

I don’t see any anxiety or sound sensitivity. I remember when he wanted us
to whisper, now it is not there at all.
Stomach is fine.

He is totally engaged with other kids. He wants to be engaged though still
has difficulties with how he does it. His disposition is really good. Not a
problem there.

I can carry a back and forth conversation with him. He is fine. He asks me
about my brother or my mom. How come she is not here?

These last two follow-ups show a beautiful progression of solid gains.
The sound sensitivity that was still there recently is not there anymore.
The stomach pain remains better. Just wonderful, if only all cases could
be like this.



03 – 17 – 14

Last month, his teacher said he is expressing himself properly, participating
in class projects and talking to girls appropriately. The progress in school
has been amazing and I could not believe she was talking about him. Even
his handwriting is great.

He cracks jokes all the time. “Mom, I am thinking about girls all the time.”
In the past, when I had guests, he would hide. Now he stays and interacts.

My family has noticed tremendous improvement.

We did not see any stimming over the winter. He is a calm child. Something
has lifted.

He has been a little off since last Friday. I don’t want Spring to come
because I don’t want him to see feet. People are going to wear sandals and
that is a problem for him though his biggest problem now is his fear of dogs.

Last dose of the remedy given was in January.

Spring came and went. He didn’t have any problem with the feet or
anything else for that matter. The fear of dog remains a bit but is not
incapacitating and certainly does not mean he is on the spectrum at all.
This has been nothing but a wonderful development.

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