Case 5 Hydrogen – One Heart, One Mind, Pierre Fontaine

This is an excerpt of Case #5 from:

One Heart,
One Mind
The Case for Healing Autism and Pandas
by Pierre Fontaine

Case 5 11 – 21 – 13
DOB: 06/09/2009
Diagnoses: Autism

Tell me a little about her…

She is extremely hyper, she literally does flips around the house.
She gets very emotionally upset if she does not find a toy. She does not
share toys or food. If she wants something, she must have it right away. She
has terrible tantrums, she throws everything down and time out does not
work for her. We have to be extremely nice to her. On the other hand, she
also does not like to see people upset.

She gets very attached to things, she can’t go to sleep if she is missing a toy.

We had to take all the stuffed animals out of her room since she wanted to
hold them all and would cry for no reason if she could not.
She seems to block things out. I basically have to shout her name for her to
respond. She has some speech but she is far from being on the same level of
her peers. She confuses pronouns. “Toy, I want”. It seems to me it is an
effort for her to make a full sentence. I feel she has to think to do the proper

She seems to have a fear of the dark as she wants to sleep with the lights on.

She is terrified of thunder and has become terrified of street noise.

As soon as she was born they thought she had meningitis and they gave her
antibiotics, it turned out to be a cross contamination.

She had her first ear infection at six months and then she got them so often
she almost had tubes put in but last winter there was a complete turn around
and didn’t get sick. She only got a couple of viral stomach infection.

She became constipated. There was a period of time when it was difficult for
her to sit on the potty. She could only poop leaning forward.

At 15 months old, she had high fever and a very bad rash. Then she
developed pancreatitis. From the medication, she pooped green and had
another rash.

What lead to the diagnosis of autism?

The teacher told us she does not interact with her peers. She does not ask
where someone is going when they leave the room.

She also seems to have deficiency with fine motor skills, attention and a big
language deficit.

Tell me about the pregnancy, please.

I didn’t know I was pregnant and during that time I did some recreational
drugs. Once I found out I was pregnant I stopped.

During the first trimester, I vomited and felt dizzy a lot. Driving helped
avoid vomiting. During the ultra sound they saw a cyst and they said there
was only a small chance of a problem but for a week I was very upset.

I remember I was very stressed and I cried a lot around the 28th week.

I gained a lot of weight. I liked ice cream and peaches, I loved peaches so
much, I could not hold myself back. I could eat them right off the shelves. I
also loved very green sour apples and red apples too. I liked green grapes
and watermelon, most fruits really, but especially peaches. If I didn’t have
these fruits in the fridge I felt thirsty. I had to have them in the fridge. On the
other hand, strangely enough I could not eat any Chinese food.

I experienced a lot of headaches.

Physically, the end of the pregnancy became very difficult.

The delivery took a long time. I didn’t dilate, they induced labor but then her
shoulder was stuck. I feel like she was ripped away from me rather than a
delivered. It was a very stressful time. I started breastfeeding right away and
continued for thirteen months.

The first few months were OK. She slept mainly in the stroller, keeping her
asleep was difficult, she could only nap for forty minutes. She didn’t sleep
longer than two hours at a stretch. Now she sleeps with one of us.
We started her on solid food at the usual time; she preferred to chew. At two,
she ate all kinds of fruits and vegetables but not much meat. Every time I
feed her, I start with what she likes, then give her pasta and lastly the meat.
Cucumber is her favorite food.

You mentioned the end of the pregnancy was difficult.

Yes, getting up from bed was difficult. It was hard for me to go up the stairs.
I thought of obese people and how difficult it is for them. I also had to go to
the bathroom every fifteen minutes. At the end I felt as if something was
pushing down.

I felt very heavy, I wanted to give birth. I could not plan anything, I had to
put everything on hold. I wanted to give birth, I was not afraid at all of the
delivery. I felt like a hippo, bloated like a big Jell-O. Everything was
pushing me down. It was like trying to walk with a bag full of bricks and
stones. I breathed heavily and, I had heartburn. The whole body felt bad. I
had lower back pain, I felt bruised, like somebody took a hammer and beat

How about the headaches?

There were like a crushing feeling, like little pieces of glass going
everywhere. I had to put a cold towel for them to go away. There was
shooting from inside my head everywhere from inside to outside. It was
better if I didn’t move. If I leaned to the right the pounding would go to the
right, if I leaned to the left it would go to that side. The pain was pinching
with something sharp, a needle kind of pain. Not like, very sharp but more
like broken pieces of glass.

Great description, tell a little more.

Pieces of glass shooting but not shooting, it comes and stops like a wave. I
felt my head was hot, like a very sharp pinch. It hits you, you want to stop
and not move. It hits and it stays for some time, then it hits again, like pieces
of glass. You inhale and there is a sound.

Describe the sound, please.

Zap and it comes again. The zap stops the whole face, it stops any
expression on the face.

Let’s go back to peaches, please.

I didn’t care how dirty they were, I had to have them. I liked them soft, very
juicy and sweet. At the market I knew which ones were good without even
touching them. I ate fifteen to twenty a day.

Beautiful peaches, yellow and red, sweet juice dripping. I had a feeling of
euphoria when I ate them. The juice was the most appealing thing.

You liked the color too?

It was like something bright, a ball exploding like a flare of yellow like an
aura. Something round and yellow.

And the euphoria…

Nothing else existed me. Everything going around me. Everything spinning
around me, I could clearly distinguish myself from everything else. It felt
very natural, it was a feeling of sparkle. A short boom but worth it and then
it would go away. Something small that explodes and light goes everywhere
as little particles that explode forming lot of different branches and then it
gets light. Like Mother Surya.

Severe anger at hearing “no” is a major part of autism. It is rare to have
a child who does not get upset when he does not get what he wants.
Many people who don’t know autism pass the judgment that this is
mostly like due to being spoiled, or giving in to the child. This is not at
all so. One has to understand that it is one of the ways for the child to
alleviate pain. If one were to take a hard line towards the behavior one
of two things would happen. The crying can literally last days. I have
had cases where the child wakes up in the morning and starts crying
right away for being told “no” the day before, in fact in one case, the
anger, rather the rage, lasted three days. The second option is for the
child to totally stop all interaction however minimal that already is.
After a “breaking” experience it is unlikely that child will come back.
Force does not help or work though I recognize it is instinctual to want
to force our children to behave but an entirely different strategy is in
fact needed with these children.

In my experience of taking cases in the surrogate manner, a child on the
spectrum does not have that kind of behavior from being spoiled. The
stuff the kid on the spectrum wants literally prevents him from being in
excruciating pain generally by placing so much focus on an item that it
relives pain. This is the big difference between the child on the spectrum
and the neuro-typical kid.

This case is a pregnancy case rather than a surrogate case. The
information came from during the pregnancy rather than “One Heart,
One Mind.” However all roads lead to Rome. The true measure of a
skilled homeopath is to be able to switch from one method to another on
the spot. One needs to meet the case where it is rather than pull towards
a technique or a method. The most important is to find the path of least
resistance to the deepest information available.

I chose Hydrogen for this child. Mom speaks of light and spontaneously
links it up to Mother Surya, the Hindu Sun God. This was not said as a
parent’s gloating of her wonderful daughter but rather this is the state
the peaches she ate would put her in, literally as if she was Pure Light
herself. Hydrogen was the very first element after the Big Bang. The
theme is very much saintly, and as such it represents in our material
medica the light, the one closest to purity.



FOLLOW-UP I 12 – 12 – 13

What have you noticed this past month?

She is far less resistant and much more compliant. It is easier for her to go to
sleep, or brush her teeth. She just goes and does it. She sleeps better and
when she wakes up she does not scream anymore but she still screams in the

Everything is way easier than it used to be. Getting ready for school was a
daily torture, it is easy now. She sits with other kids now in school for lunch
whereas she didn’t want to sit with other kids before.

She is less attached to things. She is easier now if we take something away
from her.

Nothing she was doing is worse. Everything is better. Eye contact is better.

Her language is a little bit better too. There is still no interaction with other
kids but she engages more with eye contact.

Yes, tell me about the language, please.

I can have a little bit of a conversation with her. Language is a little bit
better; not a huge improvement but better.

Her fine motor skills are better. When she draws she does not go outside the
lines as much now. She used to want to use only one color but now she uses
more colors. She draws a picture and she brings it to me. Before she would
have just scribbled something. Here she is drawing with details.

She also has more creative play too. Before, there was only one and always
the same scenario. She has more interests now instead of just wanting to
play with trains.

Street noises don’t affect her at all.

Right after the first dose she started to want to eat. It was so difficult before.

When she comes home she does not have to take her clothes off.

I dosed five times all together.

This is unequivocal improvement. There is such an elegant beauty to the
process of healing. It lifts the million pound weight of suffering as if it
were a feather. Truly awe inspiring.



FOLLOW-UP II 01 – 22 – 14

She has better attention span with more ability to follow directions in school.
The school definitely sees progress.

She seems to be social, she wants to play with her cousins. She is so much
more interested whereas she was not interested before.

What does more interested mean?

It is totally different. She is playing doctor with them. She uses toys the way
they are supposed to be used. I still have to help her initiate the play but she
can get going.

She asks questions to her sister but she is too young to respond. She is trying
to communicate. Before she would only observe and not get in direct
conversation. Now she is actually trying to communicate with direct

She seems more aware of her surroundings. She asks questions “What is this
or that?” whereas before she was not interested at all. For example, we have
had the same car for years but now she asks a lot of questions about it, one
question leads to another.

Also, what is the microwave for? How does it cook? She is also asking what
it means to die or what expensive or cheap means. For every question and
answer she asks more questions. “What is it to be fair and unfair?” She asks
about the foods I buy “what is this?” “what is that?”

She has been doing really well in ABA. The teacher tells me, she talks to
other kids with a little prompting to get it started.

In October, she could not stay within the line when drawing but now it is all
fine. She is also writing her name.

I can cut her hair. She does not mind noises much at all. She does not want
to change when she comes home. She is fine with the clothes she has on, she
does not need to get naked.

During holidays in Florida she was fine.

What about the tantrums?

No more. She does not throw anything around either.

(The father says she is doing great.) She is a different kind of kid. She is
more understanding of things around her. She does not seem to be in the fog.
She was echolalia but 99% is gone. We can have a normal conversation with
her now for her age.

When we went to the mall, I had to put her in the shopping cart or she would
run away. It was so dangerous, we don’t have that problem anymore, she
stays with us.

She becomes calm and agreeable after the remedy so I know when to repeat.
I have been dosing every three days.



FOLLOW-UP III 03 – 18 – 14

Eye contact and language are coming along. She is more affectionate. She
needed so much prompting for her to hug me and now she does it
spontaneously. Lately she is calling me “mom”, she is definitely more aware
of things and people around her. She even laid down next to my mother a
few days ago. It is really great to see that.

Language is coming along. She is using more and more words, she is
conversational, picking language up from people instead of just “Bye” or

She is more social, she talks to other kids. She didn’t talk to other kids

Everything is fine except for some behavior. She got sick twice and her
behavior worsened after that. Stool parasites. She lost track of things when
she got sick, she also was not compliant.

These last few lines are the dread for me and they point to the
complexity of autism and its deep involvement of the bacterial symbiosis
I spoke about in Chapter Eight. The child can be doing great and then a
common cold or stomach virus can throw all the improvements apart.
These acute episodes need to be tended to with utmost care. Ideally the
constitutional remedy helps and all return to order swiftly but more
often than not it doesn’t and then a remedy is needed to specifically
address the acute episode itself. This is a piece of the puzzle I missed
until fairly recently. Now my office has reversed cases just by handling
the acute episodes really well thereby restoring a better symbiosis of the
bacterial, viral and fungal colonies. This situation is very particular to
autism. I remember some years ago I was so overwhelmed in the middle
of January I called the homeopathic pharmacy I get most of my
remedies from and I asked them to send me the top three common cold
remedies though this is contrary to individualization. Their answer was
stupefying. They said, don’t worry about colds, they are self-limited. My
answer was that my population can truly suffer major setbacks and if
not taken care of properly those set backs will stay for a very very long
time. It is as if the Vital Force cannot overcome even the minor
disruption of a cold. If the child tanks, at times even before cold
symptoms appear, then the acute episode needs its own specific remedy.
On the other hand, in an autism case, a common cold can be a God
send. When I receive an email or phone call telling me the child is sick I
now ask right away if he is backtracking emotionally and behaviorally.
If not then the acute will most commonly have an overall healing value.
If there is fever, it is the greatest ally to restore symbiosis. Control the
fever naturally, without chemicals and great gains in the chronic
condition can happen. Some children completely lose their autistic
characteristic while they are sick with a fever. To me, this points to the
dysbiosis theory of Chapter Eight at least in some cases.


FOLLOW-UP IV 04 – 18 – 14

She is doing very well. She has more pretend game. She likes to draw and
paint. She uses different colors and doing display on the wall.

She shows more affection. Without a prompt she says “I love you” several
times a day and hugs at the same time.

She has a friend in school. She is engaging appropriately with her sister,
teacher and students. She is being quite social at the park. She is very aware
of her surroundings.

She communicates with us very well and asks appropriate questions. She
talks to us a lot. We take a three hours ride to our vacation house, she talks
to us all the time very appropriately. It is very good. It is really good and
always wants to be a part of us. Her personality is really coming through.

She had a little bit of a behavior when she got sick. Since then she had only
one meltdown.

The hyperactivity is so much better. She sits in class and pays attention. She
can sit for about an hour.

People at the grocery store say she is very well behaved. She is quite
independent. She can open the door of the car and sit herself in her car seat.
She can dress herself. We can’t distinguish her from any other kid.

She tries to be funny and tells what she wants to do when she grows up.

I usually dose twice a week.



FOLLOW-UP V 06 – 17 – 14

She gets restless when I don’t give the remedy often enough. We went back
to dosing every four days and we are back on track. She is sustaining normal

She tests average on everything. She still has some difficulties expressing
herself when it comes to the big picture or abstract thinking.

She talks to her sister. She’ll lay with me and play pretends game.

We are moving her slowly to the general education class. She learns
everything for her age without a problem.

Tantrums are still so much better. It is easy to control them when they
happen. She is also not hyperactive.

Socially, she talks to other kids. She sits with them totally playing together
with dolls etc. She plays with Barbie. Play is totally emerging.

Beautiful. It is not only the relief of pain but also the blossoming of the
child into her own being and personality that is so wonderful to see.



FOLLOW-UP VI 08 – 28 – 14

Tremendous progress, very responsive! She seems to be on par with her

I had a car fender bender, since then she has developed a little fear, she tells
me “don’t go too fast, Papa.”

She can be stubborn and upset if something does not go her way but normal
kids do the same thing. I find that I like that part of life but it aggravates my
wife’s life.

(Dad is not concerned about anything anymore, he now thinks she is going
to be fine. He just wonders if she is going to be OK in school. An IEP
coming in October.)

She is very nice with the other kids, playing with them perfectly fine as well
as with adults. When she is by herself at times I’ll catch her playing with her
fingers in front of her face.

She sleeps well.

Eye contact has not been an issue for a long time.

Hyperactivity is nothing I am worried about.

She expresses herself clearly. She speaks fast and sometimes cuts the words
a little bit. It is not a speech issue, but rather like a personality thing. She is
at level in every aspect.

Dosing every four to five days.

HYDROGEN 200C (continue every 4 to 5 days)


FOLLOW-UP VII 11 – 25 – 14

She is doing really well. She is learning in class and listens well. She is
going to dance class now, I don’t see anything strange, compared to where
she was a year ago. She plays with her sister fine. Pretend play and all.

She talks to kids and helps them. We have play dates.

Give the remedy every 4 days. When I stretched it she is fine but starts to
whine a little more and that is definitely the cue to repeat her remedy.

She has been sick for two days with a fever and has been coughing for a
couple of days. Dry cough, especially at night. I used the sub acute dose of
the remedy yesterday and it helped the cough and the fever.

The last time we followed up she was perfectly fine. She continues to be
a vibrant wonderful kid. There is no need to see me anymore.

HYDROGEN 200C (need to continue to dose sub acute to over come the

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