Case 6 Chara Intermedia – One Heart, One Mind, Pierre Fontaine

This is an excerpt of Case #6 from:

One Heart,
One Mind
The Case for Healing Autism and Pandas
by Pierre Fontaine

Case 6 07 – 16 – 13
DOB: 12/17/2009
MC: Apraxia – Aphrasia

Small spikes of brain activity indicating possible seizures.

I think he is a vaccine-injured kid.

He is not using proper speech. We put him in daycare but there was big
difference between him and the other kids so after six month we took him to
a speech pathologist. Then to a neurologist and they diagnosed him.

At two and a half he spoke only 16 words “go, here…” very simple words.

Now, he can only put two words together. “I see” “milk” every once in a
while he may say “I am hungry.”

Tell me about the pregnancy, please.

Everything was fine until the fifth month when my husband almost died. It
was extremely stressful. For the delivery, I was not dilating and they put me
on antibiotics to prevent infections. Beside that, it was a happy pregnancy.

Did you have any pain or discomfort during the pregnancy?

The only discomfort was nausea during the first 4 months. I didn’t have my
morning sickness in the morning; it was at 2 PM and lasted until 12AM. I
never vomited. I had difficulty breathing, and I’d go upstairs and listen to
some nice music or go to the gym.


I felt light headed and sick in the stomach. I could not eat or smell anything.
At night, I didn’t want to be around anyone. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I
felt pain; my stomach was turning inside out. I couldn’t smell anything.
Even the smell of food I usually love made me feel nauseated.

The smell was…

Fish or seafood and coffee made me feel nauseous really bad. I ate a lot of
apples during the first six to seven months. They made me feel good. I was
also craving a lot of fruits and veggies. I drank a lot of milk. He loves apples
and milk too, homemade pizza and pasta.

What was it about apples you liked so much?

Sweet and sour was what I liked the most. I had a strange feeling of
something telling me to go get an apple. It just felt good. Sweet pleasure and
sour with a little tickle in the mouth. It was happiness in the mouth.

Sweet and sour, please describe the experience in the mouth?

I could feel the satisfaction of it as soon as I put it in my mouth. I felt
energy, as if the brain regenerates. It was a craving first. In the muscles,
almost tickling, the body is shaking.

Tell more about tickling, please.

It was almost like a spasm of missing something that you need. In the case
of those apples it was the sweet and sour.

OK, it is a fact that apples are sweet and sour. Describe a little more of
what happened in the body when you ate an apple.

I think the muscles feel stronger; almost violent blood flow going around
your body. Almost like it is not even you. Your body is telling you what to

Great, tell a little more about the experience in the body.

The muscle goes for what it needs and within taking the first bite one gets
instant satisfaction. The muscles shiver, warm and cold at the same time.
The muscles are pumping for that craving.

Yes, keep going with shiver, warm and cold. Describe a little more the
tissue’s experience that makes you use the words warm and cold.

That feels funny. There is no muscle shiver. Rather, it is warm and cold at
the same time in certain places. Both could be unpleasant. It is a shocking
feeling to the skin. It is a strange feeling as if your heart stops pumping.

Warm gives you a pleasing feeling, again blood overflow.

Please describe what makes you say “blood overflow” because there
actually is no blood overflow.

It gives this pressure like a little bomb inside your body. I feel it in the heart.
Pressure feels like love. Pumping, there is that little shake right before the
body starts pumping.

Very wonderful, tell more about shake.

There is a cold flush going through body and then I get the shake. As if the
skin is dropped in ice cold water. There is a shock wave in the middle of the
body in a split second. That is why you feel that extreme warm.

Tell more about the shock wave.

It is extreme energy going through the body, ripping you apart. A cold shock
or a flush,

OK, great now please tell me about liking milk.

I don’t like milk, I drank soymilk. It was more from the sense of being a
good mom. Chris loved the regular milk. Neither one of us actually like
pasteurized milk.

I see. Let’s go back to discomfort.

He sat so very low. There was pressure. It was difficult to even put my shoes

Describe pressure please without using the word pressure.

Pushed down, almost like this baby wanted to get out. Bubbles. It felt
exactly like a bubble, pleasant he was moving and almost wanting to be out
in the world. There was ticklish feeling, pushing, kicking and pain in the

There was pain?

Yes, as if pulling two hands apart strongly. That push and pressure were the
only unpleasant feelings. It was as if there was too much water inside me. I
needed to go to bathroom every five minutes.

Ocean comes to my mind. Almost like not being in your own body and
thrown in water and pushing and bumping and almost talking to you in a
non-talkative way. Almost like being on a sailboat and can’t move much, it
is easier to stay in one position. It is exactly how it is, in a different body,
different world. It feels very pleasant. It feels like being on a boat in the
middle of the ocean. It was a peaceful feeling.

Different body and different world.

It is calm and peaceful in my mind. It is how much I love the sound of the
ocean and I live in the mountains. There is the pressure of the water around,
in the middle of the ocean rocking; like being rocked on a bed or being on a
swing. It is very calming. Having positive peaceful thoughts.


I regret I never felt how the baby actually felt. Releasing that pressure finally
feels relaxing.

Did you have any dreams?


How was the delivery?

It was very easy. The labor part was harder; the delivery was very easy and
almost relaxing.

At the beginning you mentioned extreme stress. Can you tell me more?

My husband was very sick. The doctors induced coma and they didn’t know
whether he’d live or die. The pressure caused this huge knot in my stomach
and body. The stress was emotionally unbearable. I cried a lot during that
whole month while he was in the coma.

Describe pressure without using the word pressure, please.

Like a very strong squeeze, almost painful. Fearful. Body shocks or body
waves, lightning in the body, shocks and vibes; it’s the shake, wave of the

Please tell more about shock, wave, again without using those words.

Lightning, orange yellow that shakes the whole body from top to bottom. A
huge thunder of yellow and orange. Bright yellow almost like a white and
golden orange. It is almost a jump of the body, a kick. A shock as if the heart
stops pumping, As if there is no blood flow. A sudden shock where your
blood just freezes. You can’t think for a second. The mouth can’t say the
first words of the thoughts. The whole body freezes; it is cold, there is no
blood flow, no movement.

This case takes us through several stages. First, there is the shock of
hearing about the husband nearly dying. Then we spent a little time on
the sensation from eating an apple. This is a blatant example of how fast
homeopathy – is over medicine. “At the first bite… instant
satisfaction…” she goes on describing the sensation. The beauty of the
homeopath is to be able to take this information and match it (almost
instantly) to a remedy.

She speaks of pressure, as most people, but it is a concept. There is no
knot or pressure. Her stomach is not in a knot nor is there anything on
her stomach to cause pressure. It is what it feels like rather than what it
is. It is a feeling and while feelings are real they are generally not true
but we use them to reach another level that is of physical experience.
Pressure and knots are words that represent what we know, a concept
but not the actual physical experience. The physical experience is
something entirely different. In this case, unlike the Scorpion case, it is
not related so I went to the level she related to the most during the
pregnancy which was being in the Ocean and shelved the shock of the
husband’s near death situation. In the final analysis, I simply settled
upon a remedy made from an algae. At the time, I also thought that
since so many children on the spectrum love to be in water, algae should
play a big role. Unfortunately, that idea which would have narrowed the
choice of remedy tremendously, did not work out so well confirming
that we must keep an open mind and focus on individualizing symptoms
rather than fits as many children in one category.



FOLLOW-UP I 09 – 17 – 13

I have been dosing every three days, he has been really calm.
He has been sleeping and eating well. The speech pathologist said he is
learning well.

After the eighth dose, he was in very good mood and talked a lot for three
days. Then I repeated because he started to not do so well and after three
days he reversed to the good side again.

I can say there has been huge improvement with speech. He is able to
consistently make three words sentences, which is huge for us. He is
organizing the words so they make sense. This is a skill that had been
difficult for him.

His vocabulary is wider; three words sentences is good for him now. He is
understood but when he makes longer sentences, up to five words then it is
difficult to understand him.

“I am hungry”, “I want my train”, “I want to go out”, “I want drink”. This
type of sentence is now common. It is not much but it is a lot more than
before. Last time I dosed him he was talking so much.

The behavior changed quite nicely. His level of frustration is much lower.
He does not cry or whine nearly as much. He has always been a kid who has
had a difficult time to stay still. He was like that throughout my pregnancy

Of course I am staying with the same remedy.



FOLLOW-UP II 10 – 24 – 13

He seems to be steadily improving, learning and picking up new words. He
is talking more and more.

He is very calm. His speech therapist left me a message yesterday to tell me
how well he is doing. He is doing a lot of things other kids don’t know.

It is difficult to get him to say beyond the three words sentence but he is
expanding beyond “I want” to say “Let’s go outside” for example. He also
thinks the other way around “I know don’t.” instead of “I don’t know” but
overall he has a much better understanding of words. That is a big
difference, but longer sentences are difficult.

Describe calm a little more, please.

I don’t see that quick frustration that used to be there. He asks calmly and is
polite which is really nice.

I am dosing 6 to 8 drops. When I dose he sleeps well too. Usually he moves
around and kicks a lot. With the dosing, he has this very quiet peaceful
sleep. When he wakes up I see a lot of improvement in the morning.



FOLLOW-UP III 11 – 27 – 13

He was sick and he has been talking more since. I dosed him with sub acute
dose and he recovered very fast, within four days. This time, he was really
sick. With this sub acute dosing, I felt he came out of his shell even though
he was sick. Since then he speaks in longer sentences.

I went back to drop dose twice after he was sick. Since last week he is
coming out, he has much more speech and coming out of his shell. Two days
after dosing his speech picks up and then stays steady.

On November 10th I gave him Chara 200C and I felt he got very cranky
afterward. Last week, it totally reversed and now he has been mostly happy
and talking non-stop with longer sentences. There is much less babbling and
he is making pretty nice sentences.

Can you please give me examples of longer sentences?

“I can’t see more cars” “daddy got time out” “I want going upstairs to play”
“I am going to get it” “I don’t want to build circle train track.” All the
therapists keep telling me that he is talking more and more.

He sleeps very well. There has not been any restless sleep yet.

He has a feisty personality coming out.

Socially he is fine.

Clearly there is nothing to change here but just stay the course and
enjoy the improvement. There is little doubt this child will not be able to
speak perfectly well very soon. The rapidity and the ease are what made
the difference here. Homeopathy is really about re-introducing
information in the body for it to operate better. It is really not much
more than that. This is the difference from the material approach,
which in the case of Apraxia is to do exercises to train the mouth
apparatus; for other conditions, the approach is with medication. This is
a long and difficult road. Homeopathy is experiential medicine that uses
one’s personal experience of the ailment replicated in a remedy to
cancel it out. Let us expand on this once again.

We can take her experience of eating an apple “I could feel the
satisfaction of it as soon as I put it in my mouth. I felt energy, as if the
brain regenerates. It was a craving first. In the muscles, almost tickling,
the body is shaking.” It we take the traditional approach we can say
that when she eats an apple the sugar goes into the gastro intestinal
tracks, with many steps there of breaking down the fructose into glucose
which eventually is processed in the mitochondria for ATD production,
which is cellular fuel. What she says though is that the sensation is “as
soon as I put it in my mouth”, so there is something else, more vital
happens and much faster happens as well. This is the level homeopathy
acts upon and it is the reason when an accurate remedy is picked the
results can be rapid. This is also reminiscent of the rapidity molecules
combine in the lock and key scheme mentioned in Chapter Seven.



FOLLOW-UP IV 01 – 20 – 14

For four to five days after a dose he is great with lots of patience. He is
doing things and talking a lot and then it reverses the other way and it’s just
not quite as nice so I dose.

The speech is doing well, especially after I dose him. He has this cute level
of conversation.

He is extremely over sensitive to sound. He freaks out when he hears my
voice, or the coffee machine. The over sensitivity is always there except
when I dose him. I need to dose every four to five days.

Socially he is doing very well. His teacher says he is very involved and

He is a great sleeper now though around the full mood he did not sleep well.
Cognitively he understands nicely at every level.

As far as apraxia is concerned, his two teachers say he is definitely delayed
but he is making huge progress and catching up fast. The improvements he
has made over the past few months take other kids two or three years to
achieve. In May he was not talking at all but when I compare him to other
kids he is still behind.

I have noticed that our moods really get affected by each other’s state of
mind. It is as we still have our umbilical cord. We both have the same

I think the mom spontaneously told me the name of the next remedy.
Did you spot it?
For now I am still staying with Chara but much like in the second case
where I gave Lycopodium, though the mom has dosed in the last few
months closer to back tracking time, I think I will need to change the
remedy. I am sending her what I think will come next.



FOLLOW-UP V 02 – 18 – 14

Chara is no longer helping. Last week, I switched to “U.M.” the other
remedy you sent me. Soon after I gave it to him, he looked like a baby that
came out of a shell; like a baby bird. There was this cute happiness on his
face and he talked a lot, “Mommy this and that” and chirping a lot. He
would not shut up; it was like he was reborn. I repeated after 5 days, since
then, for these past three weeks he has had no ups and down at all.

It is pretty amazing and it is very exciting to me. He is like reborn, like birdy
reborn and adding words to his vocabulary more than ever. He is adding to
his sentences with better pronunciation.

A couple of weeks ago a speech pathologist said some sounds and letters he
pronounces are at 5-year-old level. Cognitively he is doing great.

His sound sensitivity is so much better too.

He introduced me to his friend. He is doing so well I can’t get over it,

This is so beautiful. Absolutely great and easy. Again we see a total
blossoming of the child. Mom talks about the effect of the remedy in
such a eloquent way. What she says is absolutely right on; I still get
goose bumps from the Beauty of it all!

So Chara had resonance for some time but did not fully solve the case.
We had to move on and I am glad we did.



FOLLOW-UP VI 04 – 15 – 14

He was sick, so sip dosed him and that seemed to make him a lot better.

He likes it when we sip dose. Tried Chara 10M while he was sick; the
reaction was so so. He is still a little mucusy.

Overall he is doing very well. I don’t see a need to give him the U.M. Every
day he seems to be getting new words now. School reports are that he was
understood 20% and now he is evaluated at 100%. That was really great
news to me. They said they have no concern about his speech anymore and
in a year he should be prepared for kindergarten.

Also the number of words he is able to put together in a sentence is
consistent. It was one word and now he is evaluated as having 5 to 6 words
sentences. He is at a perfect level for a four year old possibly ahead of his
age in terms of writing. He speaks some Spanish as well. At home he makes
8 to 9 words sentences.

He is sleeping well. Not a problem there even during the full moon. “He told
me that last night he had a dream where a bug ate his finger and it hurts.
Socially he is doing excellent. He loves people and loves kids. He wants to
stay with his friends, he never wants to go home anymore.

He is not restless. He can focus and does not have any problem.
Umbilicus 1M seems to be the best. Chara used to help right away but now it
is within two days but it helps for a longer time.

Can you tell me about his congestion?

He does not have any fever. He has a cough with horrible mucus. He loves
pasta and bread and milk. He coughs during the day; it sounds like a wet tin
jar. It sounds deep and wet and sounds like a closed up tin jar. It has this tin
sound to it.

She did it again, of course totally unbeknown to her she gave me the
remedy for the cough. You caught it this time, didn’t you?
Tin, also known in homeopathy as Stannum metallicum is well known to
homeopaths for its “tinny” cough sound. Every single time, I have been
told “tiny cough”, Stannum has helped.



Stannum metallicum totally broke his cough and mucus. He is doing
great in all aspects.

I called her to inquire about him for this book. He has been doing
perfectly great.

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