Case 7 Botulinum – One Heart, One Mind, Pierre Fontaine

This is an excerpt of Case #6 from:

One Heart,
One Mind
The Case for Healing Autism and Pandas
by Pierre Fontaine

Case 7 01 – 26 – 15

DOB: 12 – 09 – 02

Double vision. He sees the upper half clearly and sees the same image below
but not clearly. We have been told it is called autistic vision.

If he does not wear the glasses he slouches in the chair, twitches his body
sideways and looks out the side of his eyes. He climbs up on the table and
other furniture. His whole body goes over the whole paper when he paints,
leaning, almost laying down on it. All these symptoms are gone since he
started wearing his glasses.

He has low muscle tone and very weak abdominal muscles. His coordination
is poor; he is always clumsy.

He has apraxia as well as language development problem. He only started
reading and doing abstract thinking last year.

He also has severe milk, eggs and seasonal allergies, which have taxed his
immune system. We have been doing Bio-med. He does not have G.I tract
problems. Sleep is fine.

He gets sick from viruses very easily.

His sleep is very restless and disturbed.

He always looks happy. He developed physically quite fast. He is above
average in height and weight.

In school, he is a quite and obedient child. He stims walking back and forth
in hallway. Like a soldier he needs to hold himself for a certain amount of

He used to have tantrums and bad moods but they improved with bio med.
An argument can escalate into huge blow out. He will then go away and
cover himself from head to toe screaming and yelling at something. He says
“I am prince, Christian is go.” He used to go to church and not grasp the
purpose, now he has a better understanding of right and wrong. To him,
everything is about winning.

What is your sense of “Prince and Christian is gone?” what is he

He becomes extremely angry; he hits me hard and he can push his sister
without knowing it. Rage goes up and he is red. He is turned inside out; he is
very angry. He points his finger at me; I smack his hand and he roars like an
animal. That is when he goes to his room and covers himself under a
blanket. He makes a lot of noise, gets very angry and there are “tears of
anger.” Then he lays flat on his bed as if he were dead and after a while he
gets up and says “Christian is gone and I am a prince.” Christian has gone to
the magic bed. It is as if something breaks in him; the blanket puts the fire
out. Then he is extra nice to his sister and wants to make up for what he has
done. That is how I put it.

He is obsessed with the cat, totally over involved with it. He grabs her and
hugs her so much. He talks to her as if she were a person. It is not a normal
boy move; it is really a strange obsession. He shares into her crawl space in
a very nice sweet manner but I am afraid that we are going to lose her.

Do you know where “Prince” comes from?

He gets very emotional, cries a lot and is very remorseful. He wants all the
attention and love and be accepted for everything. It is a kind of, in spite of
everything I am, I will be good as long as I can. I need a friend, now. Treat
me like I am a two or three year old again. When he is over the rage, he is
absolutely convinced he is transformed. There are two different people in

Christian is in pain, bothered and torn apart. He is trying to set himself out of
that pain and discomfort. I have to become a prince. I put him away in that
magic bed and the good Christian comes out. He sees himself as straight and
around him things are pulling him apart. When he is prince everybody is
treated like royalty too.

Thank you. Continue describing what you sense from him.

He fights it all alone and does not ask for help. He has a very strong will. I
am right and I will never give up this position. He is not a compromising
child in any way and he has incredible self-control.

A child pushed him and he held the other kid at bay with his arms. He did
that with very limited speech. He was red and the teacher said he could have
hurt him. He has a very strong sense of justice as well as a strong sense of

I bring him to school and you can’t tell he is autistic. He speaks only when
he is able to, like a soldier doing his duty. At home he relaxes and lets it all

Please speak as if he were speaking.

When I am angry and yell at mom I feel better. When I go in the bed I feel
better. I fight that pain that is around me. I like dark; I can’t open my eyes. I
hate that I am crying. I don’t want to show anybody that I am crying. I feel
physical pain, which makes me move my fingers a lot. I feel needles. I hear
a lot of noises. I speak very loud to talk over the noise. I feel locked up like I
am in prison. The demons hurt me. When I am the prince I need to know
that I have silver plane.

Tell more about the physical pain you feel.

It is needles all over the fingers and skin. Somebody is pulling my body
apart. It is a dull achy pain and the head hurts a lot. They pull and the
needles start. After an anger episode he has horrible headaches, always in
the forehead.

Tell me more about pulling, please.

It is never ending and it is always the same. I get the feeling that the pain is
going to start soon. It is like somebody is attacking him. I am in a real battle.
I growl like an animal. I growl as if I am throwing somebody off of me. It
suffocates me and I scream like an animal.

Continue, please this is really good for our purpose.

Somebody is attacking my body and I want to scare it away but it catches
me. It attacks my whole body. I growl, yell and scream like a tiger for it to
leave me. It creates anger and rage.


I want to kill it but I can’t get my hands on it. I can’t grab it. I don’t see it. I
am hurt and I get very angry. I don’t know what is going on with me and
nobody understands me. I will never tell them what I am doing. It goes
through my fingers and I can’t get it. Sometimes it is really bad; it hurts a lot
and it always comes back.

My whole life, I have never been happy. It happened when I started to see
my little sister grow up. I don’t remember being like her. I am angry at all
that was stolen away from me. I see a lot of blood. I have blood? No blood.
Illness, booboo, bad illness; it is all blood. When I was a baby I was hurting
a lot. I look at pictures. I hurt here, here and there. I can’t see, I am blind.
I screamed a lot. I was very scared, I woke up in horrible pain and screamed,
raging scream. I was the same as a baby as I am now.

My legs hurt. It is a very sharp pain that even hurts my stomach. That is
what comes to mind first: sharp and stabbing pain. Something takes over my
whole body. My hands don’t work right. I can’t keep my fingers straight. I
can’t hold my hands. Like something is attacking me at night like a

Once, I even poured holy water on him. It was like somebody was attacking
him. He has these raging screams and fights my husband and I. It is as if he
doesn’t know who we are; without being able to recognize his mom or dad
and can calm down only after an hour or two.

I understand, stay with the first person and continue describing. You
are doing great.

Somebody attacks me, strangles and pulls at me. I scream to scare him off. I
become like an animal. I fight to get him off me. I scream to get it off me,
but it is inside me. It is a black cloud. It is trying to kill me; constantly trying
to kill me and I am fighting for my life. I am very scared. I can’t breathe
well. I am suffocating. It is strangling me. I run away from it, my parents try
to hug me and it makes it worse. I want all of this off of me. Don’t touch me
otherwise I can’t fight. All of a sudden it stops and I am very tired. After that
I want to get pampered.

It is trying to grab my soul and I don’t want to give it up. I see a black hand
out of the cloud. I cover my face and I push away. I am aware of it always
being there and it is watching me. If I lower my guard it attacks. I always
have to watch out. It is watching me. I can’t let go. I have to watch every
move I make. I look out in space but it is always waiting for its chance to
grab me. When I get tired, it is not a sudden attack. I lose concentration, lose
hearing, slowly it creeps into me and I start to act out. The moment it sees
the door open it starts to attack me.

It is a black cape with hands. It is talking and watching every thought I have.
It wants to rip my heart. She wants to take my heart and soul. It has an order
to kill me. It is pure hate to cause pain and torture like this. It feeds on me.

Yes, keep on a little more. Tell more about “it”.

It won’t stop until I am gone. It has an order to kill him. It is a demon. It
wants to take my soul. It wants to paralyze and feeds on pain. Pain is its
food. It is very angry.

Let it speak, please.

It has a need to destroy anything pure and innocent. It is a war. It wants to
break, corrupt, and hurt. It means to cause as much hurt as possible. It looks
for a weak point. He looks for a loophole. It goes under the fence and sneaks
up. I lay low until I see an opportunity to attack. I never go away, I will
always be waiting. It there is a wall the more elusive I’ll get. The less access
the worse I’ll attack. I have an order to kill him. I must get rid of him. He
should not survive. I am an angry woman. I will drive him into darkness. I
want him paralyzed. I want him to be in pain all the time and want to destroy
his life. I have to take him out of this world. I must stop him.


I want his body paralyzed. I want him in an institution in a dark room and
lonely. No movement. His legs and arms don’t move. If I can’t kill him I
want him locked up. I want to drive him completely mad. He has to sit and
stare. His mouth should not work, and he cannot move his hands or arms. I
never want him to get up. I’ll destroy the muscles and the heart. Poison him!
I don’t want him to talk. I hate the fact that he talks. I want him to be
confused. If I can’t take his heart I want him trapped and disoriented. I don’t
like his heart beating. Even if I paralyze him his heart is beating. I don’t want
that. He can’t move a pinky and the heart is still beating. It is an old witch. It
wants to drag him down to the center of the earth like in Greek mythology.
Fresh healthy flesh appears and it is going to attack that area to kill it again.
She wants to poison all of his organs with constant infection and poison.
It is sitting alone in the moonlight with a bright beating red heart in the
chest. She wants his heart but she can’t grab that heart. Even if he is gone
and can’t feel anymore, she can’t get to it, like a crazy hyena.

Can’t feel anymore

He is numb. His mind is paralyzed and mentally he is gone. His brain is all
foggy, he can’t think straight and can just stare. He can only see silhouette.
The paralysis is tingling, pins and needles and then goes numb. It is like a
Greek mythology story. That numbness is like an irritation, a sensory
overload. He is afraid of cuts on the body. He freaks out completely. He was
horrified of cuts as a baby. Horrified of shots and needles.

What is the Greek mythology story you are referring to?

Chained to the rock and bird pick at his intestines. It heals and the next day
the bird comes and feeds again. He never dies.
All this reminds me that he had acute arsenic poisoning when he was a kid.
The first word I think of for him is that he is poisoned.

This is an example of a mom being opened and allowing herself to share
the experience of her child. It was all about what ails him and the
experience of it. It sounds as if there are religious overtones but nothing
was said with that in mind. The homeopathic remedy that can match
this state has to be a poison much like in the second case. Botulin causes
lame paralysis, it relaxes the muscles, which is why it is used
cosmetically in medication form to get rid of wrinkles, frowns and other
involuntary muscles contractions. All fits the case quite well. It is the
only remedy I could think of and the Greek myth made me think of
rotting flesh. For those who are fans of isopathic remedies such as
Streptococcus and Lyme (Borellia) etc.… this is what a nosode case
should basically sound like. A “nosode” is a remedy made from tissue
and potentized until there is not a single molecule left of it. Only its
electro magnetic signature is left as discussed in Chapter Six. A nosode
case always comes down to an “it.” An organism that is unfriendly to us.
It is important to re-iterate that this mom was not speaking from what
she knows, i.e.; left-brain as described in the introduction of Part Two.
She went very deep within herself to surrogate for her child. Let’s see if
the remedy helped.

BOTULINUM 30 C (Obviously, it is not the poison itself but rather the
remedy, potentized past any possibilities of having any molecules of it. IT
is only is Electro magnetic piece of information.)


FOLLOW-UP I 03 – 30 – 15

The night I dosed him, I didn’t give him any supplements, but just the
remedy. That night he didn’t move at all during his sleep and ever since he
has been sleeping perfectly well.

He started loving music. He’d pretend to play violin then but he never
wanted to hear it. Now he loves it.

He volunteered at the dance show in school.

He is speaking in full sentences, saying up to twelve word sentences.
As far as the meltdowns are concerned as you know he would go under the
blankets or lay on his bed but now he tells me what bothers him. He stays
with us and does not close the door. He verbalizes his feeling. Before he was
like an animal with these meltdowns.

I can’t say enough. He plays with the family. He has asked about marriage!!!
He has never been interested in this.

He created amazing constructions out of material and paper he found.
He understands so much more. Even when I spell the words to my husband
he tells me, “I understand what you just said.”

Now, when he speaks he knows when he says something wrong and catches
himself and starts again.

He has great compassion. He was really hurt by seeing the earthquake in
Japan and wanted to do something about it. He said “I feel bad about Japan
because I take karate and I am OK.” Though his speech is choppy it is

He understands the concept of Tom and Jerry. He didn’t before.

This past full moon was the first time he was OK. We used to almost lock
him up, because he’d fall apart and this time he was fine. Nothing happened
even though I expected a storm.

He seems to be going through toddler milestones.

He had a very weak core, weak muscle tone and now he can do thirty
backflips, and stands on his head without falling over. He showed me how
he can jump and regroup in the air. His walk also changed.

He takes off his glasses more often now too. He used to be very attached to
them and now he takes them off. Without the glasses his vision was sloppy,
yet now I don’t see a difference.

He does not tell us how his brain feels. There is no need.

He talks about what happens in school rather than doing his self-soothing

He never hurts his sister but says “I love you” instead. He does the same
with me as well.

Everything is about win…

He still needs to be first; on a good day he says “I am a man and I don’t need
to be first.” He breaks that competing thing, and he catches himself at certain
moments. That is very new.

He is so much better with other kids. In school, he is in group projects. He
still has some control issues but he understands he needs to help his friends.
He is much less angry in general. Oh, I remember those horrible episodes he
used to have. The first breakthrough was going under his blanket and he
played peek-a-boo and he was laughing. If you smile at him he starts
laughing and he switches. Humor or a joke really cheers him on. I expect a
meltdown and they don’t happen. He says “I am still angry with you; please
leave my room”. He is in complete control of it.

What about “Alex is in pain”?

He does not exhibit that anymore. Occasionally I see it but it is much milder.
He was obsessive about the cat and never let go, but now it is not a problem.

He says he feels so much better and mellow about pain. He used to be on
Benadryl every day and now he only had it three times in the last two

I gave him the remedy three times. I also gave it when he had strep and it

Tell me a little more about strep.

He gets pale and weak. He also gets an upset stomach with sour stool or
diarrhea with a strawberry colored tongue. His behavior changes about a
week before full-blown symptoms.

The new moon and full moon phases are thought to be the time when
parasites affect the personality the most as they are more active in the
gut during that time. DAN doctors spend a fair amount of time dealing
with these “parasites” by prescribing anti parasitic medications. Here
the remedy, by addressing the mistunement of the vital force, returns
the whole body ecology back to order as a whole rather than dealing
with individual parts.

She briefly mentioned he was going through toddler’s milestones. This
is not uncommon. It is as if the recovering child has to live through
those steps to clear the way and be able to move on.




FOLLOW-UP II 05 – 25 – 11

He is doing really well. He does not have any meltdown; it is all gone.
He started singing and holding a tune. He never even hummed music before.
His interests went from toddler and six year old to now at times a pre teen.
He gets the whole rule thing.

He is starting to understand the concept of fairy tales. He never understood
that and now makes his own imaginary tale.

His eye contact is normal. It is difficult to explain. I thought he had good eye
contact before but now it is like he speaks with his eyes. He comes through
really well. At times, he still goes back to more autism state but it is very

His physical strength is great; when he runs he does not get winded. He used
to clap his hand like the monkey toys. Now he is clapping like a normal

He understands his environment. His receptiveness has improved
tremendously. At the playground he goes in the group and plays with the
other kids. He never did that before. His schoolteacher says he had a great
jump in social behavior and is speaking a lot more.

He can help himself, he asked me for earplugs once because there was too
much noise outside.

Winning has come back. First to get out of the car. Now it is combined with
siblings. He wants to give an order and if we break that order he gets upset.

If his team loses he cries.

His eyesight is fine. He says he does not need the glasses anymore.
When he had allergies, he used to go into melt down. I gave him
Antimonium crudum (left red ear, swollen) and for two days there wasn’t
anything wrong with him including allergies. After two days some autistic
traits that are remaining came back.

In the last six weeks he has become completely aware of his disability.

His brain reminds me of stroke victims but it is completely intact. He cried
yesterday, he has like a new level of awareness.

He likes when I teach him manners whereas he used to have a fit.

I have cut 90 % of the supplements except for MB12 vitamins every day.

His stool has almost no odor, it is perfect now.

In the winter he had strep three times, possibly PANDAS but the doctor is
not sure because he does not have any symptoms.

I see him as being much more comfortable. It really shows on his face. He is
much more relaxed, more present in his own skin. Before he was almost
literally pulled from it.

There is so much contrast between how he was and the way he is now.
“He now speaks with his eyes”, which is a very poignant sentence or “he
now understands fairy tales,” which is so grand and wonderful. This is
autism leaving in its most intimate ways.



FOLLOW-UP III 09 – 19 – 11

His perseveration is gone. He is almost completely on par with his peers.
We go to the playground and he mixes well other kids. He is doing great in
basketball. He asks for the ball and my husband bombards him with it and he
does really well.

In June, right after I saw you he had Strep again and started to have tics and
was diagnosed with PANDAS. I gave belladonna for it as you
recommended. He says I feel so much better. That is amazing. We have not
had any PANDAS symptoms since July.

He is developing a sense of humor.

When he has allergies he stays normal, they don’t make him crazy. There is
very good boundaries between his health and his emotional being. He is

He is putting the world together.

Don’t get me wrong, his language is still different. He sounds like he is from
another country. Other kids ask him where he is from but he is from
Brooklyn. He feels different inside that still pulls him a little but he talks. He
mingles with other kids in basketball and then withdraws after a while. He
also is playing with much bigger kids. He wants to be independent and does
not want to walk with me. Just watch me like in basketball. I can do this and

The OCD’s are almost gone.

His sleep is extra good after the remedy. He also sweats a lot.

I give the remedy once a week.


It was the first time she mentioned perseveration to me. I suspect Strep
got in the way of further improvements or even provoked some
backtracking. Regardless, we are still on the right track. Belladonna,
which is one of the go to remedies for PANDAS when there is a lack of
individualizing symptoms, seems to have handled PANDAS extremely



FOLLOW-UP IV 12 – 02 – 11

I started Botulinum 200C, since the 30C didn’t seem to be effective

Usually he has dry, dull looking coarse hair. Now his hair is shiny. I just
can’t believe it.

He had itchy skin for a couple of days and developed warts. He had itchy
legs with red, swollen upper lip, very pale with a right purple and swollen
ear. I gave Antimonium tartaricum as you recommended and all allergies
went away. He seemed to go through detox and then language got better. He
became very content and in harmony with himself.

On October 16th I had a teacher parent meeting. She said; “What happened
to Alex?” “What do you mean?” “They want to take him out of the special
ed.” I was not expecting this at all. Best case scenario, I thought it may
happen in the next five years. She said it is incredible and she does not even
grade him on a curve.

Socially he is very popular. She said he has lots of friends. A girl wrote a
letter about him after a school trip. What a difference! Last year he was
yelling in the middle of the class and getting up at any time etc. He didn’t
speak and he would not do circle time. He had the most autistic behaviors
you could imagine; now he protects another kid on the spectrum.

His language is flowing but he does not talk normally, he still sounds like a
foreign kid. Yet, every day he corrects himself and his articulation is getting

He also understands a lot more though he still has some difficulties when he
reads an article and has to answer questions about it.

Physically he is doing great. He used to be so clumsy, now he is playing
soccer, and even doing push ups. It is incredible.

All is going in the right direction. I can’t believe it. In the beginning of last
year he could not read properly. He is like a different child.

No OCD. Stimming is gone and vocal ticks are gone. Perseverating is gone
since the summer.

He gets over illnesses really fast. He still sweats a lot at night.


Again those on the isopathic bandwagon this case shows that a child
progresses perfectly well without the corresponding nosode, in this case
Strep. There is more to life! The symptoms talks and when we listen to
them and understand them, we then can take the right remedy and be


FOLLOW-UP V 05 – 28 – 14

I am coming back to you because he has issues with loss. His best friend
moved but he is still holding on. He tells people he is going to California to
visit him. “That was my best friend and he is gone.” Also his grandfathers
are no longer part of our lives.

He talks about places we used to live in before. The cat died, it is never
coming back but he still always includes the cat with members of the family.
He is not dealing with loss or change. He does not cry nor does he
acknowledge loss. All of this has affected him deeply. Perhaps he sees it as a
change he does not want to deal with. He does not want to talk about it. He
just wants to make every body happy.

Tell me more about loss and change.

At times, I think if we came to disappear I think he’d say OK and continue
doing what he is doing. He might be a little sad but that is it. He is
processing mathematically. He is not dealing with it. It hurts him; it is pain.


There is pounding, deep bruise in the chest, with terrible feeling of knots; a
Charlie horse twisting. It is pushed back, like a ball of pain in the heart
muscle. Twisting. Twisting like it is going to snap but it is not going to snap.

I gave a remedy for this state of mind that would not conventionally be
thought of much in such a situation of grief. I took the response feature
of grief being twisted as the central theme.


FOLLOW-UP VI 07 – 31 – 14

Ruta worked like a charm. All the weak muscle tone is gone; better than
ever. He is a happy kid.

He has a very mild speech issue which is only noticed if you really pay
attention to it. Otherwise you can’t pick him out of a crowd.

I look at him and he is a healthy kid. I let him be and he is fine. He is
definitely straightening out. He went through a growth spurt.

Recently his mom reported he is totally fine.

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