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Killing household ants with Splenda

Killing household ants with Splenda Jasmine Jafferali, Chicago Family Health Examiner May 1, 2009 Continue reading on Killing household ants with Splenda – Chicago family health | Spring is in the air and the ants are marching right into your house. You may want to hold off on buying those ugly […]

NuLife Foods 15% Off!!

Just saw this posted on their facebook page and figured I would pass it on in case anyone is looking to order….? NuLife Foods wants to show their support by offering 15% off all our NuLife products! (Offer excludes Murray’s Chicken Bacon and Udi’s Bread) Please enter BEAWARE into the promo box upon checkout to […]

8 Ways Monsanto is Destroying Our Health

8 Ways Monsanto is Destroying Our Health Lots of talk these days about the bullying of young boys and girls in school by more aggressive students. This brings to my mind the biggest bully of all: the biotech company, Monsanto Corporation. Taken in context, Monsanto’s list of corporate crimes should have been enough to pull […]

If you are GFCFSF, have you heard about NuLife Foods?

I was recently asked if I would try a sample of some of NuLife Foods. As a person who loves to eat, I was impressed with the food considering it was free of gluten, casein and soy. Here’s my and Nicholas’s take on the foods we tried: The chicken nuggets were just about the best […]

GFCF Diet on a budget…. possible even on food stamps!

Check out this TACA link for doing GFCF on a budget – and yes, even for those using food stamps:

GFCF Kids Newsgroup on Yahoo

Having kids on a GFCF diet can be tough – this is a great support group with lots of parents going through exactly the same thing. GFCFKids on Yahoo Also, check out the recipe group as well: GFCF Recipies

SCD Diet Books and Info

Updated: June 15, 2008    SCD stands for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. If your child battles yeast, this is the diet to try first.  I know the GFCF diet gets alot of attention, but for kids who are battling issues with yeast, they need to eat a diet which will not FEED the yeast.  They need […]

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