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Summer is coming! What you need to know about Chlorine & Autism!

Worth reposting this from the past since summer is coming….

Read Kim Stagliano’s “All I Can Handle, I’m no Mother Theresa” for free

Amazon Prime members can read it for free today!!

EWG’s Best Beach & Sport Sunscreens

EWG’s Best Beach & Sport Sunscreens The best sunscreen is a hat and a shirt. No chemicals to absorb through the skin, no questions about whether they work. But when you can’t get away from exposing your skin to the sun, use EWG’s top-rated sunscreens to provide broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB-sunburn) protection with fewer hazardous […]

The United States of Autism Official Trailer

Join Amazon Mom for free!

If you are buying diapers, baby items, etc – the savings you can get with Amazon’s mom program could add up to be substantial. Sign up for free and get 3 months of free Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping on all eligible purchases – most things shipped by amazon are eligible) and get discounts […]

Great iPhone or iPod Touch Apps for FREE!

Do you have an iphone or ipod touch? Your child might benefit from some of the free apps from – so you should check it out. For the month of April, all of their apps are free in honor of autism awareness month.

Sensory Overload Through the Eyes of an Aspie

Interestingly enough, this is kind of how I pictured sensory overload to be. I’m sorry anyone has to go through anything like this…. I commend the creator of this video for putting this together so others could understand what sensory overload feels like to him.

HBO’s Temple Grandin

HBO Films: Temple Grandin

In case you have not already heard, HBO released a movie about Temple Grandin recently. If you haven’t already seen it, it really is a must see. When you’re done watching Temple Grandin on HBO, make sure you watch this as well..

Pepsi’s Refresh Everything Contest – Please vote for The Tommy Foundation

Refresh how you look at the world of autism…

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