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Last updated: March 26, 2011
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  • Many doctors have supplements relabeled with their own labels – sometimes saving you money, sometimes not. Anyway, compare what your doctor has sold you to the supplements at Klaire, ProThera, Douglas Laboratories and Kirkman Labs and see if you are actually getting a good deal or not. (These companies offer labeling services for doctors, so compare the ingredients and find out where they’re getting them from!)

The sections below contain information on the supplements Nicholas is currently taking or has taken in the past. For each supplement, I have listed why he is/was taking it and other information that I think may be useful. Please keep in mind, I have not included complete information regarding these supplements, just information as to how it applied to my son’s case. At the bottom of this list, I have included references to where I found information on supplements as that may be of use to you as well. (Bear with me, this is a work in progress.)

Klaire’s Vitaspectrum – This is the multi-vitamin & mineral supplement Nicholas took for quite some time. I was looking for something comparable to our previous supplement at a lower price from a company I could trust. This supplement costs 1/5th of what our previous (Brainchild) did, which is a huge positive. I waited a while after the switch before I changed any supplements and saw no regression from the switch. He did very well on this multi.
Link to supplement

Lee Silsby ASD Ultra Pure Formula
– I switched from Klaire’s Vitaspectrum to this one when I was able to get this covered under our insurance (and all we had to pay was a copay which was less than the Vitaspectrum). I liked this multi as well and would have no problem recommending this one or Klaire’s Vitaspectrum. Link to Supplement

Brainchild Nutritionals – This was the first multi-vitamin I ever tried with Nicholas and we saw some nice gains from it. However, the taste is disgusting and when he became more aware, it got increasingly more difficult to get him to drink his "juice" every day. Working on swallowing capsules was the best thing I ever did. Link to supplement

Swanson Vitamin C – Once Nicholas started swallowing capsules, I could move away from the liquid vitamin C and onto capsules. I bought this powder and put it into capsules myself. I keep this on hand for colds, and we also take it as part of our everyday regiment. Link to supplement

Dynamic Health Liquid Vitamin C – I like this Vitamin C. It has a tasty orangey taste to it that helps mask some of the bad supplements Nicholas takes. It’s not super delicious that you’d want to drink the whole bottle at once, but it tastes good enough to mix with juice and mask the taste of other stuff. It’s not one of those pukey-orange tasting supplements.
Link to supplement

(Don’t forget $5 off with code TUM744)

Kirkman Vitamin C – buffered – Nicholas took this Vitamin C for quite some time before I found the liquid one above. It worked well to mask some supplements, but we just got to the point where I needed to change the taste of his supplement juice.
Link to supplement

Carlson Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) – Nicholas took this Vitamin D until I found a higher potency capsule and we switched to that one and never looked back.
Link to Supplement

Biotech Pharmacal 50,000iu Vitamin D3 – We switched to this brand and have not been happier. In our house, we use both the 5,000iu capsules and 50,000iu capsules as needed. Link to supplement

Vitamin World 100% Natural Vitamin E d-Alpha Tocopherol – When we first started biomed, I had read about this particular Vitamin E from Vitamin World that was helping so many of our kids talk so I tried it and saw the same results – it really did help him with his babbling when we first started biomed. On several occasions I stopped giving it to him and did see a change in his speaking, so it always ended up back in the regiment. When my stash recently ran out and I went to re-order, Vitamin World had replaced it with this one. It proved to carry the same results for Nicholas.
Link to Supplement

Swanson Vitamin E Mixed Tocopherols – I moved from Vitamin World’s to Swanson’s at some point to see if I could cut down on the number of places I was buying supplements from, so I tried this one and saw no change in Nicholas. In addition, it was much less expensive and seemed to provide us with the same benefits as the more expensive ones. Link to Supplement

Kirkman Biomax Zinc – Nicholas gets Zinc each day because he did have a zinc deficiency which presented as his constant chewing on everything – toys, his shirt, etc. Once I added Zinc, the chewies went away. Since we started chelating, the chewies did come back at one point and I had to raise his dose a bit and the chewing/mouthing has not returned.
Link to Supplement

Inositol Powder from Kirkman – Inositol has helped us with compliance and with symptoms of OCD, such as constantly having to play in the kitchen sink (for hours on end). It also helped stop the endless hours of water play and standing at the sink. He is much more compliant and easy going when taking Inositol. We dosed anywhere from 6 scoops on up. (IP-6 is not the version of inositol I am referring to. We did not have a good experience with IP-6 here.)
Link to Supplement

Biotin – Biotin has been a god-send in this house when it comes to yeast. Shaw wrote about biotin deficiency and how the biotin keeps the yeast from changing form which is what it does when it is going to invade the tissues and organs. (I’ll post a more details on this later) When yeast is present, I increase Nicholas’s daily dose from 30mg to 40mg and it does help.
Link to Supplement
(I also use/used Swanson’s biotin with success as well – link to supplement)

Klaire Mycellized Vitamin A – I used this to do Dr. McCandless’s High Dose Vitamin A Protocol. – Link to Supplement

AMLA – I tried this one for a while, not sure I really saw anything from it, then later discontinued it. Link to Supplement

Swanson’s Triple Magnesium Complex – At some point, I replaced alot of Nicholas’s supplements with the Swanson brand. I switched them one at a time as the former one ran out, making sure I saw no regressions or slide backs of any kind. This magnesium worked well and I continue to order it for our family. Link to Supplement.

Revitapops – MB-12 Lollipops – I added these in at some point and I really liked them. However, if your child needs daily mb-12 shots that you are trying to replace with these, Nicholas got bored with the same flavor really quick and I could no longer rely on them. (Plus they were more expensive than his Rx for the shots.) Link to Supplement

Folic Acid – Here are links to brands and versions of Folate that we tried: Klaire’s MethylFolate, Kirkman’s Folinic, Kirkman’s Folinic with MB12, Folapro

Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3-6-9 Liquid
I like Nordic Naturals’ products – and our whole family is on at least one of them. This one has done wonderfully for Nicholas since I bought his first bottle and everytime I think another one may be better for him – we always end up back at this one.
Link to Nordic Naturals for more information
Where to buy

Green Pastures Blue Ice High Vitamin CLO I added this CLO into Nicholas’s regiment when I wanted to add a natural Vitamin A (mycellized is synthetic). Green Pastures makes excellent products and is in the process of coming out with new CLO’s. The orange version that we use will be available in their fermented CLO – which I understand to be a better option anyway.
Link to Green Pasture High Vitamin CLO

Evening Primrose Oil – This was a supplement I started early on because I had read that it helped with hyperactivity and it really did. This along with Gaba and epsom salt baths kept us from even thinking Risperdal was the answer for our son. If seizures are an issue or hormonal issues, do more research in these areas with regards to EPO.
Link to Supplement


Klaire Labs TherBiotic Complete – This is a great probiotic and we really loved it here. We did switch Nicholas to their Detox Probiotic because on probiotics which contain a strep strain, Nicholas has a tendency to start acting obsessive (OCD). On more than one occasion and with more than one brand of probiotics, ones with a strep strain caused him to be OCD. When we stopped the probiotic with that strain, the OCD disappeared with it. This one did the same thing – produced crazy OCD symptoms which disappeared when I stopped giving it.
Link to Supplement

Klaire Labs TherBiotic Detox Support Probiotic
– This is a great probiotic which worked really well for Nicholas.
Link to Supplement

– This is one of the first probiotics I ever gave to Nicholas and it really does work well. It is still my favorite probiotic. It really helped big time with Clostridia or a tummy bug. (If your child is casein-free, they may not be able to tolerate this probiotic.)
Link to Supplement

– I used this probiotic for a while to see if it would bring us any additional language. I think this is one of those supplements that you just have to try to see if is going to work wonders for your child or not, there’s just no way to know otherwise.
Link to Supplement

Living Streams Probiotic – I used this one for a while, really liked it. I had "heard" a story of a non-verbal child starting to talk when mother increased his dose per their directions, so I gave it a try. Link to Supplement

Klaire Biotagen – Good PREbiotic!
Link to Supplement


Kirkman DMG – We used Kirkman’s DMG for quite some time on Nicholas – and after increasing it to 3 capsules 3 times a day, we saw a major surge in language. I held him at this dose for quite some time and then stopped it to see if I lost any language. We lost a bit, but not everything we had gained. I decided to try another brand of DMG (below) which other parents said worked really well for thier child, so we switched to that version. (The other version is also liquid, so much easier to hide in juice than 9 capsules)
Link to Supplement

FoodScience of Vermont Aangamik DMG Liquid – This DMG definately has an effect on his language both with length of sentences and spoken clarity. This doesn’t have much of a taste, so it is super easy to mix in with juice. (125mg of DMG needs 400mg Folinic with it)
Link to Supplement

Kirkman GABA
Gaba really helped to calm Nicholas down. He was always hyper and then he had calmed down with starting epsom salt baths, evening primrose oil, etc. But then we started mb-12 shots and he was hyper again. Gaba worked and it’s been in his daily regiment since.
Link to Supplement

(Suntheanine) from Nutricology – This helps with anxiety and stress and is very calming.
Link to Supplement

Custom Blend from Metabolic Maintenance – We had bloodwork done to determine the formula for this custom blend. As with other supplements, I believe it has contributed to his progress – but there were no huge WOWs with this supplement. As it is on the pricey side, I may try Klaire’s amino blend in the future and see if we find the same results. Our "custom" blend was just their base plus additional taurine. If I had it to do over again, I would have skipped the pricy blood work and put him on an amino blend (in addition to the Taurine he was already on). Link to Supplement

Acetyl L-Carnitine – I have bought this from both Klaire/ProThera and Swanson’s Vitamins and found them both just as effective.

L-Carnosine – I bought the NOW! brand and with each bottle, we always got a little jump in language. I would use the bottle up, then stop, then buy another bottle months later and do it again. We never lost the speech we gained from it when we stopped it. Link to Supplement (Don’t forget $5 off with code TUM744)

CreatineLink to Supplement


Grapefruit Seed Extract – Nicholas no longer takes GSE. I used this and used this to try to get rid of yeast and it seemed as though all I did was spin my wheels doing so. I stopped the GSE when I started reading that it can slow Phase I liver function – and started using Enhansa for yeast and we were finally able to get rid of it. I love GSE for cleaning toothbrushes, fruit and vegetables — and for gargling. Anytime you feel a sore throat is inevitable – put 10 or so drops of GSE in a few teaspoons of water and gargle (and swallow) until you use it all. On very few occasions did I have to do this twice to get rid of a sore throat.
Link to Supplement

Advanced Formula Biocidin – We gave Nicholas this to deal with some bad bacteria we saw on one of his test results. It seemed to do the trick – although I would not use this supplement every day long term.
Link to Supplement

Enhansa – If I had to rank our supplements in order of importance, Enhansa would be #1, hands down. This supplement has been amazing for our son and I am very thankful to Lee Silsby for making it. The first three weeks our son was on it, die off was practically unbearable, but we saw things happening which gave us the strength to push through and we are so glad that we did. His yeast was gone for the first time since starting biomed and we were able to reduce the number of probiotics we were giving him. We were able to stop yeast-fighting enzymes such as Candex and Candidase. We were able to stop difulcan (fluconazole), but did end up having to go back on it for some reason. We did see our son go through some viral die-off as well. It’s just one of the best supplement choices I have made to date.
Link to Supplement

Wild Oil of Oregano – P73 – Oreganol
– This has always been a great supplement for Nicholas. It helped with yeast and really helped with bacterial (strep) flares. It is not something I kept him on constantly, but when needed, it never disappointed me. The gelcaps are TINY, so if you have a capsule swallower, you’ll be fine. You can also look into rubbing into soles of feet if needed.
Link to Supplement>

Organic Coconut Oil – This was awesome at battling yeast and keeping it at bay. (and had to be the CHEAPEST yeast supplement ever!) Link to Supplement


Kirkman Enzym-Complete/DPP-IVV
Link to Supplement

Enzymedica Enzyme Defense Virastop
(Protease Enzyme Supplement) –
Link to Supplement

Enzymedica Mucostop

Link to Supplement

Enzymedica Candidase

Link to Supplement

Candex Yeast Management System

Link to Supplement

Houston Nutraceuticals No Phenol
– as needed for phenol effects
Link to Supplement

Houston Nutraceuticals Peptizyde
– (as needed)
Link to Supplement

Houston Nutraceuticals Zyme Prime
– (as needed)
Link to Supplement

Klaire’s InterfaseLink to Supplement

Liver life – We love LiverLife!! This was one supplement that I made sure to never run out of. I do believe this helped keep his Liver enzymes within range with long term diflucan use. Link to Supplement

Milk Thistle Extract
Link to Supplement


Oxypowder – This is awesome stuff!! This is something the whole family uses from time to time as needed and it really gets the job done. I highly recommend it for anyone battling constipation. Link to Supplement

George’s Always Active Aloe Juice– This is awesome stuff!! Aloe is very soothing for the gut and really helps with keeping bowels moving. This is something the whole family uses from time to time as needed and it really gets the job done. I highly recommend it for anyone who is battling constipation all the time. Best thing is – it tastes almost like water, so you can literally mix it in anything! Link to Supplement


Calm Child Herbal Syrup by Plantary Formulas – This was one of the first supplements I gave to Nicholas to calm down the hyperactivity. It worked nicely. Definately worth trying.
Link to Supplement

Vinpocetine Vinpocetine was a wonderful supplement for clarity and focus. This was one that definately worth it.
Link to Supplement

Integrative Therapeudics Inc UBQH Patented Stabilized Reduced Ubiquinol  

COQ10 Vitaline CoQ10

4Life Transfer Factor – used both the Classic and Tri-Factor Formula (this was a good supplement!)

Mannatech Ambrotose GlyconutrientsLink to Supplement

Phosphatidyl Serine Klaire’s PSerine

Phosphatidyl Choline –

Adrenal Cortex Extract/GlandularLink to Supplement


Books which have great information on supplements:
Note: I am not a doctor and anything I have written on this site should not be construed as medical advice. I am a dedicated mom who has researched test results, supplements and my son’s reactions to those supplements and I am sharing what I have learned regarding what works for him. This is my way of paying it forward to the generation of autism parents behind us in tribute to those have walked before us and to those who have helped me along the way.

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