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Autism Speaks Annual Report

Before you put on your walking shoes, let’s take a look at Autistm Speaks Annual Report, shall we? Make sure you open the link, so you can read along with me, okay? Thanks. Click on the 990 pdf from 2008. Here’s a direct link: Reported Salaries: Mark Roithmayr: $400,413.00 Peter Bell: $265,981.00 Geri […]

I Am Autism

Autism Speaks finally got something right….. There is much debate about this video in the autism community, which is a shame because it’s not for those in our community, it’s to grab the attention of those not (yet) in our community. I thought this truly knocked it out of the park. With the new rate […]

“I am Autism”

One of the very few things that Autism Speaks got right. The Autism News: “I am Autism”

How many more reasons is Autism Speaks going to give us not to like them?

If you’re a parent to a child with autism and you’re heavily into research & recovering your child, then the odds are that you aren’t fond of Autism Speaks and certainly think that they don’t speak for your child. (They certainly don’t speak for mine.) Autism Speaks Plays Nice with Savage

Yet another reason I dislike Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks: The Abortion Industry’s Best Friend Be sure to check out the comment under the article breaking down the salaries & expenses. They sure are in it for our kids, aren’t they? While we’re going broke with huge bills for Nicholas letting us save NO money for retirement or his education, the staff of […]

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