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Get a replacement for your BPA containing “BPA-Free” Sigg Bottle!

Anyone have the SIGG bottles with the coppery color inside? SURPRISE – THEY HAVE BPA! Not what you would have guessed from a BPA-free bottle, right? Click the link below and send it back for a real BPA-free replacement (the ones with the off-white inside). (and hold onto your cap – they dont need it) […]

Think your SIGG bottle is BPA-free? Think again!!

Think your SIGG water bottle is BPA-free? Think again. Think your SIGG water bottle is BPA-free? Think again. by Savannah Mayfield If you spent almost $20 on a SIGG water bottle for your child, thinking it is free of toxins, you are going to want to read this article. Our friends at ZRecs alerted us […]

Comic about the FDA and BPA

Toxic Baby Bottles…. when does the madness end?

I’ve been angry about this for months… months.  Seriously.  But, I had to add it to the blog in hopes that someone will learn something they didn’t know and buy baby bottles which will bring no harm to their child. Nicholas used to use the Dr. Browns bottles.  and I loved them.  No gas.  Despite […]

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