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Current Master Supplement List: May 2010

This current supplement list may come as a bit of a surprise….. In April, I took Nicholas off of his supplements to see what we actually need at this point. I literally have wiped the slate clean. With almost 80 rounds of chelation under our belt, I felt it was time to see how he […]

Pollen, pollen go away…

Nicholas’s poor eyes always seem to get the brunt of allergy season. He gets better, more managable once it rains, but until it rains, it’s brutal. The whites of his eyes get all distorted, swollen and puffy to the point of looking like they are cemented shut. This year, Claritin failed us. Last year, we […]

Back on Claritin

I put Nicholas back on Claritin today and he had a fantastic day. I had taken him off for a few weeks to see how his allergies were doing and he really still does need it. Last year, 2007, he only needed it for a month or so, and this time, he’s been on it […]

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