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Current Master Supplement List: May 2010

This current supplement list may come as a bit of a surprise….. In April, I took Nicholas off of his supplements to see what we actually need at this point. I literally have wiped the slate clean. With almost 80 rounds of chelation under our belt, I felt it was time to see how he […]

We truly now know the value of Culturelle

I love Culturelle, always have. Nicholas has been on it from the very beginning. It’s been pretty much one of very few supplements that I never changed brands, looked to remove from his regiment, etc. In December, I ran out of it and figured he could go a little while without it until I started […]

Vitamins and Minerals and supplements, oh my!

Been meaning to write this out for a while….  bear with me – this is a work in progress.  I just wanted a space to keep all of my reasons for starting Nicholas on a particular supplement.  If it’s listed here, it’s because it works for him. PS – If you’re reading my blog to help your […]

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