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Increased Inositol

I increased Nicholas’s dose of inositol from 2 scoops (1 gram) to 3 scoops (1 1/2 grams). I wanted to try this last week – I read about adding inositol to deal with OCD and wanted to try increasing Nicholas’s dose to see if it got rid of his current water obsession – and totally […]

New Supplement

I started Nicholas on IP6 & Inositol today to see if it has an effect on him. IP6 & Inositol apparently will remove excess iron from your blood, so if Nicholas is iron-overloaded, which he very well may be, we should see some gains.

Vitamins and Minerals and supplements, oh my!

Been meaning to write this out for a while….  bear with me – this is a work in progress.  I just wanted a space to keep all of my reasons for starting Nicholas on a particular supplement.  If it’s listed here, it’s because it works for him. PS – If you’re reading my blog to help your […]

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