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MUST READ: McCain’s proposed 2010 Dietary Supplement Bill – MUST TAKE ACTION!!

On Feb 3rd 2010 Sen. John McCain introduced a HORRIFIC bill, S.3002 called the “Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010” (DSSA). If passed as currently written, this bill would result in the disappearance of many (if not all) nutritional supplements currently on the market from store shelves as it will give the FDA the right […]

This year, I am a one-issue voter…. the one issue is my son.

With only 15 days left until Election Day, I’m a pretty firm believer that when it comes to our ASD kids, John McCain is the way to go. Let’s face it, Obama isn’t the one bringing up the “A” word and has already said he does not believe in selective vaccination. (Source) I only speak […]

McCain & Obama: What are you going to do about CODEX Alimentarius?

And how are you going to protect our freedom to healthy food, vitamins & minerals, herbs, etc? Our kids will suffer needlessly should their nutritional supplements get taken away by the laws intended to be imposed by Codex Alimentarius. Kids not yet diagnosed with autism-like symptoms due to heavy meatal poisoning will not be able […]

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