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Current Master Supplement List: May 2010

This current supplement list may come as a bit of a surprise….. In April, I took Nicholas off of his supplements to see what we actually need at this point. I literally have wiped the slate clean. With almost 80 rounds of chelation under our belt, I felt it was time to see how he […]

Current Master Supplement List: April 2010

Note: For info on these supplements including where to buy them, visit my Supplement Directory page. Changes since the last update are: stopped Cytoflora (did not lose gains, would revisit in the future to see if we got another language boost if necessary) dropped Swanson’s Magnesium Complex dropped AMLA dropped Wild Oregano Oil dropped UBQH […]

Vitamins and Minerals and supplements, oh my!

Been meaning to write this out for a while….  bear with me – this is a work in progress.  I just wanted a space to keep all of my reasons for starting Nicholas on a particular supplement.  If it’s listed here, it’s because it works for him. PS – If you’re reading my blog to help your […]

I was right……… thank goodness!!!

It was the MB-12 conflicting with the TMG in the Brainchild Nutritionals.  I’m so relieved to have finally figured it out.  It took us a little while to get back on track, but we swapped out the Brainchild Spectrum Support II w/Pak for the Sensitive version and had to add some additional supplements to make […]

I think I’ve figured it out… finally…..

I’ve been driving myself nuts trying to figure out what caused his continued regression even after we got his supplements back on track.  Then, I had a moment of clarity the other day and it hit me.  Dec 11th, we went from MB-12 every 3rd day to every 2nd day.  It has been mentioned that […]

Merry Christmas!

Nicholas just keeps getting better and better.    Of course with Nicholas finally opening gifts on his birthday, we went completely overboard for Christmas…..well….  Santa helped…..  If we hadn’t started opening his gifts for him, he would have still had gifts at midnight! On Christmas Eve, we went over to Grandma & Grandpa’s house for dinner.  […]

After 6 weeks on mb-12 shots

Nicholas has been getting mb-12 shots every 3rd day since November 3, 2007. We all believe Nicholas’s changes are significant. Significant because we feel like we have a different child since we started these shots. (By we, I mean parents and all grandparents) We started seeing improvements in his speech the day after the first […]

Day after first MB-12 injection

The words coming out of his mouth are amazing!  He’s repeating words right and left.   Yipee!!!!!! And the best part yet – he’s participating along with the family like he’s involved with US and not the other way around.  Wow.

Starting MB-12 injections

We started MB-12 injections tonight.  Numbing cream did not work to numb his toushie, so I ended up staying up half the night to make sure he was in a deep sleep! 

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