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June 2013 Update on Nicholas

I wrote this post in June 2013 – but never got back to publish it…. sharing it with you all now… My son is graduating 2nd grade this year and moving onto a new school. As I sat in his finale assembly watching him sing with the graduating class the other day, my eyes flooded […]

Beta Glucan Cure for Fungus

Beta Glucan Cure for Fungus Fungal infections occur when your body’s resistance is weakened. With a compromised immune system, fungal infections may be difficult to get rid of and may recur. The best way to deal with fungus is to boost the body’s natural defense against invaders. Beta glucan can do just that. It is […]

Recent Info/Articles on Supplements

Here is a collection of recent articles on Supplements that I thought would be helpful: Oregano Oil eliminates parasites in humans Quercetin: A Rising Star for Nerves, Immunity, and Metabolism Iodine Supplementation Improves Intelligence in Children Fly High with Fat: Student Pilots Demonstrate Why Fat is Crucial to Health Asthma Caused by Deficiency in […]

Trying capryllic acid for yeast

We’re a few days off of nizoral and I think yeast is starting to once again rear it’s ugly head. So, I just gave Nicholas some capryllic acid, so we’ll see if that works. It seems like we are always fighting yeast in this house. Updated 11/07/08 – yesterday I’ve been trying Kirkman’s Yeast Aid […]

Started ketoconazole again today

6.25mls (125mg) per day

Day 1: Diflucan

New round of Diflucan – day one.

Day 1: Nizoral

I tossed out the remainder of the Nystatin because it did absolutely nothing for Nicholas for the 3+ weeks he was on it and we’re giving Nizoral a shot. Keeping my fingers crossed….

Vitamins and Minerals and supplements, oh my!

Been meaning to write this out for a while….  bear with me – this is a work in progress.  I just wanted a space to keep all of my reasons for starting Nicholas on a particular supplement.  If it’s listed here, it’s because it works for him. PS – If you’re reading my blog to help your […]

Day 1: Nystatin

We started Nystatin today.

Day 4: Diflucan

Nicholas seems to be getting back to being himself.  Although it’s getting hard to keep him IN the house.  It’s been beautiful here – and he just wants to be outside at all times! Grandma and Mommy took Nicholas to Chili’s today for lunch.  He was a bit apprehensive about getting into the booth – […]

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