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After a few days on Threelac….

This poor kid is pooping and pooping and pooping.  Poor kid.  Poorer mommy for having to clean it all up.  If this doesn’t get me a spot in heaven, I don’t think anything will. However – the change in him is significant. It’s like we pulled yet another layer of clouds out from in front […]

Starting Threelac again

So, I heard that giving Threelac at night before bed might cut down on some of the craziness of withdrawal, so we started giving it to him about an hour before bedtime.  Worked like a charm.  Whew…….

Day Two on Threelac

I think we need to lower the dose for a while and ramp up to a full package per day – one pack a day is much too much.   Clearly, it’s doing something good or else we wouldn’t be seeing such a strong die-off effect.  Nicholas is literally bouncing off the walls.  Last night, it was […]


Nicholas started taking Threelac today…   keeping my fingers crossed that it evicts the yeast.  We may already be seeing yeast die-off symptoms, so we’ll see…..

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