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MUST READ: Callous Disregard by Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Dr. Andrew Wakefield on Alex Jones

American Idol Contestant suffered seizures due to vaccines as a child

Starting at 2:30 in this video:

Recovery is Possible and Happening before our very eyes….

In case you have not yet heard of Desiree Jennings, the cheerleader who now suffers from dystonia after receiving a FLU vaccine, you can see the original story here: Now, please go to her website: and check out how well she is talking now! She is most likely going through IV chelation to […]

Cause of SIDS discovered?

Cause of SIDS discovered? I really thought this was sooo interesting. New Zealand has not had a single case of SIDS since their research found out what causes it. I’ve highlighted important points in blue for those who don’t have time to read all of it right now. Update: I also want to share this […]

Max’s Journey after an adverse reaction to the Hep B vaccine

This video is about Max Majeski’s journey after an adverse reaction to the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth.

Washington Redskins Cheerleader Desiree Jennings permanently disabled after seasonal FLU vaccine

Additional information can be found on this Generation Rescue website: Age of Autism: Vaccine Injury Isn’t Just for Babies: The Desiree Jennings Flu Shot Story

If you are FORCED to take a Swine Flu Vaccine

Dr Blaylock’s Solutions To Help Those Forced To Take An A/H1N1 Vaccine Stay Healthy By Clare Swinney This report provides practical information on how to protect yourself if you are unlucky enough to be forced to take an A/H1N1 vaccine. Dr Blaylock Dr Russell L. Blaylock, a highly-respected neurosurgeon, who has authored three books […]

Don’t let your daughter be ONE LESS


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