Summary of today’s appointment

Today’s appointment with Nicholas’s doctor was AWESOME.  I know I’m on the right track with him, but it’s so nice to have someone who treats lots of kids confirm your thoughts.  It gave me the “I won the lottery” high – which lasted pretty much all day.  Fantastic!

 Anyway, here’s the stuff we’re changing/adding:

MB-12 has been increased from once every 3 days to every other day.  I requested this as I see the effects of the MB-12 taper off to practically nothing on the 3rd day.  Not that I want to give him that many more shots, but I’ll live.  Now, if only I could get his father to join in on this traumatizing (for me) chore.  Yeah, I should hold my breath.

Iron – 5mg Hypo capsules from Kirkman

Mycelized Vitamin A liquid, also from Kirkman – 3/4 of a drop per day.

Pro-Bio defense by Kirkman – we’re going to use this right along with the Threelac

Milk Thistle


Gaba, although we’re going to try Theamine first to see if that works.  (at $4.90 per day, it better work!)

Now, we’ll get down to some testing, so we can see what’s going on in there….

Celiac Testing – yay, finally. 🙂

Comprehensive Allergen Profile – this will give us the IgG and IgE’s of about 90 something foods and 20 something allergens – once I have this, I will feel more comfortable changing Nicholas’s diet. 

MOAT test – yippeeeeeeee

another one to check yeast/bacteria that I can’t remember the name of at the moment

MTHFR mutation – we’re also checking mommy & daddy’s too to see if one of us has this mutation so we would know how to proceed with any future kiddos.  Yeah, dad will be running to the lab, I’m sure.

Additional stuff we discussed:

I wanted to know if I needed to begin rotating pro-biotics, as we’ve got culturelle and now Threelac.  We’re adding the Kirkman Pro Bio Defense and we’ll discuss rotation at our next appt in 6 weeks.

I wanted to discuss the Low Oxalate diet – since phenols are an issue with Nicholas.   Wanna test this theory, give him a heaping bowl of applesauce and watch his ears turn red.  Then give him a No-Phenol caplet and watch them go back to normal.  It was agreed that we would look into this when we have the IgG and IgE’s back from the lab.

Also wanted to discuss the Specific Carbohydrate diet.  He’s such a yeast feeder… carbs carbs carbs.  Take them away and you have withdrawal symptoms – no joking. 

I also asked about a chelation protocol I’ve done a fair amount of research on – and what their thoughts were on it.  They feel that they get better results custom tailoring the protocol for each particular child.  I’m not quite ready yet, so we’ll leave this one for later.  I’ll do the research on their specific recommendations for him once we get there.  No need to make this decision now.

I wanted to know how we know if strep is playing a role here or viruses??  We’re testing for them – yippeee!!!! 

We discussed HBOT, which we’re interested in trying.  We’ll have to eat ramen noodles for a year to afford this.  haha

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