Jimmy Margulies’ Comic in The Record

On so many occasions, I find myself wondering what it would take before the people in this world, who are not directly effected by someone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to stop judging and belittling those who are effected for thier theory that vaccinations are directly connected to their child’s Autism.  No child deserves a life like this and no parent wants this for their child, but yet there are many of you out there that think we are all nuts.  Yesterday’s “The Record” newspaper had a comic by Jimmy Margulies, which pretty much equates the “vaccines = autism” idea to those that evolution is a myth and the earth is flat. 


Mr. Margulies, I envy you for obviously not having any connection to anyone with Autism.  How. Lucky. For. You.  and for all of the other people of this world who are not effected either who share your same view.  Your comic was tasteless and extremely offensive.  How dare you poke fun at so many of us who are now connected by this common bond?   Tell me something… since your comic is pretty much making light of the new mandatory flu vaccinations for the children of this state…  Do you have any idea of the toxins that are in the flu vaccines?  Do you??  Somehow I doubt it.  I also doubt that you’re standing on line to get one.  I also doubt that you’d be taking a child in to get one despite your tasteless attitude towards all of us parents who have been effected.   If you had any knowledge on the subject at all, you would have never drawn this cartoon in this light.  Your ignorance on this issue shines through and it saddens me to know that your ignorance has put another article of predjudice against us parents out there for the world to see, mock and continue to judge our countless effforts in helping our children.    Yes, you are mocking our efforts as parents of children who have been effected to have our voices heard…  to have our government and medical community actually do research that is not funded by any group, person or entity who has anything to lose by making the statement that, “yes, the toxins in vaccines do cause autism.”  I suggest you actually do some research before you begin ridiculing what is growing to be an astounding number of parents in the state of NJ who have children with Autism.  Sadly, the new mandatory vaccine requirements are only going to increase the number of children in this state with autism.  Right now, it is estimated that 1 in 60 (approximately) boys in NJ are diagnosed with autism.  And when that number increases to 1 in 40 or 1 in 20 a year or two from now, you’ll just be another one of those people who doesn’t think the additional vaccines had anything to do with it.  To answer my original question, maybe what it will take is someone LIKE YOU to actually have a child or grandchild with autism.  Maybe then, you’ll do the research, see for yourself and join the ranks of so many of us who never chose to fight this fight.  

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