Another amazing evening

Ok, it’s 12:20am and Nicholas is still up.  Why?  Because he is so freakin awesome sometimes we just dont want to put him to bed.  Seriously.   He seems to be his best at night, late at night. I have to look into this more and figure out why that is.  Maybe he’s better after his nightly dose of Threelac, I have no idea.  I should test that theory soon.

Anyway, Nicholas grabbed my digital camera, was holding it up to his face like a photographer and was snapping pictures right and left.  Funny thing is, he snapped a fantastic photo of his daddy.  I can’t believe it.  No one taught him how to use it, he just did it.  Then as we flipped through the pictures he took, he yelled, “daddy” after each and every one of the ones were daddy was.  Love it!!

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