Merry Christmas!

Nicholas just keeps getting better and better.    Of course with Nicholas finally opening gifts on his birthday, we went completely overboard for Christmas…..well….  Santa helped…..  If we hadn’t started opening his gifts for him, he would have still had gifts at midnight!

On Christmas Eve, we went over to Grandma & Grandpa’s house for dinner.  Nicholas was really, really good – and was loving his new castle, complete with boulder lauchers and a fire-breathing dragon!  Nicholas spent almost the entire day on Christmas opening and playing with his new toys.  His Little Einstein spaceship was a huge hit, as was his new GeoTrax sets, trampoline and his own microwave oven!  It’s a day later, and he hasn’t come up for air once!

He’s starting to really talk in sentences.  “put this there” “eat pasta now” etc.  Fantastic.  I remember this every time I’m giving him his MB-12 shots and it somehow makes it that much easier.

We’re flying to Ohio tomorrow for a few days.  It’ll be Nicholas’s first time on an airplane.  This. ought. to. be. fun.

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