Up all night!

Last night was pure hell getting Nicholas to bed.  He had not had his supplements all day – so I was on a mission to get them into him before he went to bed.  Well, 3am rolls around and he’s wide awake like it was 3pm.  Great.  He cried on and off all night, I have no idea why.

His level of awareness continues to reach new levels.  Last night, he saw the veins  in my wrist going up my arm and thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen.  All the time, we see things like this…. things that were right in front of his face all along, but he never saw the “details” – my engagement ring sparkling, earrings in my ears, etc.  While driving around this past week, I’ve been stopping to let him see the decorations on people’s houses – he’s actually seeing them.  Our neighbor has a grinch blowup that has a tree and a dog – everytime we stop, he says – Dog!  Tree!  – what more could you ask for!!!  Yesterday, I said “nicholas is in heaven with  his new geotrax” and he yelled GEOTRAX!   He’s been looking at the back of the box – and using it as a guide to put his tracks together — and he’s noticing that he doesn’t have all of the pieces in the picture – yikes – are we really almost to the point where he’s going to ask for a toy….????  Right now, I’d rather buy him something he ASKED for than eat, if that’s what it came down to.   🙂

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