Nicholas has a BIG BOY bed!!!

Bye-bye crib!!!

 We decided it was time to get rid of his crib turned daybed and move him up to a larger bed as the daybed was not enough space for him anymore.  So, we ordered him an organic mattress and it arrived while we were in Ohio. 

Picking out a new mattress for Nicholas was killing me.  Of course, price being the reason for the issue.  Because of his issues, we cannot buy him a regular mattress, so we were faced with spending mega-bucks on a natural one.  How screwed up is that.  The chemical free one is more expensive than the one treated with chemicals.  You’d think the more processes the fabric would go through would mean the more expensive it is, but that’s hardly true. 

I tossed and turned over it, let me tell you.  For a full size mattress — just the mattress, I was finding prices varying between $1200 and $1500.  Not being able to afford it was killing me. for. months.  I agonized over the issue of – geez.. my son can’t even breathe clean air when he sleeps and we can’t afford to change that.  Not. Fair.

On a whim, we took a ride to a store here in NJ that sells the organic mattresses – and I have to say, I was impressed.   They really helped me select a mattress that we could afford that took my son’s issues into account, so now I can feel better that he’s not breathing/absorbing antimony or any of the other toxic fumes off-gassing from mattresses these days.  They also had an organic comforter that was to DIE for, so we got that for him too.  Yep, Nicholas has a comforter on his bed that was more than my comforter!   So, in case you’re wondering where I got it from, here’s the link: White Lotus Home

It really was quite comfy and I fell asleep on it and took a nice long nap with no problem whatsoever.  I was skeptical, because it’s not a traditional mattress in the sense that there are no springs in it – but it’s fantastic.  I couldn’t be happier with it.

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