Today’s update

Nicholas went to school today after being out Tues & Wed.  He seemed much better, wasn’t coughing, etc – and was pretty happy to get in the car and go.  School called early and had us pick him up as he was coughing and threw up, so needless to say, he won’t be going in tomorrow.

My sore throat (could be strep, who knows!) came back for the 4th time since Nov/Dec.  I was not going to take another round of antibiotics, so I looked for a natural remedy in my arsenal of Nicholas’s supplements.  I took a dose of Olive Leaf Extract and gargled with 4-5 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract – and my sore throat is gone, gone, gone, gone!  My mother and husband are now doing the same thing as well, and it’s helping them nicely.  Anyway, it got me to thinking that perhaps Nicholas’s regression is because he has a bacteria or viral issue going on – and he could probably benefit from the OLE.  So, tonight, I hid some in his grape juice – and for the first night in many, we had a pleasant night.  I hope it’s not a fluke…. I’m really beginning to wear thin.

Also, I’m giving his system a break for a week (or so) from the threelac and ProBioDefense.  I’ll still continue the culturelle, but we’re going to give him a bit of a break with the probiotics and see what happens.  No need to give him Oxypowder tonight, as he’s got diareah – what fun for me on top of everything else!

MB-12 given tonight while he was in the bath.  (I’m getting creative!)

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