When will this regression end?

I am getting to the end of my rope here — and have been trying new supplments, increasing old ones – in a hope that something works to bring him back to where he was a month ago.  Nothing has worked.  His language is flourishing, which I am happy about, but his behavior is really getting to me.

Anyway, to get him back on track with his supplements after the several days he was off, we increased his Brainchild dose (he was only doing 2 teaspoons out of the actual 6 that make up the dose), so I increased it to 4 hoping to build him back up to where he was – and he’s gotten better in some areas and worse in others.  So, something occured to me yesterday – perhaps this issue is with the TMG (betaine) conflicting with the MB-12.  We did increase the MB-12 dosage Dec 11th, so the timeframe of when he regressed would definately fit.  So, yesterday, we did not give him the brainchild vitamins (since unfortuately, they contain the tmg) – and we switched over to the DRN formula from Kirkman.  I also added extra inositol since I *think* that was the magical ingredient in the brainchild which made him more compliant, more understanding, etc – so I’m hoping this works.  We’ll see….

If this doesn’t work, I’m putting his supplements back to where they were on Dec 11th and going back to the every 3rd day MB-12 injection instead of every other day and see if that works.

This is all I think about anymore…. can’t you tell??

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