Update on Nicholas

Nicholas has been doing so well.  🙂  He has a journey yet ahead of him, but he’s really continuing to do better and better each day of the week.  We’ve been doing daily MB-12 injections for about 5-6 days now and he’s just talking up a storm!  He’s running into school in the morning.  We just have to walk him to the door, open the door and off he goes.  The days of dragging him into the school and down the hallways to the classroom appear to be over.  Yippee!!  He seems to be playing catch-up as far as his development goes.  He’s now calling “mommy” constantly.  Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy… you get the point.  He’s now wanting us to play “with” him and actually seeks out the interaction from us – it is amazing to see.  I’ve read that once these kids get going, they play rapid catch up developmentally, so I’m going to start comparing milestones to what he’s doing so we can see where he is and how far he needs to go.

Two weeks ago, Daddy got the flu.  A week ago, Mommy & Grandma had the flu.  Nicholas…. no flu.  With the arsenal of vitamins/minerals he’s taking, I’m not even surprised.

We called grandma at work a couple of weeks ago – Nicholas got on the phone and had his first real conversation on the phone.  He told grandma that he was watching Nihao Kai-lan and that Tolley was jumping up and down on the TT (TV).  Impressive to say the least.  🙂

Wes said that Nicholas has been doing really well in school and that he was playing with the other kids in class today.  He even offered a toy to the new boy in his class.  Wow.  Fantastic.

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