The dreaded bloodwork

So, we took Nicholas for a round of bloodwork today.  It was excruciating for us and for him.  Poor little guy.  I’m so glad it’s over with at this point, I just dread taking him.  I’m anxious to get the results so we know where we are going next.  Here’s what we had done today:

Great Smokies/Geneva Diagnostics Food Antibody Assessment:  88 foods (IgE and IgG combined) – we wanted this test done because I want to change his diet, but dont want to end up giving him foods that may cause additional harm.

Methylmalonic acid, MTHFR (mom and dad also were tested for this), Homocysteine, Celiac panel (I believe he may have Celiac), Anti DNAse B, ASO Titers.

The lab never told me I needed to come in early afternoon because they didn’t quite know how to deal with the Great Smokies test.  Luckily, I found some great people working in the lab (in our local hospital) who did what they needed to his blood before I had to take it home, freeze it and then ship it.  Thank goodness – those people were absolute angels.  The thought of having to subject Nicholas to another blood draw would have made me cry.

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